Cannabis: Can Genuine Spiritual Use Exist? – Part 2/2


Concluded from Part 1

If cannabis is used without a spiritual intent in mind, it can only put one on an elevated plane of happiness that doesn’t last for very long, unless one “uses more” and allows a crutch to develop.

From there, potential destructive effects on one’s mind and psyche could come about, but it’s not as much because of the cannabis itself as it is the intent of the user and the manner in which they fixate themselves on it. Perhaps it’s not as healthy for one’s mind or spirit to consistently seek an outward source of elevated happiness when such happiness exists constantly within.

Again; finding and reaching that greater happiness and wholeness with oneself can see one never needing a crutch to get by, and can potentially elevate cannabis use to use that doesn’t have the crutch-like negative mental/emotional effects it otherwise could.

Using cannabis as a sacrament or an aid in meditation, if one’s vibration is already situated on a certain purer plane and one doesn’t need to use it to depart sobriety, could potentially help open one up further in my opinion, depending on various different circumstances.

It’s been said that upon reaching certain purer states of consciousness, cannabis or anything else will be unheard of to help one attune because one will exist in constant greater perceptions already. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point that out in this writing, because despite the nature to which it’s used now, cannabis will simply be outdated in the higher dimensions.

The “Tools” are Mostly Within

It’s been said that certain ancient cultures who incorporated cannabis use into their spiritual ceremonies practiced meditation for hours before and after using it, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend any cannabis users out there to seek the higher dimensions within before automatically turning to anything to deliver your purer perceptions to you.

One of the reasons cannabis is so condemned in many spiritual circles is because it’s recognized that any purer state of consciousness we can find can be reached within, without having to use any perceived outside substance to help gain such perception.

Meditation alone can see you reach states of consciousness far purer than most anything else, and it heralds a more natural perception because it’s brought about solely from within, with no assistance.

However, some are of the belief that we’ve been given certain “tools” on this Earth to help us reach greater perceptions, and that it’d be silly not to utilize such tools in a healthy manner if they’re provided to us.

Distorted Cannabis Experiences & the “Spiritual Crutch”

In some people, I’ve seen the aforementioned tendency to lump cannabis in with one’s past and subsequently, with a lower aspect of oneself, and I see as well that some who condemn cannabis use will make occasional mentions of their past with harder drugs or alcohol (with some still claiming to drink now and again).

Remaining as neutral as possible, I could perhaps suggest that alcohol or hard drug use could’ve tainted the long-term cannabis experiences or opinions of some.

One’s short and long-term cannabis experience may have ended up heralding negative effects because of the vibration of those other, harder drugs and how they affected one. Their drug experiences in general, which cannabis is usually lumped in with, could’ve perhaps shaped their perception of it.

Of course, my intent isn’t to condemn after having mentioned the distortion of condemnation; simply to provide another viewpoint that’s sparsely been provided.

If we could separate cannabis from the “drug” category altogether, we could have real and unhindered discussions about its spiritual potential. As it stands currently, a lot of people still seem enticed with the idea of cannabis as a destructive drug and nothing more.

Returning to the idea that the vibration one’s on is more important than anything – even cannabis users with genuine intent could find themselves caught up in a “spiritual crutch”.

It’s for this reason as well that I encourage seeking the spiritual realms within far more than seeking them through anything else. I want for the spiritual cannabis users out there to know that they’re not condemned or judged here, but at the same time, it’s important to remain steadfast to one’s goal of reaching the higher dimensions within.

If one finds oneself caught up in needing cannabis or anything else to attune to the realms of spirit, than it’s time to clear one’s auric fields and seek the pure meditation of the Self above anything else. I’d recommend seclusion out in nature for such auric cleansing.

Is it so Hard to Believe?

Beyond this, is it so hard to believe that there are spiritual seekers out there using cannabis in a healthy/balanced manner and genuinely benefitting from it?

Again; I know that this issue is made much more controversial because of the fact that it’s illegal, but if there’s one thing the majority of awakened people know, it’s that a lot of bogus and controlling laws have been created to serve the cabals and oppress the people.

If you’re one who wishes or chooses to use cannabis for spiritual purposes, I’d only recommend doing so in the places it’s been legalized or nearly legalized. I can’t say that I agree with the laws against cannabis or hemp especially, but there’s no gain to be found in me giving advice to break the law in the name of spirituality and become another slave to the cabals’ private prison system.

Seek the more enlightened and allowing parts of our world if spiritual cannabis use resonates with you, and if it doesn’t, understand that there are so, so many other ways to seek the spiritual realms and find deeper states of consciousness. First and foremost, I’d recommend active and routine meditation.

If I can write a short note upon wrapping this up – you may notice that throughout this writing, there’s no employed stereotype regarding cannabis, even for the purpose of joking. There are no cheeky lines like “if I can be blunt about this…” and it’s not lumped-in or considered a “drug” as it is in the majority of spiritual writings or opinions concerning it.

This is because personally, if I haven’t already made this clear – I don’t consider cannabis to be another soul-oppressing “drug”, nor do I seek to feed stereotype about it in an article intended to break stereotype and expand upon a real spiritual discussion concerning it.

I’ve seen the tendency to bat-away the seriousness of this subject in some people who write about it, but this discussion is intended to be free of stereotype or sarcasm and allowing of real exploration and free thinking.

I’ve wanted to report from as neutral a point of view as possible, while at the same time, “responding” if you will to the bulk of condemnation against its therapeutic or spiritual use, with views that haven’t been expressed as much.

In wrapping this writing up, I’ll express my opinion that keeping an opened mind to the beliefs and ideals of others is important in the new paradigm we’re building. Undoubtedly, the viewpoints expressed here won’t resonate with plenty of people, but I must ask if I seem like a different or more distorted spiritual being because of them.

Do I seem to be feeding or playing into lower mechanisms because of my expressed views? Do I seem like less of a spiritual being because I believe in the potentially positive benefits of cannabis use, while recognizing the potential pitfalls?

Above all, seeking the realms of spirit is most important, in my opinion. With the concerted work and focus we’re putting into our ascension, in a short amount of time nothing will be used for attunement to the higher dimensions, because we’ll constantly enjoy the blissful vibrations that’ll be prevalent all around us.

In the meantime, humanity still has much to learn in the way of accepting and Loving one another despite our uniqueness in belief and ideology, but don’t worry – we’ll get there!

Wes Annac – Seeking to be as open-minded as possible, and steadfast in my goal to re-find the higher dimensions.


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