Astral Travels: Blessing Silent Illnesses


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to use the blessing abilities we’re learning to cultivate, to bless people who are victims of what have been termed “silent illnesses”.

Silent illnesses have come about in various different forms. Fibromyalgia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia; these are all examples of very real illnesses that one cannot understand as easily as other illnesses or diseases, but that nevertheless affect people tremendously.

I chose to have us perform this exercise for personal reasons; as my dear wife suffers from what she believes to be Fibromyalgia, and is in mood-affecting pain quite regularly. People all around this world suffer from silent illnesses that cannot quite be seen or understood by those around them, but are nevertheless, very real.

Of course, conditions such as OCD or Schizophrenia are a bit more perceivable and understandable than Fibromyalgia but nevertheless, every soul suffering from every silent illness, despite the degree to which others around them can understand the illness, deserves to be blessed with our healing energies.

I’d imagine there are awakened people among us who suffer from such illnesses, and if any of them happen to be Newsletter subscribers, than our blessings are intended to go to you as well.

To begin for this week, we’re going to visualize a young man in an apartment in the city. It doesn’t matter which city or even which country he Lives in, just as long as we visualize the general scene. Visualize this young man, and notice/Create specific features about him. What color is his hair? How long or short is it? What type of shirt is he wearing?

As you visualize specific elements to this soul, look around his apartment and visualize specific things about it as well. Notice that everything in his apartment seems very organized; very specific; as if it’s where it is for a very important reason. Notice the tidiness of his apartment; not one thing is out of place.

Notice that the man is standing at the doorframe leading to the hallway of his building, and is dressed up as if he’s about to go somewhere. However, he hasn’t left where he’s standing in front of his doorway, and is performing a seemingly-minute task over and over again until he can “get it right”.

We’re visualizing and witnessing a young man suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and currently, he’s attempting to turn his apartment’s living room light switch off in a very specific manner. When he’s unable to do this in the exact way he needs to, he must start his entire “leaving the apartment” ritual over again.

Notice as he seems to falter in his agenda, and slips his jacket (if you visualized him wearing one), shoes and socks off to start the ritual over again.

This man isn’t very happy about the fact that he has to perform myriad rituals just to go about his day, but he just can’t let the need to get things done in a very specific order, go. He simply can’t walk out of his apartment without first performing the proper ritual, because his mind would drive him crazy if he allotted himself to.

Visualize and watch now as the scene we’re viewing wildly shifts and reverberates, until the entire setting has changed.

Now, we visualize and exist in a park in San Francisco, California. Visualize the beautiful scenery of this park as the trees, the grass and the pretty flowers brim underneath their surface with energy and happiness for our presence here, and for the presence of every person in this beautiful park.

Visualize the air being clean and crisp, which is a welcome alternative to the smoggy air San Francisco has likely become used to. Visualize and enjoy a generally-lighter scene before we continue on with our exercise and when you’re ready, we’re going to shift our focus toward a female sitting near some bushes in the park.

As you shift your focus, visualize a middle-age female who is clearly homeless, sitting near some bushes with a small, foam cup with a $ sign written on it. This soul has no home and no food, and rather than being a stereotypical homeless alcoholic or drug addict, is clean of any such addictions and experiences homelessness for a much more tragic reason.

The female we’re visualizing has Schizophrenia, and this invisible illness has affected her existence in some of the worst ways.

Feel that this soul was once very successful in Life; had a good job and a secure lifestyle, until the worst aspects of her Schizophrenia, which had previously lain dormant, came at her full-force. We needn’t visualize the unfortunate things that happened between that time and this, but we can work to give our blessings to this soul and to the two others, in hopes that people who’ve experienced similar things will benefit.

Feel that this soul’s brain puts together thoughts and feelings that don’t make much sense to an “average” person, and feel that she struggles daily with the anger; the confusion; the fatigue; everything that’s bred from her illness, which isn’t directly perceivable to others.

This soul does indeed have a different and almost-metaphysical grasp on the reality around her, but it’s come about in the most unfortunate of ways. While she does think differently than the average human and thinks/feels outside of the average, construed societal means to think and feel by; what she experiences is quite painful and has caused her to lose everything she’d previously worked for.

As we empathize with this soul and visualize her “$” cup brimming with financial energy and with money as a result, watch as once again, our scene shifts and reverberates wildly until it changes into a completely new scene.

In this scene, we witness a young woman sitting outside, in a big yard with a beautiful, brimming garden. The young woman Lives in a nice, big house and has her personal and financial needs accounted for, but suffers in a much different sense from the rest of the world around her.

This young woman vastly enjoys gardening and specifically, enjoys planting flowers and herbs that remind her of the medieval times, which she feels very close to. However, she’s lately been unable to garden in the fierce and productive manner she was once able to and now, she simply sits, admiring her garden as she wishes she could add to it by planting more herbs and flowers.

She’s only able to enjoy looking out at her garden these days, and even getting outside and kneeling down to look as she is, will see her in pain for perhaps hours. The young woman we’re visualizing and looking-upon suffers from Fibromyalgia, a very physically-limiting invisible illness that’s not always understandable to the people around those who suffer.

This young woman looks for Light in her Life wherever she can find it, and knows that she’s to suffer greatly for even making the decision to venture out into her garden. The thought of being in so much pain for trying to enjoy her garden weakens her happiness, and she’ll soon find herself in a very emotionally-drained mood because of her pain taking over.

She knows that the drained and painful feelings she’ll suffer-through could affect her mood for the worse, and hopes simply to be able to maintain equilibrium despite the difficult time she’ll have not letting her mood descend and match the physical pain she’ll feel.

As she kneels over her garden, a young man comes out and walks toward her. This man is her husband, and does his best to understand what she’s going through, while taking to selfish thoughts and misunderstanding her illness some of the time.

The man asks his wife, in an almost detracting tone, how she was able to come outside and kneel over her garden if she’s usually in so much pain.

The young woman responds that it’s taken every bit of her energy and vitality to get outside, and it’ll take even more for her to get back in, but she feels it’s worth it to be able to see her dear garden. The man nods understandingly, but continues to act as if he just doesn’t quite “get it”. The woman feels saddened over her husband’s non-understanding of just exactly what she’s going through.

As we view this scene and empathize with the young woman going through the invisible pain she’s experiencing, our scene is going to reverberate wildly one last time, before changing into one that puts our subscriber-group in the middle of another, much larger group.

This group is holding a meeting or a conference of sorts, and if you look around and visualize/notice the intense colors and beautiful higher-dimensionality all around this very large group, you’ll perhaps recognize that we’ve traveled to the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth.

The large group we’re with is the group of fellow New Earth travelers we’ve worked with fruitfully in the past, and if you look at the stage at the front of our group, you’ll notice that there are three, what look almost like flat-screen televisions (with no harmful frequencies being emitted).

Each television displays the people and the scenes we’ve just witnessed. Look toward the stage and the televisions seeming to be hung on the curtain behind it and as you do, feel and visualize a great wave of transparent yet colorful Light arising up from our group of New Earth travelers.

Our New Earth travelers are quite ahead of us in this exercise, and are taking to blessing these representations themselves, as a large collective of higher-dimensional souls. This is where we’re going to give our personal blessings, and they’re to be added to this already-large wave of blessing energy being given.

Affirm that the purest of Christed Light come up from within you. Visualize this energy as it pours through each of your chakras (there are many) and feel as a stream of this energy travels up your spine and out through the chakra above your head, as this stream always does when we give our blessings.

I can only offer so much visualization in the way of your personal blessing energy, and you’re asked to Create specific things about this energy in an effort to make it more personal and perceivable to you.

However you bring this energy forth, affirm that it be added to the incredible wave of fifth-dimensional blessing energy that’s been manifested by our New Earth travelers, and watch as it’s funneled-through the three televisions and given to the representations it’s intended for.

As always, these representations act as funnels for our blessing energy to be given to what or whom they’re representing, and I’ll leave the visualization of what happens to our representations, entirely up to you readers.

I’d love to be able to say that our blessing energies are going to cure the people being represented of their invisible illnesses, but we can hope and affirm that at the very least, our blessings make the Lives of those who suffer with such illnesses just a bit better.

If our young city-man is able to complete his routine with relative ease, or even see-past the immense desire and need to perform it before leaving his apartment, than we’ve done our job well indeed. If our older homeless woman can at least find a decrease in the power her Schizophrenia has over her and find a clear-headedness and an ease with Life that could see her getting back on her feet, then we’ll have helped quite a lot.

If our young woman’s husband can fully understand the incredible pain and adversity she exists under every day, and seek to make her Life better and show her that she’s Loved and appreciated despite her pain and the limitation it causes, than our blessing energies will have certainly worked.

For now, we can simply jive with the satisfaction that we’ve done the best we can for people who exist under very real and limiting yet unperceivable illnesses, and hope as well that the Divine energies enveloping our planet will help these souls to be exactly where they’re meant to be for their personal ascension.

It’s been said that the plan on the part of the Company of Heaven is for every person to be able to ascend, and with the blessings we’ve just given, we’ve at least tried to see that those who may struggle immensely with the idea of ascension because of their own perceived limitations, will be able to ascend gracefully.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.


8 thoughts on “Astral Travels: Blessing Silent Illnesses

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  2. Hi Wes: I commend your work here and hope that everyone will absorb the positive energy being sent out. I’m writing because I want people to know that there is no Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is the name of a disease which was *made up* several years ago by doctors who could not cure it and who could not figure out the symptoms, so they just gave it a name rather than looking further. The symptoms are all those of low T3 hormone in the system. We have an epidemic of people who are low on thyroid hormone, a world wide epidemic. Once the T3 levels are increased and stable all the symptoms go away.

    I have helped many people regain their health and I’m happy to work with your wife if she’d like some good advice on nutrition and thyroid hormones. Have her take a look at this list and have her check off all her symptoms. These symptoms are relieved with enough T3 hormone in the system which support the mitochondria and give the body enough energy to run on…..

    She can reach me at or

    Thanks for the work you do Wes. I appreciate the time you take to help wake up the world. There are many of us working as you do to bring light where there seems to be only darkness..

    Schizophrenia is helped by a correct balance of copper and zinc. If these two are off, we can find depression, anxiety and a whole list of other problems. It has also been proven to be cured by high doses of Niacin.

    J Browne


  3. Thank you for this. I “have” fibromyalgia and many other concurrent issues. I have been sick and in pain for about 20 years. Fatigue, depression… the list goes on and on. I love to garden, too, and yet have not been able to do anything (even watering and moving the sprinkler around is very taxing) last year or this year. Lots of weeds!!! But I have made progress in not getting anxious/triggered by my inability to create/do/be active. Not easy. We humans like to do things!! Fibromyalgia results, I believe, from every cell in your body not getting what it needs. And not being able to process out what it doesn’t need (toxins/byproducts of metabolism). Over time many symptoms will occur. Every system is affected. Immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation of all tissues, mental and mood issues, digestive issues. Parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses thrive. Assaults that other bodies can handle (ie vaccines or dental work or a car accident) throw our bodies into intense illness. The body is stong, so it compensates, making the onset of symptoms slow and “silent”. Organ function weakens. The engine is running chronically low. The end result is a profound lack of energy in every cell, every system. It is a downward spiral. It feels like a painful, slow, torture much of the time. Nothing works right, and everything hurts. It is hard for others to even imagine that that much can go wrong in one body! Including most doctors. But if you think of the body as a whole system, and every cell being dysfunctional, then it makes more sense. Anyway, thank you… you sound like a wonderful husband and I am sure your wife, although frustrated like we all are, forgives you for not understanding. It really is impossible to imagine unless you experience it everyday like we do. Thank you for the blessings!


  4. My partner has severe Fibromyalgia. People just don’t understand how bad the pain can be, but they sure are quick to offer ‘fool proof’ suggestions and become exasperated if the afflicted one doesn’t take on their recommendations – which, no doubt, have been tried before. Somehow the average person feels that he or she knows more than my partner’s doctors, physical therapists, alternative healers, and such. Instead, people need to send their own form of healing energy – whether it’s Reiki (like I do), prayers, love, good wishes, etc. These can only help!


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