Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 47th Issue – The Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the forty-seventh issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the emergence of whistleblower and NSA-exposer Edward Snowden, as well as billionaire Robert Bigelow’s recent admission of his belief in an extraterrestrial presence around our planet.

We’ll also absorb updates from the Ascended Masters and the Pleiadian High Council; we’ll work to bless whistleblowers and truth-spreaders during our astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about the effects of positive focus in our outward reality.


Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates

Our first message this week comes from the Ascended Masters.

In this message, the AMs discuss our roles in bridging the higher dimensions; presenting what we believe to those around us; their presence on our world in the time ahead; and our communion with Gaia.

“We ask for you dear souls to imagine an infinite amount of higher realms, boasting the most beautiful landscapes and scenery you’ve yet seen from an Earthly standpoint. We ask for you to visualize the brimming realms just beyond your conscious understanding, for they’re bursting at the seams waiting to descend unto your physical reality.

You are ascending toward these states of consciousness while at the same time, feeling their descent unto your conscious perspective. We encourage you to make your efforts to seek these realms as much as possible, without needing or missing them because again; you’re meant to anchor these realms unto your Earthly experience, and you’re meant to bridge the dimensions between what you experience on Earth and what lays beyond.

The swirling energies many of you are beginning to feel as you lay your heads down for sleep at night are only to intensify in terms of the blatant effects they’ll have upon you, and in the immediate future as your ascension process kicks into a noticeably high gear, you’ll begin to notice and feel your various chakras as they come online and begin spinning with exponential force and speed.

You’ll feel your chakras as they open-up and come online, and those on your world who are unawakened may begin to feel this as well; despite the extent to which the cabals have attempted to keep humanity in states of poor health (and unawareness) with the food, drinks and stimulation you’re nearly-constantly given.

Even many of those who are unawakened will begin to find and notice their chakras opening up and when this happens for those around you, you can help to inform them of what’s really happening with their bodies and with the planet at this time.

We would recommend presenting your ideals in the most balanced and neutral way possible; in an effort to help those around you understand that what you believe isn’t based in a hollow ideal or in something un-relatable to the rest of humanity and is in fact, important for each one of you to understand.

Your evolution is important for you to understand, because one cannot go-about and properly work to complete a process they have no knowledge of. The fact that souls on your world continue with their lower-dimensional ventures while their bodies and spirits are evolving, breeds a desire on our end to assist you all with your evolution and to make you aware of such evolution in mass numbers.

To that extent, we and many of you have taken incarnations on the Earth a plethora of times, and we’ll indeed be making ourselves known on your world when the time is right and the collective vibrations allow for our presence. This is similar to the rhetoric that’s been given by our dear Galactic counterparts.

We specifically will be able to be with you to help humanity understand our teachings, just as your Galactic brethren will be with you to help you understand their prevalent presence all around your planet for centuries and indeed even longer, as well as the technology they’ll have for you.

(These technologies) will largely help mitigate any potentially-devastating Earth changes, into changes that don’t affect the collective of humanity in too bold of ways.

Gaia has cleansing and releasing to perform and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we encourage you all to commune with Gaia in every moment you feel you can.

Make an effort to connect with the spirit of Gaia if you resonate with Her energies and wish to communicate with Her after existing on Her planetary structure for so long; as she, like we, feels the strongest and purest of Love for you dear souls.

This Love is simply unbridled, and is not going anywhere. Rather, it is to grow in influence until every last dear human on your world is awake and is integrating the Divine into every aspect of their existence.”

Thank you to the Ascended Masters. (…)

Now, for this week’s Reader’s Question

Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know of the potential power we can utilize for the good, by putting positive focus on many aspects of our current society.

“Hi Wes,

I’ve heard a lot lately that fighting against anything only gives it more energy. I find that too often be the case (e.g., the re-election of GW Bush when many of us said “anyone but him”). In many cases, too, this is exactly what the Cabal & their supporters want – everyone fighting each other. We’ve all heard that they support both sides in a war and it rings true to me.

What are your thoughts on this? Maybe if we focused all of our positive energies on the replacement thought … and then only send LOVE to what we think of as the “other side?”

Many thanks!”

What a great idea! We’ve heard about the worldwide meditations that have taken place which seemed to drastically improve the consciousness of the planet, even if only for a moment. Most of us know by this point that what we focus on is magnified exponentially, and as our personal and collective power is growing as much as it is in this time, just where we put our focus will decide just what gets magnified.

Just as is so with the actions of the cabals, if we focus on negativity, heartbreak, disappointment, etc. than we’re only going to magnify those things (which I’m learning fruitfully at present).

However, if we focus on Love and the Divinity of our existence, than that will naturally be magnified and while difficulty would still come up and attempt to test our center and resolve, the Love we’ll have long focused on and magnified will remain by our side.

If we could collectively focus ourselves on Love and joy for even a moment, we could do great things on the world stage indeed. If every individual person could find it in themselves, even if only for a moment, to enable joy, happiness and Love in themselves (while sending those energies to the “dark side”) and to focus on those things and be thankful for them; the entire collective would be able to find such things much easier.

As a society, we tend to focus on or outline the bad without seeing that there’s good in everything.

I’ve been having the same feud nearly over and over again with my dear wife, who enjoys watching the “Lifetime” movies wherein the lead character usually undergoes an immense or ridiculous type of darkness or struggle, only to come out triumphant at the end of the movie.

She enjoys the triumph and seeing Light emerge out of the darkness usually highlighted at the beginning of the movies, and I tend to stamp my feet and get in a tizzy over the initial darkness (because, understandably perhaps, I don’t want to be subjected to it).

Even I’m learning that just what we focus on will determine what we Create and for me, it’s a particularly difficult lesson.

Our ultimate task is to understand and come to a place of acceptance over the fact that what we perceive as darkness or lower-dimensionality, is here on this planet. It’s here, with us right now.

And it’s been with us for ages; it’s simply that now, an ever-growing number of souls are finding the Light and looking toward that Light to dispel the darkness that’s been prevalent and established for far too long.

It’s time to learn that it’s us who are meant to dispel this darkness (by using our natural Light and by not letting darkness get us down) and just as our reader suggested, one of the best ways we can do that is to focus our Light on what we perceive to be darkness in every form it’s come about (such as the cabals), rather than focusing on the darkness or highlighting it.

Personally; I do tend to highlight what I perceive to be darkness, if it comes my way.

With those aforementioned movies, for example – if and when any initial pain, lust or any other forms of what I perceive to be darkness are expressed, I’ll tune-out instantly or even let them bring me down, at times. I’ll let that perceived darkness funnel itself into my psyche and actually affect my mood which, of course, only empowers it.

It we let-in what we perceive to be darkness and if we let it affect us to extreme heights, then of course, our perception of it will only grow per the natural Law of Attraction. Perhaps the next time any of us are subject to perceived darkness, we can do just as our reader suggested and, rather than letting it get us down, shine our perceptive Light onto it and work to transmute the prevalent energies that have fed it for so very long.

Confronting the darkness and lower-dimensionality of this world as we perceive it, is one of the biggest aims of we Lightworkers who’ve incarnated here. It’s also among the most difficult of tasks; as many of us have come from Lighted dimensions wherein suffering or negativity of any kind simply can’t exist.

Because of our origins, if we let it, the darkness can indeed run us over and see us become conduits for it. However, that natural Light we’ve been blessed with as we made our ways to this Earth, will see us very easily able to transmute the prevalent lower vibrations, in every form they’ve come about.

In short – I very much agree with our reader’s idea, and will make my attempts to put it into play in my personal Life.

Many thanks to our dear reader, who’s actually helped me out quite a lot today with her idea.

This concludes this week’s Reader’s Question.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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