Weekly News: No British Involvement in Syria


The following was written for the ongoing “weekly news” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

In other news – (…)  Since the initial developments discussed (in the first weekly news story), numerous others have occurred and the one I’d like to focus on today is that of the British Parliament voting no on any direct British intervention in Syria. (2)

This is a wonderful development in my opinion, and shows that the tide of necessary criticism against the west’s agenda to interfere in other countries’ affairs (usually under pretenses caused by false flag attacks) is bearing fruit. The will of the people is clearly being displayed, and it’s important for us to celebrate this latest telling development.

I’ll post a snippet from the referenced news source, which explains British Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for military intervention and the Parliament’s vote against it.

“British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes Thursday, a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Assad’s government.

A grim-faced Cameron conceded after the vote that ‘the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.’”

(…) “The defeat was as dramatic as it was unexpected. At the start of the week, Cameron had seemed poised to join Washington in possible military action against Assad.

(…) But the push for strikes against the Syrian regime began to lose momentum as questions were raised about the intelligence underpinning the move. During a debate with lawmakers, he conceded that there was still a sliver of uncertainty about whether Assad truly was behind the attacks.”

(…) “Cameron’s impassioned pleas and hours of debate failed to dispel lingering suspicions that what was billed as a limited campaign would turn into an Iraq-style quagmire, and the prime minister lost the late-night vote 285-272.” (2)

I particularly enjoyed the quote, “the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people…” (2), because it displays that this was indeed a decision made in alignment with the will of the people.

Not just the British, but people the world over have made it clear that we don’t support intervention in Syrian affairs and that we recognize the hazard involved with escalating warfare for purposes we’re led to believe are humanitarian.

We’ve utilized methods of protest and gotten our voices out there via blogs and myriad other ways, and it seems that the rising planetary consciousness is being rightly reflected and displayed.

I posted the referenced story on a few different websites, and a reader of one of them pointed out that our next step is to hope for the US to somehow follow suit and act in alignment with the people’s will and desire. It could seem to be a difficult goal to aim for, because the US has long been a pinnacle of cabal-activity, especially in the military sense.

To be fair though, it wasn’t quite anticipated that the British would play little to no role in a Syrian invasion and at this stage of the game, anything and everything is possible.

The power of our positive energy and intent, as well as our physical actions in protesting this attempted progression of WW3 on the part of western influences, is clearly being displayed with the British Parliament’s decision and could be displayed in the form of the US following suit.

The United States could very well find themselves alone in attempting to invade Syria, and especially in the face of this latest development, their campaign to invade is losing more and more support by the minute.

Continue to send your prayers and your Light to the idea of invasion of Syria diminishing in credibility in the eyes of the public, because an ever-growing number of people already understand and are making our voices heard about this issue.

Also remember that as all of this is happening, revelations concerning the NSA’s activities and, more recently, the “black budget” of various governmental/intelligence agencies, continue to be given for the public to learn about. (3)

The cabals continue to be exposed, and will manifest every distraction they can to keep our eyes off of their exposure.

It’s important to remain active in protesting the United States’ unjust campaign to invade Syria when blame for the chemical attack hasn’t yet been reasonably found, but remember that many other developments are ongoing which clearly detail the cabals’ ultimate exposure and fall.

For now, let’s salute the British Parliament’s decision and reflect upon the sign of the changing times that it is. The cabals are losing their power and ability to escalate warfare in every moment, because we’re moving into a future of widespread peace, unity and prosperity amongst all.

This week’s news links:


(2)- “British Parliament Votes NO to Military Intervention In Syria” at:


(3)- “Snowden’s Release Contains ‘Black Budget’ Summary Details” at:


This concludes our weekly news.

Image: http://mbeconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/News2.png

2 thoughts on “Weekly News: No British Involvement in Syria

  1. Dearest Wes
    Can you please tell us if President Obama is working for the LIGHT, or is he of the Illuminati/Cabal?
    I used to have such hope and faith in his deeds, but in light of the possible attacks against Syria and what happened in Bengazi, etc., I am now doubting whether the President is the person I had thought him to be.
    Can you shed some light here?

    In LOVE, LIGHT and SERVICE to all!


    • Hello Camille,

      President Obama’s intention is certainly a fueled topic to write about in this moment. I’ve long supported him and possessed the belief that his intentions are good, and that we can look toward the cabal, who’s more or less controlled the presidency position and made decisions through figureheads who can then take the flack for decades (even if those presidents do possess good intentions), to blame for the events happening with Syria.

      Despite this belief, it does seem that for the moment Obama is unable to push forward with any positive agendas and must simply be an actor in the cabal’s stage show.

      Because of his inability to enact positive change, which I believe can be attributed to the stranglehold put on such ability by the cabal as well as the very effective disinformation they’ve released about him on the internet, most people are completely sure he’s working for the dark. Certainly the events with Syria, which I believe won’t result in a US-led war despite how hard the cabal fights to see it happen, have convinced nearly everyone that because of the stance Obama is reading to the public it’d only make sense that he’s working against us.

      Of course, I don’t know the man so I couldn’t say for sure either way. Simply giving my observation and viewpoint.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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