A Spiritual Revolution: The Necessity of Peace

I’d like to explore the idea of peace being an absolute and essential aspect of humanity’s spiritual revolution.

A friend brought up the fair point that a massive amount of awakening individuals arising and standing up to the current power structures in place could potentially herald violence. As I said in a previous writing, the very idea of a violent revolution or one attained in anything other than peaceful ways is not the type of revolution I wish to help incite.

I’m ready to go against the curve, to take the road less traveled and be a part of a revolution enacted in peaceful ways, rather than violent ones. When we can understand just what we can accomplish as a united, collective body, our strength in numbers will be too apparent for the need for violence to even arise, in my opinion.

Of course, we’ll need to coherently organize the various factions of the overall revolution we wish to ignite, to see that violence doesn’t arise and the actions of those who’ve awakened don’t get out of hand.

We can ignite revolution without any bit of violence, as long as we take responsibility for the enormity of what we’re doing and utilize oversight to see that we’re all organized, all across the planet. We need to make sure we’re all working toward the same peaceful, harmonious future, and an aspect of doing so will be spreading and gaining credence for the overall message of attaining peace in peaceful ways.

If I can be a bit blunt with my opinion, peace simply can’t be attained in violent ways. Even if we were to violently arise and uproot those who’ve oppressed us with such violence, the actual problem that those individuals have fed-into won’t go away.

The peace we wish to spread across this land will only be temporary if it’s attained in violent ways, as the mindset of being rewarded for violence and thus violence being a necessity to uproot oppression will be fed and reinforced.

With such a mindset enforced on a collective level, we’d only continue to fall into the traps of enslavement until we “get it right” and work to rise up in peaceful ways. This is one reason that the peaceful message we wish to spread and the peaceful yet assertive ways we will spread such a message will be stressed continually throughout the organizing of our revolution.

No matter whom the idea of this revolution spreads to or the violent means some may wish to take to aid our revolution, the strongest aspect of it will forever be a peaceful assertion of our rights as a united, collective body.

I’m very much of the opinion that we’re all meant to take the reins from the cabal in this time, and I feel that the most important part of doing so is for us all to unite and arise. The cabals haven’t wanted us to come together and convene as a collective on the various ways we can assert ourselves, and uproot them with our sheer strength in numbers.

The society many of us wish to build will adhere to the ideals of peace, abundance and prosperity for every person. As these are basic ideals that likely resonate with the majority of people on this world, it’s time for us all to unite and stand up for them, in the face of power structures put in place to keep others down.

We’ve been taught to believe in divisiveness for so long, and this is due to the cabals’ desire to make sure we’re always kept separated, so that we don’t understand our oneness and the massive strength we possess as a collective body. Even they know that if every last one of us stood-up and proclaimed our sovereignty while beginning to build a new society beyond the limitations imposed onto us, they’d be powerless to stop us.

We wouldn’t need to look toward disclosure (though it would likely happen soon after) or a Galactic uprooting of the cabal. We wouldn’t need any form of violence to display our strength in numbers and the fact that we can come together to build a brimming society in alignment with the aforementioned ideals.

Upon getting truly motivated and working to spread the message of the higher realms to every last person on this Earth, we’ll ignite the full-on spiritual revolution that’ll lead to the establishment of our Galactic society. We’ll encourage every person who we’ll help make aware to stand up for themselves and their ordained rights as citizens of this planet and along the way, we’ll continually encourage and reinforce the idea of arising peacefully, rather than violently.

It’s time to set ourselves apart from many of the revolutionaries of our past. It’s time to establish and feed peace on a widespread level, and it’s time for every last one of us to become actively involved in running this Earth.

The time has come – and it’s plain to see.

Wes Annac – Adding a peaceful connotation to the idea of the “warrior”



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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5 thoughts on “A Spiritual Revolution: The Necessity of Peace

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_G-20_Toronto_summit_protests

    This is a link to a report about riots in Toronto in 2010. There was a lot of inffformation going around at that time about controller-hired rioters that were set up to try to turn the protest into something violent. The hope is to poison regular people’s minds against the value – and safety – of protesting. As this article shows there is a lot of ‘monkey business’ behind the scenes trying to paint protesters as violent. Pat


  2. That is why it is better to march for something rather than against something. For example, the energy behind a PRO-PEACE rally is much more conducive to change than an ANTI-WAR rally.


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