The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Dreamtime Assemblies, Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness and Heaven’s Tangibility


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity is growing to understand the deep energetics at work Creating and sustaining your realities.

The various purer realms of consciousness you’re growing toward and discovering within are all constructed of the same energy of Love, which forms your realities and helps you to perceive of your specific dimension of consciousness.

You’ve been adjusted to the third dimension of consciousness for so very long.

Now, with your collective having largely entered the fourth dimension per the very large ascension-related event that occurred at the end of your year 2012, the entire populace is beginning to awaken in their own ways to the existence of spiritual realms beyond your current understanding, and to the misdeeds of the few in power and influence on your world.

The awakening collective has helped to anchor exponential and enormously-pure energy unto the surface and collective consciousness of the Earth, in preparation for your full-on awakening and ascension into the realms of the fifth dimension.

In doing so, you’ve helped to prepare your collective for the revelations they’ll come to uncover in themselves, concerning their own existence and the reality of purer dimensions of consciousness that they can tap into from within.

Assisting in your Personal Process

No source in the higher dimensions encourages actively fixating oneself upon any outside source to deliver one’s higher-dimensional understanding to them completely, but we do seek to give you assistance in your outward realities by offering our energies and perspectives via the communications we give.

We work to help you awaken by issuing communications, which are intended to assist you in a process that’s personal to you and that can only be fully understood and traversed by you.

Knowing the extent of your freewill laws and knowing that only you can decide the direction in which your path is going or educate yourselves in the deepest and broadest sense about your own inner-realms and the higher dimensions you’re growing toward; knowing this, we seek only to help and uplift, rather than attempt to keep your attention fixated on us.

Beings in the higher dimensions don’t experience such ego-driven desire to be seen, heard or experienced, as we seek only to offer the pure Love of the Creator for any soul, Earthly or otherwise, who taps into our energies and the Love we speak of.

We seek to help you unlock greater understandings about yourselves and the ways your realities have functioned and will function in the New Earth you’re growing toward and building, as you Lightworkers have, in your sleep realms, worked on building the new paradigm and seeing it manifested on your Earth, quite fruitfully.

Our communications are one facet of the assistance we’re offering humanity, and we’re working actively with the majority of you in your sleep realms on various aspects of the unfolding of your New Earth and the awakening of each of you individually.

Dreamtime General Assemblies

To say that we convene with each of you in your sleep realms each night is perhaps a given, as a general assembly of sorts takes place in your sleep realms, which is comprised of every soul involved in the ascension of the Earth.

Every one of you dear awakening Lightworkers attends these dreamstate meetings, as does every awakening soul on your world.

We are in attendance; your dear Galactic and Angelic brethren are with us and you all; myriad beings from various different echelons of Creation who are all united in service to the Creator and service to the Earth attend these meetings, and trust, dear souls – there’s much for us all to discuss.

We convene on various different matters when attending these meetings. We discuss the ascension of your Earth, as well as the awakening of the collective in time for the grandest aspects of your ascension.

Our aim is to help uplift the minds and hearts of your collective in a very rapid timeframe, as there are events forthcoming in your future that are of an energetic nature, which will display the presence of the metaphysical realms beyond humanity’s perception to your entire populace.

The plan is for your collective to be long awakened to the reality of such events and the heavenly realms that’ll drive them, by the time they commence. To that extent, we and you all have worked so very hard on the purging of darkness from the collective consciousness of your Earth, as well as the awakening of your populace.

Understanding the Need for Peace

The revelations coming forth in your outward reality are large results of the widespread awakening taking place. Humanity is opening up to what’s been done on your world against the common man, and as you do so, you’ll arise and Create a society more in alignment with the ideals and needs of every dear soul.

You’ll be able to understand in a widespread manner, the need for peace and prosperity to be established.

Every soul around you will find supreme awakenings taking place in their hearts, and their minds will help them to intellectually understand the myriad higher-dimensional changes that’ll be forthcoming, which are natural results of your collective ascension process.

You Exist in a Different Dimension

We ask you dear souls to fathom the fact that, in this very moment, you exist in a different dimension than you used to. You used to exist largely in the third dimension, though many of you have indeed had your feet in many different worlds.

The majority of your collective has largely existed in the third dimension for so very long.

While there are still facets of your collective consciousness rooted in the third dimension, which are being worked with by us and by you, the collective energies have reached the fourth-dimensional threshold needed for the bulk of exposure of the dark and service to self-based energies and the actions they’ve driven on your world, to come forth.

A fourth-dimensional consciousness, and especially a fourth-dimensional collective consciousness, very quickly shines Light onto the aspects of itself that aren’t ready to traverse purer realms and understandings.

This is because when entering the fourth dimension, especially in a collective sense, the desire to breed Light and exposure, as well as find balance, grows much stronger than it had been in the third.

The desire to really embrace the metaphysical perceptions one begins to find growing in oneself, breeds an active exposure of every latent dark or negatively-inclined energy that’s been in need of exposure or understanding.

As we attempt to stress throughout this portion of the communication, this natural result of one’s entrance into the fourth dimension – that of the large exposure of darkness – is magnified in the collective sense.

Magnified Collective Experiences

Collective ascensions don’t happen very often, and as such, what we discuss in many of our communications can be seen as magnified in relation to the entirety of your collective experiencing it.

Your experiences will indeed be magnified, and those of you who’ve worked to understand your ascension and the realms beyond your conscious understanding ahead of time have been purposely activated ahead of the rest of the collective; so that you could experience as individuals, what they’re to experience and be better able to assist every person on your Earth in going through it themselves.

Our aim is indeed for every person your dear Earth to be able to evolve, and we’re confident in our and your ability to make it happen.

We say this in this manner because our and your ability to (help) your entire world ascend is bred from the amount of service we give to the Earth and the amount of Light we’re jointly able to see enter the collective consciousness, and transmute the bulk of the lower-inclined energies that’d otherwise hold a whole planet of souls back from their evolution.

The souls you’ve termed the cabals and the lower astral beings who’ve fed them and their influence have wanted to see your collective feeding darkness; to keep you far away from the pure and heavenly energies leading you onward toward the higher dimensions.

However, you’ve largely proven yourselves able to break away from the lower-dimensional spell of illusion they’ve cast over you.

Heaven is Tangible

You’ve incarnated under the veils of the Earth experience in an effort to uplift the collective, and this is why we mentioned above that those of you who are responding to your ascension ahead of time will take the perspectives you’ve already gained, and work to awaken your collective because of them.

Just as we asked you to fathom the idea that you exist in a different dimension of consciousness in this very moment, we ask you to ponder the idea of working with all of yourselves to awaken every soul on your dearest Earth who’ll become aware of their ascension.

Every soul on your world will understand that what’s been seen as heaven is a very tangible place, which one’s able to travel to by actively recognizing and believing with all of oneself that it’s real, and by performing the proper inner-searching that’ll open one up to these realms largely.

Searching within is the best and only way for one to get a good grasp on the higher dimensions you’re growing toward.

We encourage doing things to keep your Earthly temples healthy and clear. We encourage exercise for your dear evolving bodies, as well as drinking clean, pure and blessed water and seeing oneself as active and fulfilled in one’s personal existence as possible.

We seek to help you cultivate wholeness in yourselves by breeding happiness and satisfaction with your Earth experience, which you’re uplifting with you as you grow back into the higher dimensions of consciousness you’ve come to the Earth from.

While a portion of your collective exists on your world as Earth-natives, the majority of souls have come from various other realms; some of them for the ascension of the Earth. Some have come simply to hold the energetic space and stay out of the public domain of even the awakening Lightworkers, but they’re nevertheless performing a diligent and noble feat for the ascension of the Earth.

You Have Much to Learn

Others choose to actively assist in the ascension of the Earth, by offering themselves in direct service and helping to uplift others around them who come to find similar understandings as them. If you dear souls could fathom the similarities between the personally-held beliefs of each of you, you’d be quite surprised.

We say that you’d be surprised, but with the growing understandings of the higher dimensions many of you are beginning to breed, we can say that you perhaps wouldn’t be.

While your perception of the realms of spirit are growing enormously even in this very moment, there’s still so very much for you to learn regarding these realms. There’s so very much for you to feel before fully and purely understanding the experience of existing in the higher dimensions.

In existing in the higher dimensions, one becomes them. One understands their Divinity and where they originate on the deepest level imaginable, and one spreads the Love they constantly feel to every facet of consciousness around them.

This is why we in the higher dimensions seek to help uplift you in the lower realms back to the states of consciousness we’re blessed to exist in; because even feeling these realms is so very joyful and blissful, that we seek to see as many souls as possible able to feel this.

You truly deserve to feel the blissful states of consciousness you’re growing back into as a collective, and this is why we’re stationed in the purer echelons of your Earth, helping you to evolve by decreasing the distorted nature of the energies Creating and sustaining your realities, before we send them on down for you to absorb and utilize.

We Could Fill Pages

We’ve used countless communications to discuss the process we’ve referenced, but nevertheless, we seek to help you understand it in greater ways. This is the reason for our near-constant discussion of this process, as you’ll come to find that it’s very important to your collective evolution.

We quite enjoy speaking with humanity and discussing our role in decreasing the distorted nature of the energies sustaining your realities with each time we send these energies down, and we could indeed fill page after page with discussions of what we’re doing and where humanity is headed in an evolutionary sense.

Despite this, we will make our final impressions for this communication with the brimming Love of a thousand awakened souls.

Feel this Love as it brims from our communication and overflows your hearts. Actively recognize and absorb this pure Love energy as you feel it flow all throughout your bodies and spirits, and know that it’s realer than anything you’ve experienced in your physical reality, as again; what you’ve experienced is ultimately bred from this energy.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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