Lightworkers Thriving Amidst Difficulty


The increasingly-pure energies we’re being delivered are intensifying exponentially and heating everything up. Duality has been turned-up to extreme proportions lately, and I notice this in effect in my personal Life and on the world stage.

Personally; I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier. I’ve never felt more fulfilled, or experienced more continual validations of the reality of my mission on this planet. I’ve never felt more whole; more at peace; more at home on this planet.

I read a recent message that stated this planet is not our home, and to try to treat it as such is akin to keeping our vibration low. Speaking from my personal experience of late, I can say that I’m feeling a full-on anchoring of heaven (our original home) unto Earth and, quite truthfully – for the first time in a long time, this planet really and truly does feel like home.

I, like many of you, am here to help uplift this world. Earth has been broken and lost for so long and now, there’s a plethora of awakening people who understand the need to bring-about real change that works for and takes into account the needs of every individual.

I didn’t feel at home here for quite a while, because I recognized everything about this world that just doesn’t resonate with me or doesn’t seem to take into account the needs of every citizen. Previously, this world felt dark; cold; uncaring; and I felt like I didn’t belong because those lower-dimensional qualities no longer resonated with me.

Lately, an Earth has emerged before me that’s far different from what I used to perceive. I see an Earth of beauty; of harmony; of people truly caring for one another, rather than leaving each other by the wayside.

I recognize that this doesn’t reflect the experiences many of you are potentially having, and I recognize as well that I’ll likely experience facets of this Earth in the future that I don’t agree with.

Just because there are lower, discordant energies floating around here in need of understanding and eventual transmutation, doesn’t mean the increasingly-pure energies and perceptions descending down onto us now don’t have to be just as strong, or even stronger.

Just because people could laugh-off what so many of us know in our hearts and minds to be reality, doesn’t mean that the intensely-intricate discussions we’ve been blessed with having with myriad ascended beings, are any less real.

Just because pain and suffering are prevalent on this world and in need of collective recognition and healing, doesn’t mean Love, harmony and pure wholeness can’t exist here as well.

It’s up to us to cultivate the Divine qualities on an Earth that tends to make us feel rejected or uncared for and personally; when I recognize what I perceive to be darkness or difficulty on this Earth, I see that my mission here is that much more important. The Light is here on this Earth to stay and has been for quite a while, but it’s hard to notice the Light when we greet an Earthly experience that continually tests our faith and resolve.

I hope I’m not the only one continuing to experience amazing and incredible spiritual benefits in this moment.

I see that some others seem a bit down in the dumps or in need of recalibration before continuing on with their mission, and I see that some have found themselves a bit too snowed-in to want to continue on. It’s very unfortunate indeed, but I write this to remind us all that Love is not only here to stay on this world, but is growing in every moment.

Let our hearts go out to those among us embroiled in struggle or strife, and let us each be comforted in our times of difficulty or in the times we just can’t feel like we can go on. I’ve certainly had those times myself, and feel no shame in admitting it. I’d imagine many of you reading this have had those times as well.

In times of immense difficulty or sadness, it helps to know that in different places on this planet in every moment, dedicated Lightworkers are feeling blissful states of consciousness and Earthly awareness, and are able to diligently anchor the higher dimensions unto this Earth as a result.

Wes Annac – Reinforcing the Love that can never be fully-extinguished.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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4 thoughts on “Lightworkers Thriving Amidst Difficulty

  1. Once a friend of mine said, “Don’t worry. Earth can shake us off like ticks off a dog.” That made me feel good, so I realized I loved Mother Earth more than I did 3D humanity.


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  3. I so agree with you Wes. I used to think I didn’t belong here, but then after I went through some challenging experiences and chose to follow through with my inner guidance rather than going along with the status quo I realized that I SOOOO belong here (and that I’m doing the work I’m here to do) … even wrote that in my memoir that was published early 2008.


  4. Ah, my dear cousin and associate, I am ABSOLUTELY ‘feeling blissful states of consciousness and Earthly awareness, and (am) able to diligently anchor the higher dimensions unto this Earth’! I’ve been feeling this bliss and oft-overwhelming joy almost constantly for around a month now, building in consistency since posting on my blog about it in late March (
    I’m SO happy to learn that you’re feeling it, too, brother — and many others as well! We’re almost Home for sure, no doubt about it at all now . . . .


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