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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifty-second issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the cooperation on the part of France and Chile to study UFOs, as well as Myanmar’s freeing of every political prisoner they’ve incarcerated.

We’ll also absorb updates from Jeshua and the Ascended Masters, as well as Saan and the Arcturian Councils; we’ll bless representations of the expression of hate during our astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question concerning the need for spaceships in the fifth dimension.

To begin – A milestone in official UFO research occurred this week, with the France and Chilean Governments agreeing to come together to begin studying the UFO phenomenon. (1)

In what is an unprecedented act that will likely have very positive repercussions, representatives from GEIPAN and CEFAA, Chile and France’s respective UFO data-collecting agencies, met at a conference in Greensboro, N.C. and discovered similarities between their approach to studying and collecting data regarding UFOs.

I’ll post a snippet from the referenced news source, which explains this historic coming-together.

“Representatives from GEIPAN and CEFAA, the agencies charged with collecting UFO data for France and Chile, respectively, met for the first time at a conference in Greensboro, N.C., last month and discovered a wealth of common ground in their approach to the phenomena.

For Jose Lay, CEFAA’s International Director, the implications extended far beyond the bilateral agreement. “We know in Europe GEIPAN is highly regarded and we are quite known in South America as we have official contacts and also advised other countries in this area of the world,” Lay stated in an email to De Void. “We believe with this step we may encourage other countries to follow and establish their own official agencies.”

Among the talent Chile brings to bear on the mystery is Dr. Luis Barrera, for whom asteroid 19395 Barrera is named, and University of Chile astronomy director Dr. Jose Maria Maza, responsible for the discoveries of numerous supernovae, quasars and galaxies.” (1)

Just as the referenced news source details, this unprecedented event could very well cause other countries to follow suit and form their own agencies, bent on studying and finding a real “official reason” for the UFO’s being seen on our planet.

UFOs have been seen for decades, and nearly every day, a new sighting is posted to the internet or filmed by a pedestrian who just happens to have a camera at the time the UFO appears. While the United States has remained relatively quiet about UFOs in a purposeful effort to keep the public’s attention away from them (no! look over here!) the rest of the world is ready to enter the future.

It’s been said that we’ve been purposely held back as a society, in the name of keeping the few in power and influence from being uprooted from their monarchs. This move on the part of France and Chile is a stepping-stone into the future and helps to break the mold of suppression; as foreign governments are coming together to research a phenomenon that’ll have enormous implications for our planet.

No longer are perceived differences going to keep humanity from actively understanding the presence of unidentified craft on this planet, which we’ll come to know as the craft of the secretive cabal-run military, as well as that of the benevolent Galactics stationed around this planet.

The cloak of secrecy is being removed from the eyes and minds of humanity, and France and Chile could very well lead the way in UFO research and in educating the public of the reality of UFOs and the immediate need to study them.

While the mainstream perception of UFOs is still quite closed-off to the idea that they actually do belong to visitors from the stars or to a secretive military industrial complex that’s built classified advanced craft for decades, every bit of new ground broken regarding the UFO phenomenon brings us closer to the ultimate secret-spilling on the part of the individuals and institutions involved in the UFO cover-up.

Individuals within the United States Government have worked especially hard to keep the cover-up going, but other countries such as France and Chile are embracing the new paradigm that will come with the research they’ll jointly perform.

As they come to discover that most UFOs are actually advanced and intelligently-piloted craft, the truth will come pouring out and no entity within any government or military institution will be able to stop it. In short – this is the beginning of the end of the old paradigm, and we have this and countless other news stories surfacing to prove it.

Let’s applaud France and Chile for their bold move into the future, because they’ll hopefully lead the way for each country to come together and liberate this planet by studying and eventually welcoming to the surface, the craft or “UFOs” stationed all around our planet.

In other news – Thein Sein, President of Myanmar (otherwise known as Burma) announced this week that his government plans to free all of its political prisoners in preparation for a complete ceasefire. (2)

In what is a true display of the new paradigm in action, Myanmar, a country with various blatant human rights abuses, announced the freeing of all of their political prisoners amidst talks between Sein and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron was expected to bring-up the issue of human rights to Sein during their talks, but wanted to focus primarily on strengthening trade links between Britain and Myanmar. (2)

Myanmar has been known for their human rights abuses and political incarcerations, with the most notable being that of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was placed under house arrest for fifteen years.

What would otherwise continue to be a brutal and politically-dominating country is taking a big step toward allowing free speech this week, and we can only hope that Burma’s review of the cases of their political prisoners in preparation for release, is only the beginning.

We’ve been told for quite a while that the new energies are at work on the leaders of various tyrannical and despotic countries, and that the effects from the large entrance of the Light unto our planet would begin to be made known.

Among the plentiful other news stories emerging this week detailing the coming-about of the new paradigm, we have this one to display that even countries we wouldn’t expect to open up to treating their citizens fairly, are taking their first steps. This doesn’t excuse the human rights abuses and political incarcerations that have come about in Myanmar, but it’s certainly wonderful to see these first steps being taken.

Just as we can hope that other countries follow in France and Chile’s footsteps in studying the UFO issue in broader ways, so can we hope that every other tyrannically-ruled country will follow in Burma’s footsteps and release their own political prisoners. Our new paradigm just can’t come about if tyrannical countries continue to suppress any opposition to the rule of their leaders.

As we’re coming to learn in this day and age, the people are meant to rule our various countries, rather than those we perceive to be our “leaders” who, in many countries, have dictatorially instilled themselves as leaders.

Someone in the Burmese government, perhaps Sein himself, has begun to see the Light and is taking actions to free those who’ve spoken up against oppression or in favor of ideals that Sein’s government doesn’t accept.

Free speech will be an understood right for all in the new paradigm we’re entering, and our right to free speech will be widely established in every country. This is the way it’s meant to be, and the oppressive manner in which so many countries have ruled for so long is beginning to be replaced with an open-minded freeing of the voices of the people.

While Myanmar is, again, a country with glaring human rights abuse records that certainly shouldn’t be forgotten, it’s important for us to recognize when something genuinely-good is done by a country we’d otherwise continue to shame for what they’ve done to their citizens.

The news link concerning this story also mentions Sein’s attempts to “get the West to help Myanmar’s economy recover from decades of military dictatorship, Soviet-style planning and international sanctions.” (2)

Along with the freeing of the aforementioned political prisoner, who was under house arrest for fifteen years, Sein’s attempts to get aid in rebuilding Burma’s economy and his decision to free Burma’s political prisoners and call for a full-on ceasefire, should be noted as the first steps toward fair governing in Burma that they very well could be.

This is only the beginning, and we can hopefully expect as many oppressive countries as possible to follow suit.

This week’s news links:

(1)- “France, Chile Agree to Cooperate to Study UFOs” at:

(2)- “Myanmar: President Vows to Free all Political Prisoners; Ceasefire Expected.” at:

This concludes our Weekly News.

Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates


Our (second) message this week comes from Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

In this message, the Arcturian Councils discuss their telepathic and physical contacts with people in our past; the teachings the Galactics have given our various societies; the Galactics’ experience with the lower dimensions; and the lightened perceptions we’ll come to find.

“We of the Arcturian Councils seek to help unlock greater understandings about your Divine nature, and about the sacredness of your spirit and the physical temple you exist in as you go about your experiences on the Earth.

We seek to help you know and feel your own sovereignty and Divinity, and we seek to help you help others to unlock their own personal (purer) understandings and the perceptions that’ll follow.

We as well as so many other races comprising the Galactic Federation and the Company of Heaven have actively fixated ourselves upon your evolution and upon the Life paths of each of you and, when possible, have attempted to contact you and help you open up further to the reality of our presence and existence all around your world.

We’ve contacted as many Earthly souls as we could in various different periods of your Earthly time, and as you’ll come to learn in the future, physical contact with us and so many other Galactic races in your past has been preceded by telepathic contact.

Souls in all different periods of Earthly time have channeled us before meeting us directly on your world, as this is the nature of the service we give to you in helping to expand your channels and teaching you about your telepathic abilities.

Of course, we’ve taught your societies about so very much more than their telepathic abilities. We’ve helped to bring advanced understandings of your mathematics and sciences, as well as your spiritual philosophy, to your civilizations in various different time periods.

As your various civilizations began to grow in production and consciousness, we’ve made initial telepathic contacts with souls who found themselves enlightened enough to believe in and become open to our presence and a telepathic contact with us, as they subsequently opened up their personal channels.

Many of the souls we speak of who we initially contacted telepathically in your previous civilizations have since ascended from your planet, and a percentage of those who’ve ascended have come back and exist on your world right now, helping your collective to ascend and find the enlightenment they were able to find when making their initial contact with us. 

We’ve helped them as well as your general collective to find enlightenment, and in this very moment, we perform the same telepathic tasks we always have; in that we still attempt to reach as many Earthly souls who can become open to us, as possible.

We seek to contact you because we feel we have very much to offer you in the way of pure energy and insight into your Earthly existence, as while most of us haven’t had the extensive experience you have in dealing with extreme lower-dimensionality, we’ve still come from our respective lower-dimensional civilizations and planets and have a degree of experience to be able to help you through many of your struggles and concerns.

One of the biggest issues or struggles we note for many awakening souls, is that of sexuality.

We say that you’ll come to understand sexuality and every other facet of human and Divine existence as your perceptions continue to lighten, and already, many of you are reaching the greater understandings we speak of.

Accompanying these greater understandings will be realizations that you’ve truly “made it” to a higher-dimensional perception. You may not exist in the fifth dimension (at your surface) quite yet, but many of you have reached states of consciousness far purer than what the majority of souls on your world have yet reached.

You’ve been able to dip into realms of consciousness that are so very pure, you’re finding yourselves able to take a very refreshing breath; a refreshing dip of sorts, into the cool waters of the awakened consciousness.

How does it feel, dearest souls?

You’ve been able to reach unparalleled states of consciousness, and in doing so, you’re helping your collective to take the same refreshing dip you’ve been able to.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that your existence is as Divine as you’re coming to find that you are. The reality around you is always reflective of your inner state of being, and you’ll come to discover this increasingly.”

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

This concludes this week’s channeled updates.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


3 thoughts on “Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 52nd Issue – Weekly News and the Channeled Bits

  1. I have reached unparrelled states of counsousness befor. I have many times in my dreams traveled into other realms. Dear Wes I felt your guys prescence outside today. When you guys are around I could feel a dramatic change in the earths air temperature like a warm living feeling. Off to the left there were ship like clouds that were dark gray that were scattered out in a line. I’d like to Wes was that u guys?


    • That could’ve very well been the Galactics letting you know they’re with you. We’ve been told lately that they’re constantly around us and attempting to help us see when they’re with us. Perhaps they were giving you a blatant sign of their presence?

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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