Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 58th Issue – the Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifty-eighth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter

This week, I’ll discuss the US’s strong and unjust desire to invade Syria, as well as the British Parliament’s ruling that there will be no British role in such invasion.

We’ll also absorb updates from Jeshua for the Ascended Masters and Saan for the Arcturian Councils; we’ll bless attempted war-progression from a cavern within an etheric waterfall during our astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about establishing a healing center in a special place in California.


Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates

Our first message this week comes to us from Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

In this message, the Arcturian Councils discuss the collective’s opening up to the reality of channeling; the fact that the Company of Heaven is “right here with us” from the spiritual realms; the awakened souls who work endlessly for humanity’s ascension; and embracing the work still needing done to bring our surface into the Light.

“The awakening public is coming to help the rest of your planet understand the existence of the higher dimensions and your impending evolution back into them with fervor and grace, and we watch from our positions with Love in our hearts as you continue on in your valiant missions.

Channeled communications as a whole are beginning to be understood by many more awakening souls who find themselves drawn to them, and your entire collective is to understand your ability to open up to the spiritual realms and channel brimming communications and energies from us and so many others.

We’ve worked with humanity and with the awakening public quite routinely, and in various past Lives, many of you have assisted us in our efforts to contact your Earth and help your public understand our existence. We’ve always been around your planet watching you as you experience a lower-dimensional Earth that tests your faith and resolve, and from the spiritual realms, we’re right here with you.

We may not exist on your Earth directly, but we can indeed make small personal contacts given that the vibration of the person we contact has reached a certain signature, and we’re constantly with you in the spiritual realms. 

You can each channel us if you wish to, and this is a message that’ll be repeated fruitfully as humanity learns about channels and the assistance the Company of Heaven wishes to give. We’re each here for you, dear souls, and we’ve always wanted you to know this.

Your reality is ascending according to the manner in which you each make progress along your personal Life paths and along your paths of helping awaken the public. The Lightworkers have been making much progress indeed, and we recognize the hard work that’s been put in up to this point by many of you who find yourselves on the Earth for a necessary and ordained purpose.

The job of many of you incarnate on the Earth is to act as Light beacons and processors of the collective’s dense and negative energy.

You’ve been able to perform this task to the greatest extent, though we should point out that there’s still so very much work to be done. We ask you to look toward the work being done in your reality with an open embrace, because you’ve long prepared yourselves for every facet of the mission you’re performing already and will perform in the time ahead.

You’ve readied yourselves to take on the Earth experience and help awaken your populace in whichever manners were necessary or required of you, and many of you are coming to understand your specific roles as you open up to your ability to perform increasing work for the Earth.

Continue to walk along your Life paths as diligently as you have been, and continue to greet any bit of potential difficulty or negativity that comes your way with an active and transmutation-based embrace, rather than trying to hide away from it.

Attempting to hide from negativity will do no good, and will see you batting away the inevitable rather than accepting it and working through it.

You’re meant to understand your Earth experience in the greatest ways possible, and have opened yourselves up to assisting the Earth by directly incarnating onto it and experiencing lessons and growth that challenge you to say the least.

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that only select few souls have been able to incarnate on the Earth, but the fruits of your labors are already being made apparent and your supreme abilities are just beginning to flower before you.

There are the few dedicated Lightworkers who are playing multiple, endless roles for the ascension of humanity. There are the few amongst you who’ve offered themselves up to serving humanity like no other, and work nearly unendingly on various facets of humanity’s restoration into full consciousness.

We ask those of you just beginning to step into your power and role to increase the amount of service you give to the Earth from here on out, for truly, there’s much to be done and we welcome your embrace of the most difficult work.

As is so along your Life paths, the most difficult work needing done will be tackled and understood from a willing and open mindset rather than a curmudgeon one or one that attempts to ignore any problems (you may have).

You’ve never been meant to ignore the biggest issues facing you, collectively or individually, and you’ve always been meant to embrace any challenge that comes your way and take the lesson you learn from such challenge in stride. 

We’re ultimately meant to learn and grow back into the understandings of ourselves as supreme Godsparks of Source, and this revelation comes hand in hand with our discovery of our ability to Create our reality and enjoy whichever experiences we wish.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express with Love and happiness that your veils are thinning more than they ever have and that you can glimpse the spiritual realms in an uninhibited manner if you wish to.

Your glimpses will soon turn into full-on experiences of the higher dimensions, but for now we encourage you to enjoy your Earthly experience and to embrace happiness and wholeness with yourselves in every moment.”

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.


Now, for this week’s Reader’s Question

Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know what she can do to help bring a healing center into form at Mt. Shasta. Our reader worries about her perceived inability to take on such a feat herself, and wonders if there’s any guidance regarding this subject to be found.

 “I would like to manifest a healing center and I am deeply drawn to Mt Shasta.  I know about the crystal cities and Agartha.  I also believe there are so many Souls that have the same calling but we have no resources in which to do his with.  If I were in a young body I might be able to do more physically to arrange this but I feel so helpless.  

As we receive/remember why we were called to service perhaps the remembering of the ‘How To Do’ this will come but here I sit in meditation and continue to await a clue.  Would it be possible to shed some Light on this?  

Deeply Grateful”

This is a great question, as we’ve long awaited the “healing centers” and crystal cities of our future without taking into account that we’re charged with bringing them into form.

Just as our reader mentioned, it’s impossible that she’s alone in her desire to help build an actual healing center (or crystal city).

It’s been said that in the past, various slightly-different “versions” of many of the modern conveniences we enjoy now were thought up and invented independently by hundreds of people, and my feeling is that people will really begin coming together for more advanced projects in our immediate future.

Personally, I’ve heard about the Santa Fe Galactic Command Center that the channel Goldenlight has mentioned, and that’s one example of a project being started up in the interests of a cosmic future. I’d recommend to our reader not to give up on her dream and goal if she feels it’s right for her, because Source will draw her toward the right people to help her get this venture off of the ground.

Of course, nobody wants to wait in stillness in the name of awaiting a manifestation from Source, and I’d also recommend visualizing your healing center and any other healing-related venture you may seek from here on out. Really draw up the plans for this idea and get a crystalized glimpse of it in your head.

Even though you don’t yet possess the greater resources to, say, build a healing center at Mt. Shasta tomorrow, you can do much important and initial idea-building and really get a good idea of this project in your head; start mentally constructing it as much as you can.

Our reader mentioned seeking guidance in meditation, and I’d recommend utilizing meditation to visualize and build in an etheric sense, the healing center you wish to construct. But where would you begin?

What would the place look like? How would it function? What’s the spiritual science involved (what specific manner would be used to bring Gaia’s natural energy through for healing purposes)?

Would the healing or energy-gathering method be similar to those of the ancient pyramids? How large would your healing center be, and how many could it accommodate and help heal at one time? Would it utilize energy from Mt. Shasta and subsequently from Lemuria?

These may sound like difficult or unanswerable questions, but the beauty is that they don’t have to be. The beauty of every facet of a project such as this is that we can answer those questions with our own etheric visualization.

Envision Gaia’s energy being funneled through a device that a dedicated group of Lightworkers led by you was able to invent specifically for the healing center. Visualize, if you wish, a large healing center accommodating the needs of hundreds, even thousands of people in every moment. Why not?

Visualize the specific structure and layout of the healing center. Personally, I received glimpses of a large, beautiful crystal-glass “building” of sorts, helping to heal large groups of souls who’ve traveled to Mt. Shasta and this center specifically because of its healing.

Our reader can really bring this place into form by asking herself about every facet of it, and in her personal etheric realms, visualizing and Creating the most advanced and utilized healing center in all of future-California.

It will, of course, be a first step of sorts for our reader but upon getting a good idea of the place in her head, she’ll be able to work fruitfully after being drawn to the right people.

Many thanks to our reader for this week’s question. We are, again, tasked with coming together and bringing these projects about, and our reader is very unlikely alone in her desire to see a healing center at Mt. Shasta.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love!


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