Divine Equilibrium: Going Back and Forth

I write this from a tired perspective, as the past couple of weeks (and months) have flew by with much hurriedness and busyness on my part. I recognize that the busyness accompanying the role I’ve chosen to play is only to pick up in the time ahead, but in this moment, I feel like I could use an all-expenses paid meditative vacation week.

Maybe we Lightworkers can go spend a week in some incredible vibrations, as a “pick-me-up” of sorts before we continue on with this mission. Of course, I say this recognizing that that meditative week of pure bliss is actually completely attainable.

Along with the tiredness and the rushed feelings I’ve been having lately, I’ve also been able to unlock an increasingly-pure perception about my personal existence and the reality around me. I’ve been traveling back and forth from feeling busy, rushed or otherwise not free, to experiencing the most liberated and free feeling I’ve ever felt.

Along with feeling tired, I’ve come to find a personal freedom and sovereignty that’s just unbounded, as I recognize that I’m Loved endlessly and eternally by the physical and spiritual Source of all existence.

Despite the hardship or perceived adversity we experience, knowing that we’re children of the Divine can bring a sense of liberation that’ll see us able to see through the distorted feelings and mindsets that teach us we’re not free.

We’ve been taught for so long to feel as if we’re limited because we exist in a limited reality, and personally, I’m undergoing intense lessons that are helping me to realize that despite how much I can convince myself I’m not free, I am and have always been.

Nothing about the limitation of the Earthly experience actually reduces or distorts my personal freedom and sovereignty, unless I allow it to. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve certainly been allowing the lower and drained feelings to enter into my perspective and distort the liberated vibrations I’d otherwise exist in, but I recognize that this is a learning process.

I’m coming to find myself in much greater ways in preparation for my personal ascent into full consciousness, and I know that there’ll be some growing pains along the way. There certainly have been already, but the pains of our ascension can, in many cases, come about because we’ve convinced ourselves to overhype such pains.

Minor problems we may have with our existence can be overblown if we allow them to be, and we can convince ourselves that we must feel low or not at peace with our Lives because of those minor problems. It’s so easy to feel sad; depressed; hurt; angry.

It’s so easy to feel as if we’re victims of an unfree existence, but we keep ourselves trapped in our personal Earthly shells when doing so. When we can come to realize that every bit of Earthly limitation in existence only exists because it’s been fed and Created by us, the Creators of our existence, than no Earthly density can actually bring us down in the way it has.

I preach about this revelation, but it’s one I’m coming to uncover and likely won’t be able to put into play quite yet; as I’m still learning about it in greater ways.

I’ll admit to being human and experiencing the low human emotions and desires accompanying this Earth experience. I recognize that the low emotions I feed into are quite illusory and in need of recognition and transmutation rather than feeding, but that aforementioned ease in feeling and expressing them tends to trump over the importance of recognizing and working through what drives them.

We’ve each come to the Earth with our own set of illusory problems and difficulties to overcome, and my biggest issue at present is recognizing the anger, loneliness and frustration I tend to feel and feed into, rather than letting it distort what could otherwise be a very enjoyable experience.

Specifically, I’ve noticed that a split second of feeding into anger or frustration can breed a long time of being immersed in those vibrations, and it’s quite an uphill climb away from angry, upset or saddened feelings back to the good vibrations that offer liberation from difficulty and perceived separation from the realms of blissful, full consciousness.

It’s easy to initially feed into anger or frustration, but personally, doing so sees me battling my own will in trying to re-reach the plateau of elevated consciousness I existed on before doing so. It’s quite interesting to note that when not feeling angry or upset, I exist nearly-constantly on that elevated plateau and can find myself instantly accessing very blissful states of consciousness.

When not feeding into the lower mechanisms of the illusion, everything is elevated and of a higher consciousness. I feel the Earthly existence around me evolving along with me, and I continue to experience near-startling validations of the reality of my mission on this planet.

A few nights ago, I was even blessed with some very bold ship sightings, following a message I’d channeled from the Pleiadians regarding the sightings they’re giving, which will be posted soon.

The pure blue light that emanated from the ship that gave the boldest sighting continues to inspire and re-inspire me whenever I think of it, and the free and seemingly-uninhibited manner in which the rest of the three or four ships were able to move around was interesting to say the least.

I’m given the sense that the Galactics are going to continue stepping-up sightings of their craft as they find a greater ease in showing themselves to humanity, and I consider myself quite lucky to be able to continually witness their craft; though I recognize that my continual discussion of my numerous personal sightings is anecdotal.

One last thing I wanted to mention before wrapping-up the personal exploration that’s been this article, is my extreme excitement to further embrace my role in our future, accompanying the aforementioned sense of being drained of energy.

This has made keeping up with many of my daily spiritual responsibilities (as well as working on my family’s new home) quite difficult.

I feel as if some daily responsibilities have dragged-on or as if I can’t contribute the level of energy and enthusiasm I otherwise could, and again, this comes with an unprecedented motivation and embrace of my role in our future. I guess you could say I’m grappling with the duality of these aspects of my existence, while I work to merge the duality and find Divine equilibrium.

This is where I’m at personally; perhaps some of you out there can relate or hopefully benefit from hearing about this aspect of my process. Trust me when I say that it’s a lot, lot easier to feed into anger, detachment or sadness in this moment, but it feels so much better to embrace the increasingly-pure vibrations we can very easily feel.

Wes Annac – Motivated, tired, and ever-ready to embrace the future.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image source: http://5thdimensionalhealing.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/divinelove.jpg

3 thoughts on “Divine Equilibrium: Going Back and Forth

  1. Hi Wes Thanks for this. I recognise a lot of this myself at present. Would love to ‘stop the world’ and have like you said an all expensives paid mediation week, or just go somewhere out in nature and forget the world for a week and be. You are helping me to see how I too can change things. Your last five lines (ending with Divine equilibrium) are so my situation too right now. We have taken on similar roles, I will probably post this on my daily blog on Facebook (alongside the work with my website) and explain the fact that I could have written a somewhat similar piece myself.
    Love and Light to you from Therese Zumi Sumner – Motivated, tired and ever-ready to embrace the future:


  2. May I suggest Sedona, Az. A wonderful place to experience nine of the twenty vortex’s of the world. My favorite, and where the awakening experience began for me, was Mystic Vista. A favorite of the Hopi and Navajo Indians to receive guidance and inspiration. Two hours up the road from Sedona is the 7th wonder of the world ~ The Grand Canyon. When I try to describe the awesomeness of it to friends and family the only thing that manifest is tears ~ incredible power.



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