The Pleiadian High Council Addresses the Listeners of ET-First Contact Radio


Photo: Breaking: Thursday July 4th: Wes Annac on ET-First Contact Radio. Show starts at 1 PM PST / 2 PM MNT / 3 PM Central / 4 PM EST / 22:00 CET! To listen go to: Be there my friends!-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The following is a message given by the Pleiadian High Council, which I read aloud during Maarten Horst’s ET-First Contact radio show. The PHC address the listeners, as well as the host of the show himself.

With greetings and warmth of the purest order, we are the Pleiadian High Council, happily speaking through this scribe and seeking to help activate awakenings in the minds and hearts of each of you absorbing our words and energies now.

The host of this dear radio show has expressed his excitement to meet us to our scribe, and we have in turn nudged our scribe toward bringing a direct connection through, for dear Maarten and for the dear listeners who’ve tuned-in to feel the energies of we and our scribe, directly.

Each one of you is Loved infinitely in the realms of full consciousness, and you’ll understand this Love as you open up to it, collectively and individually, more than you could possibly fathom.

You’re to find your ascension in a collective manner, but so many of you have already ascended and come back to the surface of the Earth and you dear souls we speak of will be playing the crucial roles of way-showers and bridgers of the purer and lower realms of consciousness.

Some of you have taken myriad experiences and Lives upon the Earth’s surface, and have sought to awaken your Earthly populace throughout each Life you’ve found your own personal awakenings in.

You’ve learned about the deepest mechanics of the Earth experience, and with the Earthly training you’ve received throughout your myriad Lives, you now stand as world-bridgers and ushers-in of the new world of peace and prosperity; that which has been referred to as the Golden Age of mankind.

Your Golden Age has always been intended to come about, dear souls, and you’ve always been intended to bring it about. You’ve always been meant to show the way for the rest of your populace who are indeed becoming awakened to the actions of tyranny and the existence of the realms of spirit.

You’ve been meant to help lead these souls onward into the realms of full consciousness, and you’ve largely succeeded in your tasks up to this point. Even still, we ask each of you to continue-on in your valiant missions and, if and when you can, exceed the amount of service you’ve chosen to give to the surface of the Earth.

We happily request that you “give it your all” while you exist on the Earth, as you work to funnel-down the higher dimensions of consciousness you’ve each come from.

In the same vein, we ask you not to overwork yourselves; to find a healthy balance and to enjoy your Earthly experience as you go about it. Your Earthly experience is indeed meant to be enjoyed, and we know that you can feel the freedom accompanying simply letting one’s existence Be and learning to enjoy each facet of your Lives on the Earth.

We happily remind you that everything you experience in your Earthly Lives happens for a very Divine and ordained reason, and you have steered your own Lives and experiences in the directions best intended for your growth. You’ve been given innumerable assistance, by us and by your personal spiritual guides, with every facet of your mission and with discovering the higher dimensions as you broaden your understanding of what is and isn’t possible on your world.

Before making our final impressions for this communication, we’ll make a small note about the open assistance we’ll give on your world in the time ahead.

We wish not to refer to a time in the future that we intend for you to look toward or immerse yourselves in rather than performing the work needed for your planet to reach the point of being able to see our existence be disclosed, but we certainly wish to inform you about your future and about the role we’ll play.

Following the landings we’ll have formally made on your world, which will come about far after the widespread disclosure of our existence, we’ll teach you to understand the greater energies at work Creating and sustaining your realities.

We’ll do this with the help of the dear Hathors, who are speaking with you along with us and who’s energies are braided with ours into this communication, to understand the energetics driving your realities and to utilize the technologies we’ll happily offer, which have been suppressed for nearly a century in your current society, for the ultimate restoration of your planet.

We and the various other ascended individuals and collectives comprising the Light Forces will be with each of you to share the ascended technologies we have with you and to help you understand how to build and use such technologies yourselves.

While companies with Lighted intents will indeed offer free energy technology when it initially breaks-through on your surface, after our presence has been made known and we widely disperse this technology ourselves and teach you how to utilize it, there will be no need for companies to oversee its production, as it will be like a plant that can be grown by every human being who will understand how to grow and build it.

Our technologies will be widely understood by all, and your mainstream scientists will kick themselves for largely laughing-away free energy and its potential for mankind.

As we make our final impressions for this communication and send a wave of Love forth for each of you absorbing a radio show meant to help humanity understand the reality of our existence, which we are so very grateful to that show’s host for; we express that the direct connection so many of you are finding with us will only pick-up as you find yourselves able to be close to our energies.

We’re with each one of you, and to dearest Maarten who confided his excitement to meet us: You’ve already met us and are meeting us in every moment, but in regards to our meeting physically on the surface of your world – We are just as excited as you to be in your direct vicinity and stare into the human eyes of Galactic souls who’ve contributed much to the ascension of the planet and to the awakening of the populace.

The work of each of you in awakening your public is vastly more appreciated by us in the higher dimensions than you yet know, but you’ll come to understand the importance of your efforts, as well as our immense appreciation for them, in due time.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

6 thoughts on “The Pleiadian High Council Addresses the Listeners of ET-First Contact Radio

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    • Hello I was woundering who are the Pleiadian Allies? A lot of people are asking that question. Some believe that the Sirans are is that true?


  2. I have a question for the high council actually a few. Ever since I was little I new we weren’t alone in this world because I would travel into space in my dreams and be in space ships doing missions. I feel verry well connected to you guys in your messages how you want peace, love, light. Which is the things that I love and want as well. Are there any ways that we can do to be able to work for you guys? I would love to work with you guys help you because i have faith in you guys for telling me the truth. The church is worried about loosing power and when Christianity will be banned. I asked god/Christ him to let there be a change that to let you guys have a turn a take over and that I wanted to do things your way and my way. He imidiatly replied in Tung wanted things done his way. Then I new for the verry exact moment that you guys were telling the truth about everything (he’s verry Jellouse). What is the true purpose of the Wholy spirit? What code frazes should we look out for (like: to renue your flaims)? I would like to know if I can have a reunion with my Pleaidian family and if you guys can can take me to your medical rooms in your ship to do some healing? I know that I may need some healing. Thank you for always being there for us! I new we weren’t alone in the universe. I put my faith in you guys!


  3. Alot of people have been woundering who are your guys Allies? I’ve been doing some research some people said that the Sirans were your allies.


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