A Desire to Communicate


I feel a strong desire on this morning to communicate; to write; to express how I’m feeling to you dear readers. I don’t have a subject to write about, though I recognize that I could pretty much dive-in to any subject and perhaps write a book about it.

Such is the nature of the excited, awakening human brain and body.

Once we begin to awaken to the reality of the higher dimensions, the realms we once called Home and will be doing so again very shortly; we tap into an unprecedented inspiration to get-out what we’re feeling and experiencing. Upon feeling some of the most wonderful and blatant effects of our ascension into higher dimensions, we seek to spread those feelings to every person around us.

The entities speaking to us from the higher realms have long discussed the fact that serving others seems to become one’s primary mode of existing upon entering a certain pure state of consciousness.

For me, the satisfaction of knowing I’ve been able to help any of you along your path motivates me to produce, produce, produce; whether I’m producing a writing; a song; a message from a higher-dimensional individual or collective (though I’m not actually producing it, but acting as a conduit for the source to) – you name it.

The idea of being able to assist a growing-awakening public that’s become open to the ideas and concepts that I have, motivates me to produce or be a conduit for as much hopefully-beneficial material as possible. Again; even in this moment I have no aim in writing, and wish simply to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and express the good vibrations I’m feeling in this moment.

What’s wonderful is that I’m able to feel these vibrations increasingly each day, and I look forward to every day I’m blessed to be on this Earth, helping awaken a populace that’s been lost in the mucky depths of collective unawareness for far longer than I’ve been here in this Life.

The inspiration that’s bred from one actively recognizing they’re on this world for an ordained reason and as a part of a Divine mission, can see an individual do wonders and a collective move mountains. In my opinion, when the entire Earth can feel the inspiration to enact real change on this world that so many of us are feeling, no external force will hinder our ability to do so.

I have a strong feeling that the influence of the cabals and their ability to keep their tight grip on the Earth, results from collective unawareness and a resulting non-drive to seek something greater than what we currently experience. Honestly, I don’t think that any malevolent force will be able to usurp our spirits and finances when the entire world awakens to the false reality that’s been established in an effort to hide us away from the reality of our existence.

I’m happy to say (having learned this exponentially) that the good vibrations so many of us are feeling and the resulting inspiration will only pick up, as we march onward toward a Galactic Earth, Created and sustained by each one of us.

I think I’ve been able to properly express some of how I’m feeling on this morning.

As always, it’s hoped that what I’m feeling or pondering will assist those of you out there who may not be feeling as great in this moment. I certainly understand, but it’s important to know that every bit of difficulty we experience is meant to be properly understood and Loved as facets of our ultimate human experience.

Despite the difficulty, we’re coming to understand what we perceive to be lower emotions or energies, as we embrace the other side of those energies in every moment we can.

Wes Annac – Writing, Living, leading, following, Loving.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image source: http://api.ning.com/files/2MrG9J-AMDQodoZd-PNM-nJIsVJHVTrETGOSpdrjezbdf7-jqRYcUsTs5BMEwDcaOcArRTmCy1wbXrI5hv-DKemqxEkyLXqj/AwakeningNow.jpg

3 thoughts on “A Desire to Communicate

  1. Hi Wes,      I understand completely what you are saying in this post.  I am not a person that does what you do but I had so much fun talking to people at a get together last Saturday.  I don’t feel at all connected to the nonsense of politics and know more about the facts of disclosure than any of them at that gathering.  That is not to say that I don’t have any lingering questions myself but really I could answer most of their questions!  They rather sat at attention to my words.  I couldn’t believe it!  In the back of my head, though, lingers the reality of the whole scenario: is this stuff true or am I on a weird rampage of nerdiness?  But, thank you for this post.  I love to hear your feelings about situations the best.  I like to hear your two cents, in other words.  Gaye Estey



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