Cannabis: Can Genuine Spiritual Use Exist? – Part 1/2


Written by Wes Annac

As a human being who knows about and experiences the same aspects of Life as everybody else, rather than as a channel, I’d like to give my opinion on the therapeutic use of a particular mind-altering substance to obtain a perceived state of greater spiritual clarity or understanding.

Perhaps this discussion could be seen as “controversial”, but in the new paradigm we’re building, I’d like for no aspects of our Earthly existence or our evolution go un-discussed.

Perhaps those who are uninterested in this topic, already have their minds made up about it or find their senses offended could skip this writing, but the debate concerning this topic has raged for a while and much division seems to have manifested as a result.

In writing this, I should be clear that my aim is simply to give my opinion and what I’ve learned in my few short years on the Earth regarding this subject.

No Experience with Psychedelics

Not having experience with psychedelics, I recognize that I couldn’t properly give an opinion of LSD, mushrooms, etc. because I’ve never tried them and have no desire to.

I can happily say that I’ve had very, very little experience with alcohol and don’t plan to ingest that, what I feel is poison, ever again (and that includes the occasional “glass of wine”, which I’m too young to legally drink anyway.) I have basically no experience with the likes of alcohol; none with any hard drug; and none with hallucination-inducing psychedelics.

This is a preferred lifestyle choice, because I’ve seen how alcohol can usurp the humanity out of someone and I personally feel that the more intense psychedelic drugs can serve to burn one out in the long run. But again, perhaps that opinion of psychedelics could be seen as biased because I never have and never will try them.

Beyond my preferred inexperience with alcohol, other hard drugs or strong psychedelics, I can give my viewpoint on cannabis; the softest substance but perhaps the most controversial in regards to spiritual use. Before launching into my viewpoint, I should point out that my discussion of this isn’t intended be taken as far as it potentially could be.

Inflated Sensationalism & Allowing Others’ Beliefs

This is why I mentioned above that my desire isn’t necessarily to exist in any certain camp of belief, and individuals who read this could perhaps take its implications too far or attempt to look at me differently because of it.

If I can give an example – I’ve long given my opinion on medicinal cannabis; reposted articles discussing its benefits for terminally ill patients and discussed it with others on spiritual forums. I’ve let you all know my particular stance on it more than once.

I can remember a quite-hateful individual on a certain spiritual forum boldly proclaiming to everyone that, I guess because of the stance on that particular issue I’ve taken, I was suddenly a hard drug user who used drugs to channel lower entities. The tendency was to treat me only as a channel, rather than a human being.

This is what I mean about taking things too far, as the individual was almost sensationalistic.

In my opinion, if the spiritual awakening we’re breeding sees one unable to express themselves or how they feel about any particular issue for fear of condemnation or flat-out inflated sensationalism about them, than we as an awakening humanity aren’t allowing for everyone’s voices to be heard.

Perhaps we need to allow the opinions or beliefs of others to exist, even if they’re not our own or we feel strongly against them. For example; if a reader wrote to me saying they wanted to use a harder psychedelic to reach a greater state of consciousness, I’d perhaps give my belief that it may not be as useful or helpful in the long run as good ol’ meditation.

However, ultimately I wouldn’t censor their comment or otherwise not allow their opinion to be expressed, nor would I think them less of a person. I may not agree with the idea expressed, but it’s honored nonetheless.

In my opinion, the entirety of the awakening humanity could benefit greatly from practicing allowance of the feelings or ideas of others, while recognizing that another’s beliefs don’t have to be our own.

We can find unity despite our differences in belief, and I personally feel that condemnation can give way to recognizing our uniqueness and celebrating each other for it. That being said, I’d like to give my opinion on the potential benefits and pitfalls of spiritual cannabis use.

Different Views of Cannabis

One of the reasons cannabis is such a controversial subject is because, for the most part, it’s an entirely different substance depending on who you talk to.

For some, cannabis is absolutely no different from heroin, meth or any of the destructive hard drugs.

Because of intense propaganda against cannabis, it’s been lumped in with cabal-created hard drugs and given the same condemnation as them. Ultimately, the condemnation against hard drugs is understandable, because they were created and are sold by the cabals with the intent to usurp the money and humanity out of those who use them.

Even some awakening souls see cannabis as no different from alcohol or any other hard drug. In the minds of some, they’re all just drugs designed to give a temporary high and then see one crash or burn out.

In some awakening souls, this idea has been taken further to suggest that cannabis users with spiritual intent are glimpsing illusory or mind-centered spiritual realms that only last for so long (in a plateau-like manner), and then see one exponentially burned out or unable to access the spiritual realms without their perceived crutch.

Some awakened souls have a basic familiarity with cannabis but, among growing into their spiritual beliefs, have allowed themselves to condemn it as just another facet of the lower-world they’ve since grown away from (essentially making it no better than alcohol). Some continue to drink alcohol now and again, while condemning cannabis use.

There are others who use cannabis and honestly feel that they’ve gained positive glimpses into purer states of consciousness because of it. So really, cannabis is different compared to who one would ask about it.

Prevalent Condemnation & the Importance of your Vibration

If I can be truthful, amongst the awakening public it does seem that condemnation of cannabis is much more prevalent than support. Others choose to remain understandably neutral or silent on this issue, not wanting to contribute to the fray or offer their “image” up to association with it.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the vibration one sustains oneself on as well as one’s intention in using anything to reach a different state of consciousness, in my opinion.

If a cannabis user routinely eats unhealthy foods or practices unhealthy lifestyle choices, than it’s likely that they could experience some of the pitfalls of its use. However, if one chooses to keep one’s temple healthy and pure, they could potentially experience benefits.

If one uses cannabis because they want to depart sobriety and reach an elevated state of happiness with no spiritual intention in mind, than the “crutch” effect could be a strong potential for them. They may find themselves reliant on something that gives them a temporary expanded perception, and find their Lives seeming to lack without their crutch.

One’s perception and intent is very important, in my opinion. If one can reach a state of enjoying Life and never wishing to depart sobriety and clear-headedness for any reason, but chooses to use cannabis for meditative purposes in a balanced or healthy manner, than they could perhaps experience positive benefits.

Of course, the pitfall is still that one’s using something that’s been made illegal. One can perhaps take solace in the fact that it’s been made illegal largely so the cabals could take over selling it and benefit in areas of society that legalization of cannabis or hemp would see them losing money from, but that’s a whole different discussion for another day.

Spiritual Intent vs. No Spiritual Intent

For now, we’ll focus on the potential benefits and pitfalls of using cannabis for clearheaded, meditative purposes rather than looking for a crutch or a “high”.

Keeping in mind that the vibration one keeps oneself on is more than important to this issue, it’s my belief that pure, blessed or organic cannabis, if used with a clear purpose and intent, could indeed help one to reach a temporary greater state of consciousness. Please don’t shoot; I’m very aware that this isn’t the accepted belief for the most part.

Specifically, I believe it can help one attune to purer energies and perceptions, but it can’t keep one there or see one constantly existing in blissful vibrations without putting the work in.

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow)

Here are a few links discussing this subject.

(1) – “Resurrection of the Higher Self” on Erowid, at:

(2)- “Smoking, Drugs and SaLuSa’s comment” at:

I have to reproduce this quote from Dorian in the above article (2), because it’s spot on.

“I personally feel there is a great difference in things that are done in a sacred manner and things done compulsively, as addictions. When something is done with reverence and care it has a different energy – an uplifting energy instead of the dragging down that seems apparent in addictions of all kinds.

According to what I’ve learned, plants and other things used in a sacred manner, in ceremony, etc., are kept apart and used only occasionally because they have great power, and great power is dangerous if not used carefully. Modern society seems to have lost the concept of the power inherent in things, in the land, plants, stones, etc. Everything has become a commodity. Everything is available 24/7/365. No limits are entertained for anything.”

Matthew Ward also put it quite perfectly in the (2) article.

“With thanks to all who wrote about the medicinal effects of marijuana, I see the error in my reply [in the January 11, 2010 message] to readers who asked if certain enjoyments, including ‘social drugs,’ could delay spiritual evolution or prevent physical ascension with Earth.

In my ‘Yes’ answer, I was thinking of heroin, cocaine and the assortment of synthetic drugs that cause adverse effects on body, mind and spirit. Marijuana does indeed offer medical benefits, and there are no damaging effects from its moderate use in a social setting. Legal consequences, yes, so I surely am not encouraging its use without medical prescription! I am simply stating that with the sensible use I mentioned, marijuana is not among the drugs that form a barrier between the consciousness and the soul and prevent the absorption of light.”

(3)- I can’t say I agree with some of what’s expressed by Reiki Doc here or the manner in which cannabis is lumped in as a drug, but nevertheless, here’s another article discussing this subject.

“Your Vibration and YOU: The Effect of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll” at:


One thought on “Cannabis: Can Genuine Spiritual Use Exist? – Part 1/2

  1. I think the ability that comes with Ascension – or just spiritual growth – to more quickly manifest should be addressed vis a vis the facility with which one can feel paranoid while high on marijuana. What does it do to one’s aura?


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