Astral Travels: Blessing Divisive Consciousness


Photo: Duality by Dark Angel on DeviantArt

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

You may notice that our respective exercises for the past few weeks have been related or have correlated with each other in one way or another. This is because there are a few prevalent emotions, mindsets and ways of Living that drive the hatred and separation humanity has experienced and fed into for a very long time.

I recognize that the opportunity to use visualization for etheric travel presents a wide range of potentials and opportunities. I recognize that I could have us visualize and inhabit ascended landscapes that will boggle our minds and open our hearts immensely, for the sake of our own benefit.

However, the empathic Lightworker in me sees the need to address the core issues holding humanity back, as well as the, what could be seen as lesser issues driven from them. I see the need for us to address not only the energies prevalent in the collective consciousness, but what humanity’s doing in every moment to feed into those energies and keep them going.

Following suit with this desire, we’re going to bless representations of divisive consciousness being fed this week as we further work toward helping establish unity and harmony amongst all. Last week, we blessed a representation of warfare and as goes without saying, war is an extension of hatred, which is an extension of divisive consciousness.

Divisive consciousness can go by plenty of different labels. Some call it instated separation; some call it division of classes, races, genders, countries and sexual orientation; some call it the basic ideal that we’re different from one another for any and every reason that can be found.

No matter the manners in which it can be labeled or justified, divisive consciousness is just that. Divisive consciousness teaches us to put up walls around aspects of ourselves that could otherwise be very warm, caring and unifying, if we’re addressing a certain individual or group we perceive ourselves as separate from or against.

In doing so, we further enhance the strength of those walls within us. It’s important for us to remember that what we Create or feed into as individuals is magnified in the collective consciousness and potential, and if we choose to instate or feed divisive consciousness, we’re only further enforcing many of the heart-wrenching things that have resulted.

War, be it religious, political, fought over a ground filled with oil or a desire to dominate the people, has always been an extension and a result of divisive consciousness.

Most of us would never seek to hurt ourselves, and yet, for centuries we’ve had little problem fighting wars and hurting others. Despite this, the warlike mentality will fade when we realize that we’re One consciousness experiencing various individualized facets of itself.

The basic idea that we’re different from one another feeds the “every man for himself” mindset, which sees far too many people trying to “get ahead” even if it means keeping others down.

Plenty of the people who are “ahead” have gotten there by purposefully dominating and enslaving the people, and their desire to do so has been brought about because of the belief that they’re “better” than the people, which stems from divisive consciousness. The examples could continue on and on.

To begin our exercise, we’re going to visualize a person typing away at a computer in a typical home setting. Visualize and Create specific features about this individual; features I’ll leave up to your interpretation.

Is this person a man or a woman? What color is their hair? Are they wearing summer or winter-oriented clothes? What does the house setting look like?

Having visualized and received impressions of my own Creation, I’m going to leave the specifics of these features up to you. Take a few moments and really feel this place; feel the individual you’re visualizing typing and clicking away at their computer. Enhance your visualization by Creating and noticing specific features, and get the clearest possible glimpse of this setting.

Notice that the vibration of the person is slightly dipped, and they almost seem upset. At the very least, they’re excited and their heart is racing as they type and click away. They seem very assured of themselves and what they’re doing, and with each bit of information they type out, they gain excitement and their heart races a little more.

Visualize and “learn” that this individual is typing out posts on an alternative news forum. This person is making multiple, continual posts and replies on the forum and, specifically, is arguing with another over a philosophy the other expressed their support for.

There can be plenty of reasons this person chooses to fight with another over the issue at hand, but for one reason or another, they’re choosing to “give it their all” and duke it out with the other person. The other person replies in a less rigid or edgy manner, and continues to respond to the individuals’ almost-angry posts and retaliations, with his beliefs and why he feels they’re correct.

The other person doesn’t cease responding, which amps our individual up to continue arguing their stance. Being able to “prove themselves” or stand up for their point of view in a way that makes the other’s seem as un-credible as possible, makes their heart race more and more.

They get an intense feeling in their gut and in the pit of their stomach when they read the other person’s reply and aptly respond with detractions and allegations, and their argument-method is less one of expressing their stance in a detached manner and more one of using vitriol to “smear” the other person and the idea being expressed.

Eventually, the other person ceases attempting to express their viewpoint to the wall of disbelief and detraction aimed at them, and the individual feels as if they’ve gained another victory in the game of arguing. Not being ready to lay down their argumentative side, they seek out other individuals, groups or viewpoints to argue against or detract.

Ultimately, negativity and vitriol is spread across the internet, and another day of divisive consciousness remaining prevalent goes by.

I’d now like for you to visualize a high school classroom filled with students, with a teacher sitting at her desk at the front of the room. Visualize and feel the teacher and the vibration she’s on. Specifically, feel that she’s drained and seems to have given up a positive viewpoint of teenagers and of the world around her in general.

She doesn’t really enjoy her job, but was granted tenure two years ago and doesn’t plan to go anywhere, having her career and her finances more or less secured.

Her only aim is to get through the day, as she hopes that one of the “punk teenagers” in her classroom doesn’t give her any trouble. Her viewpoint of most of her students is quite judgmental and compartmentalized, but she doesn’t dislike all of them.

The ones who “dress nice” (look a certain way), “don’t give any trouble” and “get good grades” gain her good grace. However, students she considers to be punks are judged solely by their appearance and the first impression they make on her, and if they don’t fit into a certain standard than she labels and judges them as failures on the backs of society.

Her judgment has partially come about from dealing with students who purposely fit themselves into the “punk” role. Students who disrupt and seem bent on keeping the entire class’ attention on them or who’ve acted and talked rudely and inappropriately toward her in the past, have crafted her perception of any long haired or otherwise untoward-seeming teenager.

She employs stereotype rapidly and without a second thought, and has been quick to judge and condemn students who otherwise possess great potential to make something of themselves and, most importantly, help the planet. Because of the appearance of certain students who choose not to fit in to the societal standard that’s been set, they’ve dealt with the wrath of her condemnation and prejudice and have felt judgment toward them rolling off of her.

The students know she’s become hardened and judgmental, but they’re largely too divided themselves to understand the greater implications or consequences of feeding stereotype and division.

Now, visualize our teacher reprimanding a long-haired student for speaking out of turn.

The student was mentioning during a history lesson related to native Americans (apologies to anyone who was visualizing a school in another country) that the natives only grew to feed into savage warfare against the white man because they were lead to it from having their homes destroyed and their people killed, rather than being simple savages who knew no better.

(Interestingly enough, this issue also traces back to divisive consciousness.)

The student goes on to attempt to condemn the history lesson for failing to teach both sides of the story, and because of his appearance and because she thinks he’s just “mouthing off” the teacher is quick to loudly reprimand him. Having been reprimanded for trying to speak up and spread the truth for the third time that week, the student gets upset and begins arguing about the extent to which history as it’s taught in public schools is suppressed and controlled.

He argues as well that the teacher is prejudice, and won’t stop to hear what he has to say because of his appearance. The teacher refuses to hear what he has to say and ultimately, he’s sent to the office and suspended for his “ill behavior”. His friends wonder why he couldn’t leave the issue alone and also think he was just mouthing off.

Divisive consciousness is fed in the form of the teacher’s judgment and condemnation, and a genuine voice for truth is censored in a classroom because that voice didn’t come from a cleanly cut “proper” teenager.

Now, hold our two visualizations in your mind’s eye as we prepare to give our blessings to these unfortunate situations.

Remember specific elements about our two scenes – our individual’s drive to argue their stance on the internet and detract others’; the thumping of their heart as they posted away; our teacher’s lackluster with Life and her hope that the “untoward” students don’t give her any trouble; her condemnation and judgment of any kid who looked different from what she preferred; and her censoring of our young student’s truth.

As we get ready to give our blessings, it’s important to refrain from judgment ourselves for the vibration our two representations are on.

We’re all playing a crucial part in the evolution of humanity. For all we know, our excited “poster” could’ve went on to help the person he was fighting to hone their expression of their beliefs, and our teacher could’ve helped our student further understand how far away from the truth our planet can be.

Let’s give our blessings from a detached and Loving standpoint, because in doing so, we’ll strengthen them exponentially.

As you keep the visions of our two scenes and people in your mind’s eye, visualize that the purest of Christed Light pour into both of them. To give you a visual “idea”, I’d say to picture the two scenes side by side in a large and otherwise black space, and visualize your pure Light being funneled through to them and washing and cleansing them.

Feel the strongest of empathy and understanding for the situations of each person we’ve visualized.

Feel and express Love to our excited arguer; the person he was arguing with; the teacher and the student alike. Affirm that they all be washed with the purest blessing energy you can muster up, and thank Source for their existence and for the opportunity we’ve been given to bless them.

While being representations, they truly deserve the blessing energies you can muster up and you may notice that, for the most part, I’ve left your visualizing of your sacred blessing energy up to you.

We’re reaching a time when our visualization abilities are picking up, and you’re asked to visualize your pure blessings coming up from within and being funneled on through to our scenes and representations.

Sit with and enjoy this moment, knowing that you’ve helped bless divisive consciousness in some of the manners it’s come about. We could’ve blessed plenty more divisive representations and perhaps will in future weeks, but for now, we can rest our etheric abilities knowing that we’ve done our job as Lightworkers.

Or, if you wish, you can stay and perform an unlimited amount of needed and important lessons. As always, the choice is yours in the realms of infinitely pure consciousness and ability.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

2 thoughts on “Astral Travels: Blessing Divisive Consciousness

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  2. Wes your doing great! I will start channeling again maybe when school starts for my little one. I”m still here.
    Love and Light
    Deborah Cain


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