The Non-Condemning Generalist

I’m undergoing a personal transformation at present, and I can’t keep myself from communicating it any longer.

A recent article from Steve Beckow wherein he dreamed he was reading a thorough column from me on the difference between “generalists and specialists” as he termed it, and the subject matter he was referencing, are actually big parts of it. (1)

Lately, I find myself very much learning toward the “generalist” method of Living; the method of being in flow and experiencing so many different facets of this beautiful Earthly Life, big and small, bad and good.

I continue to work away quite often on the various things I’ve set out for myself to do each week to serve humanity, but I have to admit that I find myself experiencing Life much more than buckling down in a constant manner lately. I still endorse the idea of buckling down and really offering ourselves to this ascension, and when I do find myself in a flow of working, I’ll admit that it’s pretty constant.

But I also admit that, perhaps because I’m young and haven’t experienced so many aspects of Life in an awakened sense quite yet, I find myself drawn toward experiencing this Earth and really enjoying my existence, and I’ll admit that this desire has sometimes trumped over the drive to buckle-down in front of the computer and serve, serve, serve.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing.

For example – I’ll admit to have played and recorded more music in the past few days than channeled messages, but I now have a new body of music to offer you viewers, which I’m confident about and hope you’ll appreciate.

I’ve hit a stride in the stage fright that’s kept me from giving music a few times, and this comes with the sense of pure liberation and unrestraint I’m feeling, which is driving my desire to enjoy my experience in-flow.

So admittedly, I’ve been exploring this new-feeling aspect of my Life more than I’ve, say, channeled or written an article. The hopeful benefit you viewers will receive from the music, as well as my personal benefit in writing and giving it, makes up the difference and then some in my mind.

Of course, all of this isn’t to say that I’m going to stop channeling or performing the daily duties I’m blessed with performing. In fact, this latest personal stride I’m hitting is only the beginning for me.

This sense of liberation and freedom I’m feeling is leading me to channel vocally much more than I used to. I’m recording music confidently and enjoying the results. I’m even being led to perhaps channel and give a message, even if a small one, every day.

So this personal expansion in certain other important areas in my Life doesn’t suggest to me that I’m about to take some dazzling turn away from what I’ve been doing.

Instead, everything is being expanded for me. This newfound freedom that just can’t go uncommunicated any longer is bursting forth from within, and this immense expansion of my Being seems to go along with the emergence I’ve been practicing.

Another aspect of this personal transformation is that, for me, previous assumptions and stereotypes are being thrown out the door. I’ll give an example of this, because it’s relevant to what I want to communicate.

Rapper “Snoop Dog”, somebody previously famous for degrading, crime and pimp-promoting rap music, released a recent documentary called “Reincarnated” wherein he apparently undergoes his own transformation into a Rastafarian “Snoop Lion” who wants to bring “peace, Love and struggle” to his music and trash the old degradation. (2)

Because we’re talking about Rastafarianism (and the referenced rapper), I’d have to ask those who’s sensibilities may be offended to perhaps ignore the ganja for a moment and focus on what the Rastafarians do and seek to spread.

Most reggae music that hasn’t been tainted by corrupt cabalist influences spreads peace and Love, and works to bring exposure to the corruption and struggle going on every day. This has been the aim of the Rastas for decades, whereas rap music from the past twenty years or so seems to serve the exact opposite purpose.

The music I speak of that promotes guns, drugs, crime and pimping seems almost created by the cabals to keep people oppressed, and we even have whistleblower testimony that suggests the cabals used the music industry to purposely and actively promote gangster rappers, for the purpose of filling up private prisons. (3)

Rapper Nas, who used to promote the gang mentality in his music but has since worked to use his music for a positive purpose as well, seems to reflect on this in Damien Marley’s song “Road to Zion”.

“And I’m guilty for materialism

Blacks is still up in the prison

Trust that” (4)

I used to think that because of the active promotion of gangster rap music on the part of the cabals, the rappers who were at the forefront of it, such as Snoop Dog, Nas and plenty of others, were assisting in evil and were not to be given a second thought or glance.

To me, they were just those “gangster rappers” bent on holding humanity back with the degradation they expressed.

I grew to possess this opinion after having constantly been exposed to gangster rap, mainstream pop and heavy metal music as a child by my brothers. It was easy for me to judge or condemn those rappers because of the lower vibration their music kept me on as a child, and I recognize that my condemnation was personal.

All the while of me condemning them, I didn’t stop to think that they’re thinking and feeling individuals who, admittedly, became caught up in something they’d emulated in their youth and contributed to others emulating, but who can still help humanity nonetheless. To be honest, I didn’t hear their whole story.

I didn’t know that people who would’ve otherwise remained in prison with no purpose in Life sought to better themselves and leave prison to become rappers, albeit gangster rappers. In my opinion, that’s a positive thing.

I also didn’t realize that a few of those who were at the forefront of the “gangster rap” scene could respond to the heightened energies themselves (such as Nas) and work to help and enlighten humanity. We also have others (such as Damian Marley or the group Flobots) who use rap, hip-hop and reggae to inform and uplift.

They’re Lightworkers and truth-bringers in their own incredible ways, and they’re at the forefront of the collective consciousness with their music.

In the spirit trying things, I’d like for you to listen to the song below and tell me how it feels. Does the vibration seem heavy or in promotion of something that doesn’t resonate with you? Or does a genuine, exposure-based and ultimately positive message seem to be spread?

(NSFW warning – there is some language.)

As for “Snoop Lion”, we’ll see if his music does come to serve an ultimately-positive or exposure-based purpose, and if so, he’ll be welcomed and appreciated for his efforts. Personally, I’m finding all of my previous barriers and limitations unhinged as I come to accept and Love every facet of my personal existence and the reality around me.

I get the feeling that this is how Life is supposed to be Lived. Free-flowing yet existing with a purpose, and free of condemnation or judgment of others.

We each have something unique to offer humanity, and we’ll come to find that despite our past or the roots we come from, we’re each united in the ever-popular goal of bringing this planet into the Light and Living our Lives with real and solid purpose.

Expect the rest of the collective to awaken, and expect your own experience to get much, much better as you come to enjoy a completely free-flowing existence.

Wes Annac – Free

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


(1)- See “Generalists and Specialists” at:

(2)- IMDB page for “Reincarnated”. I’ll again have to warn that the “ganja” element is turned-up very strongly in this documentary.

(3)- See “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation” at:

(4)- Lyrics to “Road to Zion” by Damien Marley featuring Nas, at:


3 thoughts on “The Non-Condemning Generalist

  1. This is very thought provoking and very true. The problem with being a Light Worker is that everybody assumes we are crazy air headed hippies with a pack of tarot cards ready to hand at every opportunity. I am the most unlikely person to be a Light Worker, brought up on a council estate in the UK and worked in the Motor Trade for 20 years, very down to earth! Yet it is this “real world” energy that has given us the insight to see a bigger picture developing and to be able to communicate to ordinary people on their level without this “fear” of wierdness surrounding us. We have to live the low life sometimes to see what is wrong with it and the world is full of “bad” people who have changed their lives and inspired the masses because of their credibilty, something a psychic medium would never be able to do. The energy on this track is lighter than usual rap and it allows the message to come through. Well done for bringing it to our attention and keep questioning. PS I’m a heavy metal fan and a lot of heavy metal deals with issues of being different in a mundane society!! Take care Dave


  2. Thanks Wes! I enjoyed your insights in this article. We are in a time that is meant to be about “self” and allowing our “selves” to come through. Focusing on your “self” is okay. Remember to allow time to play and don’t work so hard! I woke up one day last week and hugged myself – “selves”. I was made aware that I downloaded several of my higher dimensional selves. It was like a homecoming party! I felt Lots of Love from above and within. 🙂


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