Astral Travels: Blessing Life-Threatening Illnesses


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Thanks to my dear friends at Spirit Train Chronicles for the photo.

This week, we’re going to travel to our fifth dimensional New Earth and bless representations of people who are conflicted with serious and terminal illnesses, such as cancer and AIDS.

Last week, we blessed people afflicted with silent illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc. and for this week’s exercise, I thought it appropriate for us to expand-upon blessing this specific aspect of the illness prevalent in our collective consciousness.

We’ve been told that diseases such as cancer and AIDS (as well as other diseases) are brought about because of the low vibrations we exist in and because of the unhealthy choices we make throughout our Lives, and I have a feeling that in the time ahead when the truth is openly known and discussed, we’ll learn that the cabals have had a hand in engineering or at least keeping the cures from very serious illnesses, away from humanity.

Despite the nature to which visible and seriousness diseases have come about on this world, they’re a facet of the suffering being fed and experienced and deserve to be addressed and healed, just as every other facet of the suffering prevalent on the world deserves to.

Our mission on this planet details helping heal the collective suffering and disease that’s run rampant, and while there are a plethora of serious diseases we could focus on for this exercise, we’re going to focus on cancer and AIDS specifically, with the intent of blessing every person suffering from every serious or life-threatening disease.

To begin our exercise for this week, we’re going to visualize ourselves floating in mid-air, above a very large ocean of water.

Feel the crisp air hitting your astral body as you float effortlessly above this ocean, and visualize the scenery and the features around you. Ask yourselves about certain details of this scene, in an effort to sharpen them.

Is the sun shining as you float above the sea? Are there any clouds in our beautiful astral sky, or is it empty and brimming with intense sky-blue color? Do you see an island near where you’re floating, or do you seem to be floating in the dead-middle of this ocean, with no land in sight?

It doesn’t matter if you visualize land near you or not; it matters only that you sharpen your visual of this landscape as you see and feel yourselves floating above the crisp, blue water. Make an effort to perceive of this water in greater ways; notice greater distinctions about it.

It’s the crispest, clearest, most beautiful blue water one can perceive, and if you focus in on it, it almost seems to be crystallized.

Liquid-crystal blue ocean water with incredible healing potentials for one’s spirit and one’s physical body exists directly underneath us, and as you perceive and enjoy this water, notice as something in our astral sky gets your attention and that of our subscriber group.

Our attention is caught not just by one glimmering object in the sky, but several. Several metallic objects radiating multiple, rainbow-like colors have appeared before us in our astral sky, and as you view these objects, realize that we’ve existed on the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth since the beginning of our visualization.

What we now witness are various intelligent and sentient craft that belong to the New Earth travelers we’ve worked with so much in the past, flying and floating ahead of us and attempting to direct our attention toward something much greater, stationed a ways away in the sky.

As we enjoy the view of these various scout craft flying around, notice that they’re directing our attention toward a large mothership stationed off in the distance, in the astral sky. Just as we notice this mothership, visualize our entire subscriber group being drawn toward it.

Visualize as our large group of subscribers floats like a flock of birds, toward the sentient mothership we’re perceiving in our astral sky. Floating up close to this incredibly large ship, visualize as we enter right through its metallic and crystalline structure, and find ourselves in a large meeting hall with our fellow New Earth travelers, who’ve gathered in this mothership en-masse.

We find ourselves standing/floating in the back of this very large meeting hall, and on the stage are three Galactic humans giving a presentation with a very large holographic monitor. On the monitor, we see what looks to be a very broken-down city, and longtime subscribers can recognize this as the representative “broken city” we’ve worked in and funneled our blessings to, in the past.

The Galactic humans are displaying various parts of this city on their holographic, fifth-dimensional monitors, and they’re communicating to the rest of us using complex telepathic impressions and imagery, which every soul in the meeting hall picks up on and understands.

The Galactics are displaying on their monitors, aspects of this representative city still in need of collective blessing and repair. Visualize as their monitor zooms-in on what looks to be a large hospital in the city, and enters into the hospital to display a large ward of critically ill patients.

The patients in this ward suffer from cancer, as well as the exotic diseases that can come about from AIDS, and so many other life-threatening illnesses. Some of them are comatose and have been for a very long time, and are having their physical bodies kept alive with machines. Others are in near-constant pain from their illnesses, and can’t get out of bed because the pain is just too much.

Don’t let this scene sadden you or dip your vibrations, as the uncountable Galactic humans and New Earth travelers also viewing this scene, who are indeed empathic and compassionate, are already funneling their Lighted energies toward these souls, rather than letting this unfortunate scene bring them down.

Things like this, while very unfortunate, are necessary to be addressed and healed as much as possible, and this is exactly what we’re going to do as a collective in this meeting hall.

Keep the scene of this large ward of very sick patients fresh in your visualization-memory, because together with our meeting hall of fellow New Earth travelers, we’re going to offer our blessing energies for these representations.

As we begin to affirm our blessing energy come up from within us, feel the entire consciousness and energy of the room around us rise. We’re not the only ones affirming our personal blessing energies be added to those of the collective, and again, our fellow New Earth travelers already began their blessings when we were viewing the scene.

Visualize the purest of Christed Light coming up from within, and affirm that this energy be strengthened with the will of the Divine and the intent of healing strife and illness prevalent in the Earthly collective consciousness. Ask for Source Him/Herself to be with you and to strengthen your personal blessing energy, and visualize as your energy is added to an immense wave of colorful, collective blessing energy.

Visualize now as our collective cloud literally flows through the holographic “screen” we’ve been viewing our hospital ward scene on, and permeates the bodies of each person in the ward. Watch as this wave of colorful and pure energy is absorbed by each person laying in their respective beds, and watch as their health and the colors of their auras begin to be restored.

For this visualization, our blessing energies have largely helped these representations to feel and be much healthier, despite their illnesses. In reality, they’ve acted as representations and will be funneling the energies we’ve given through to the people on this Earth they’re representing, who’ll hopefully benefit from receiving our blessing energies.

I continue to be told that what we’re doing is very important to healing the illness and lower-dimensionality still widely experienced and fed in the collective consciousness, and the ideas to have us bless specific representations and situations continue to flow in.

One hopes that the physical effects of our efforts will be made known and understood in the time ahead, but for now, we can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that we’re doing the job we’ve come to the Earth to do. I’ve said this before and will probably say it again: we are Lightworkers, and what we’re doing by blessing various representations acts in accordance with the Lightwork we’ve come here to do, in my opinion.

If you’d like, you can continue to visualize and exist on the incredible mothership we’ve just performed our blessings from, as I’m told there are many, many more rooms and corridors for us to explore and enjoy. You can also continue to convene with our fellow New Earth travelers, who are themselves experiencing the fifth-dimensional Earth we’re growing into and could have much to teach those of us visualizing our New Earth from our current.

If you make the effort, you can perform and lead myriad exercises bent on blessing specific aspects of the Earth experience that are ready to be transmuted, and my aim is to inspire each of you to give your blessing energies to as many situations and people as possible. After all, that’s why we’re here!

This concludes this week’s astral travels.


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