Personal Update, June 13: Things are Moving Along


002blackGosh, I’ve been so busy with the usual daily and weekly tasks that it’s nearly slipped my mind to update you dear readers about the house you’ve helped us to purchase.

The short version of things is that everything is moving along at a pretty good pace. We’ve spoken with the town our home-to-be is in about everything we’ll need to do before we can move in, and we already have an electrician who’s agreed to fix the electrical problems for a good price.

We’re looking at a plumber from a few towns over to fix the waterlines and anything else in that avenue that’ll need to be fixed, and we’re hoping to get a good price on that as well. As some of the pictures we’ll provide may show, the yard, while very beautiful, is quite overgrown.

We’ve added the tasks of immense yard-work and working in the house itself to our weekly ritual, and I have to say, the work we’ve done already has left me with a sense of satisfaction and completion that’s just unprecedented.

It’s felt good to get out and work in the yard; as even though I’ve had to do things like cut overgrown bushes and trees back (with respect, Love and gratitude for their spirits), there’s a sense of communion with the land that one can’t achieve as purely in a basement.

We’ve been at the home almost every day doing various different types of work that needs to be done, and our electrical guy is planned to come out and start some work within the week.

We certainly understand the expressed concerns in some of you that this home is to be a money pit, not worth our time, etc. but it truly seems as if things are working out and various things are falling into place gracefully, ensuring our ability to fully-repair and move into this home.

I also continue to de-stress about money-related issues, as I see that what we’ve known as money or abundance is a tangible energy that, if treated respectfully and in a balanced manner and if the necessary work is put in, we can attract to ourselves tenfold.

My family and I know that we’ll only continue to be blessed by Source, and we cannot thank you dear readers enough for the immense support, Love and concern you’ve given. We quite enjoy working in our soon-to-be home, and the fairly-big and nature-filled yard has proven already to offer spiritual, meditative nourishment.

I’ll continue to give updates as things unfold and for now, everything’s copasetic. I’m learning the value of and the wholeness provided by hard work, as I feel the satisfaction bred from getting things done and communing with the home and land around me in the process. For me and for all of you, it’s happy times from here on out.

Much Love all,


Pictures from the house and the back yard:

The deck and some of the beautiful nature in our yard

The deck and some of the beautiful nature in our yard


The plants up against the back deck, taken at night

The livingroom

The living room

The bathroom

The bathroom


Looking out into the beautiful back yard

Looking out into the beautiful back yard


The kitchen

The kitchen

One of the rooms

One of the bedrooms

6 thoughts on “Personal Update, June 13: Things are Moving Along

  1. Wes,

    I’ve been wondering how things turned out. I am so happy for you all. I had the concern that the house may have had too many things wrong with it than you would be able to afford to repair. I chose not to voice that thought and held that things would work out as they should. Many blessings!


  2. Your home and property are beautiful! I just know that you are going to enjoy it immensely and, yes, the money will come and you’ll be able to do whatever repairs you need. Then, in the not too distant future, you can decorate and re-do whatever you like at whatever pace you choose. It’s all good 🙂 God Bless!


  3. Hi Wess, look at the bright side, you can fix it up so it can be truly YOUR home.
    As for money (any given thing can bring only a certain amount of money), get an extra income from somewere were you do not get involved to much in a process, cab driver at nights or a week ends is a good example.


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