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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the forty-eighth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter

This week, I’ll discuss North Korea’s decision to hold official talks with the US amidst fallen-through talks with South Korea, as well as the recent unfortunate crackdown on protesters in Turkey.

We’ll also absorb updates from SanJAsKa with the Pleiadian Council of Nine and the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes; we’ll bless the aforementioned Turkish protesters during this week’s astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about the role(s) of the crystal children being born this year.


In other news – Protests in Turkey took an unfortunate turn this week, when the Turkish government brutally cracked-down on what were, up until the crackdown, peaceful protests. (1)

Updates from Turkey have been shared to The Aquarius Paradigm, as well as The Golden Age of Gaia, Pleiadedolphinfos (Meline Lafont’s blog), and a few other sites and since the crackdown, the battered protesters’ spirits have been tested enormously.

“Z” in Turkey shared an update with The Golden Age of Gaia, which I’ll post a snippet from, here.

“After negotiations with the Prime Minister, the protest groups relaxed a little seeing some small hope of peace and that they were actually preparing to scale down the protest in Gezi Park. So everyone was in a celebratory mood and this being the weekend, Gezi Park and Taksim square were packed with all kinds of people including elderly, children and tourists.

At around 8PM while there was a concert in the park, people were warned to empty it and within minutes the attack started.

(…) I contemplated long about posting one of the hundreds of footages of unarmed, peaceful people being beaten by groups of policemen, gassed grandparents, children losing their parents in mayhem, residents being gassed in their own homes, hotels, restaurants, chemists, hospitals and first aid centres being attacked and all sorts of violence you wouldn’t dream of.”

“Z” then goes on to discuss the silent protests that have begun to take place in response to the brutality, demonstrating that the people of Turkey will not stoop to violence in the face of being attacked by their own government.

“Then at around 6.30 in the evening a man came to Taksim square and he stood. He did not move for hours, did not talk, did not sing or dance, just stood in silence. And by 12 at night hundreds joined him in silence.

That gave me great hope, because one of my biggest worries was that after all the bloodshed experienced, whether the protesters would turn violent or not. Now I know they will not.

Since then, the people are standing silent in many towns and cities, especially at places that have significant meaning for them, for example where one of the protesters was shot dead in Ankara, or in front of the TV stations who don’t report what is going on in the country.”

I would post much more from this report were it not for issues of length, and “Z” goes on to ask for our support and our Loving energies. I’ve planned for us to bless “Z” and the rest of the protesters who have been victims of very-unfortunate police brutality and oppression at the hands of their government, during our astral exercise this week.

These are the most trying times for the Turkish people, and they need our support and our Love. Their right to free speech and expression has been taken from them, and even standing silently as they’ve been is being considered an act of “psychological aggression” against the police, which some have even been arrested for, as “Z” reports. (1)

This is not how this world is meant to be run. If the people cannot stand up to their governments and proclaim dissatisfaction with the way their country is being run without being brutally oppressed, than the need to oust the leaders in charge becomes much more apparent. The people are meant to run this world and make the decisions regarding our home-countries, but our governments have taken that right away from us.

The Turkish government has taken their people’s right to proclaim dissatisfaction with what they’re doing, away from them with suppression and unimaginable violence. Despite all of this, the protesters choose to stand strong in the face of a tyrannical government and tyrannical police forces attempting to stop what is a natural result of the rising energies on this planet.

Nothing can stop the people from uprising. Even if the Turkish government feels they have the upper-hand with what they’ve done, the will of the people will never be ignored. It’s time to embrace the future instead of fighting against it, and it’s time to give the control of this world back to the people, to whom it belongs.

Corruption and making decisions without clear and sought-after permission from the people, are things of the past in the paradigm we’re heading into. May the Source of existence bless the people of Turkey, because even if they’re being suppressed and treated violently, they’re setting the model for uprisings in the rest of the world.

This week’s news links:

(1)- “North Korea Proposes Talks With US to Ease Tensions” at:

(2)- “Update from ‘Z’ in Turkey: Strength Through Standing in Silence” at:

This concludes our Weekly News.

Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates

Our first message this week comes to us from SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

In this message, SanJAsKa and the PC9 discuss the readiness in many of us anchor the higher dimensions unto the Earth; understanding ourselves in deeper ways; the purposely-illusory nature of our societies; and the media’s role in holding humanity back, as well as its future role in informing humanity.

“The purest and most brimming of Love awaits you in the higher dimensions, and we can feel the readiness in so many of you to do everything you can in every moment to radiate and anchor the higher dimensions you’re beginning to remember, back unto yourselves.

We feel the strongest of Love for you, as we watch you go about your daily endeavors and meet parts of yourselves that are beginning to become accessible.

We marvel at how you’re unlocking and beginning to understand yourselves in the deepest ways, as much pain and fear has been deeply-ingrained into many of you awakening souls. You have, for the most part, been able to transmute the bulk of pain still left within you and of course, the processes of each of you vary and the progress you’re making as an individual varies.

Latently, you can each feel where you’re at along your process of re-finding and rediscovering the higher dimensions, and for many of you, your missions have included helping to awaken the Earthly public as you go about your own individual awakening processes.

So many of you are acting as way showers; as bridgers for the New world to come about and we thank you dearly for your efforts, as we always have and always will. As you begin to unlock the increasingly-pure perceptions so many of you are finding in yourselves, your resulting ability to spread the Light and the inspiration you feel growing within, expands to incredible heights.

While those around you will continue-on in their Earthly struggles, difficulties and limitations for the time being, we can assure you that the time ahead will see every soul on your world duly informed of everything that’s been hidden from you.

Your societies as they stand today have been based in illusion and deceit, and you’ve been kept from many of the wondrous and revolutionary technologies that have been widely known-of and understood on your Earth for quite a while. These technologies are being kept back from humanity, in an effort to further enrich the Lives of those who subvert your freedoms and hide such things from you.

The souls we speak of perceive themselves as more intelligent or deserving of an easy experience of Life than the rest of the general humanity. While they make up quite a small minority of your overall population, they’ve used their mental intelligence and closed-off hearts to build monopolies and large corporations that have dominated the Earth for a very long amount of your concept of time.

Tyranny is able to rein when distraction is turned-up to great heights, and in your society, distraction is funneled-through your media and your general public is kept unaware of the vast planes and realms beyond your conscious understanding.

The very media that’s been used to control and enslave the general public will be used to help inform them, and subjects such as our existence will be treated with seriousness and respect as it’s understood that we’re spiritual, evolved beings who seek to assist you in your ordained, collective evolution.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we say that we’ll be on your dear Earth to inform you of every facet of your existence that we know so many of you are ready to learn about and understand once again. Your ancient civilizations have been very advanced in their own right, and awareness has spread to far more civilizations than the current versions of your history give credit for.

Continue to nurture the growing Love you find in yourselves, for its leading you onward toward the realms we delightfully speak to you from.”

Thank you to SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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