Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 46th Issue – Weekly News and the Channeled Bits

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the forty-sixth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the record-breaking year for UFO sightings in Canada that was 2012, as well as the recent official talks agreed-to by North and South Korea.

We’ll also absorb updates from SanJAsKa and the Ascended Masters; we’ll bless representations of people addicted to hard drugs during our astral travels; and we’ll continue where we left off with our reader’s four questions from last week.

To begin for this week – it’s being reported by the Huffington Post that UFO sightings in Canada doubled in 2012. (1)

Last year saw the largest amount of UFO sightings in Canada in our recent history, with 1,981 sightings reported throughout the year. (1)

That’s truly an incredible number. Though the referenced source of this news does dispute the validity of more than a certain small percentage of such sightings, I’m of the belief that we’re not only being given more genuine sightings and visitations from the benevolent Galactics, but that more people are also noticing the advanced, secretive craft the cabals have built.

Along with the advanced technology on our planet in the form of the Galactics’ ships and their other gadgets, which we’re told are cloaked in our skies en masse in this very moment; technology more advanced than what humanity currently fathoms has been created and used by the cabals for nearly a century.

This technology could be seen as ancient in the face of that possessed by the Galactics but nevertheless, it’s advanced compared to humanity’s current standards. In short – it seems that people are waking up every day and, just as the referenced article suggested, are “looking to the skies more than ever”, (1).

At the very least, they were in 2012.

It’s interesting that 2012, a year we’d long heard was very important to the evolution of humanity, saw a spike in the number of sightings of genuine benevolent Galactic craft as well as secretive cabal-invented craft, in Canada.

I’d imagine plenty of other countries experienced quite a bit of genuine as well as physically-explainable sightings last year and this year and as we’ve been told, every last sighting we’re given is intended to open us up personally to the very concepts humanity has chosen to ourselves away from or treat as fantasy.

The benevolent Galactic humans around our planet who’s existence have been suppressed and laughed-away, have made and continue to make attempts to show us they’re here but due to that ever-tricky freewill of ours, cannot intervene and make themselves known in too bold of ways.

Were they to appear blatantly before humanity without first taking more subtle measures to attempt to make themselves known, they could face fear, hatred and a bold uprooting of the comfort of the entirety of our Earth. They’ve been as careful as they can be with not overwhelming humanity, and this is largely why genuine sightings of genuine Galactic craft are able to be laughed-away or not believed-in.

The catch-22 in play is that as long as blatant measures aren’t taken by the Galactic humans around our planet to make themselves known, very few people on this world will believe they’re real or here. Our collective has proven to need absolute, concrete, put-it-in-front-of-our-faces physical proof before we’re willing to believe anything, but we just don’t realize how unready we are for such a blatant happening.

We don’t understand, even those of us who are awakening and becoming more accepting of the idea, that we would have more difficult of a time actually adjusting to something as blatant as a fabled White House Lawn-landing, than we may expect. Collectively, we must open ourselves up to the idea that the visitors to our planet are not only friendly, but are so friendly they choose not to appear before us when they know we can’t handle it.

Consider that the existence of these beings has been suppressed by entities within the Military Industrial Complex and in our governments, and that the very idea of their existence has been drilled into humanity’s minds and hearts in a very invasive, fearful manner with the majority of media surrounding the topic.

Consider that they deliver the boldest sightings they can to people who just happen to have cameras nearby or a good memory to report what they saw, and that they allow us to draw our own conclusions when hearing about such sightings, because again; we have the freewill to believe whatever we wish.

As long as humanity hides ourselves away from the very idea of all of this, we’ll forever enforce the veil that will only keep us and our Galactic Family apart.


This week’ news links:

(1)- “UFO Sightings In Canada Doubled In 2012, Breaking Previous Record” (Originally posted to the Huffington Post by Lee Speigel.) at:

(2)- “North and South Korea Agree to Talks” (Thanks to the Golden Age of Gaia) at:

This concludes our Weekly News.

Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates

Our first message this week comes to us from SanJAsKa.

In this message, SanJAsKa discusses the barring of negatively-inclined forces from the Earth; increased ship-sightings and understandings about the Galactics on the part of humanity; and the various, sacred ways in which people have found the higher dimensions.

“Streams of pure energy are making their way to you now, and for those of you who continue to meet the same old Earthly struggles and difficulties, we wish for you to know that the Divine is closer to you than it has ever been.

We feel the strongest of Love for every last one of you absorbing this communication, and this Love breeds a desire to assist you along your personal evolution processes.

Our creed for so very long has been to serve others along their evolutionary growth and to that extent, we have helped numerous civilizations in your Earthly history to find the purer states of consciousness they were destined to reach when we made our presence known.

The negatively-inclined off-world souls have indeed made contacts on your world in the past, but their presence is no longer allotted on the surface of your Earth. Rather, each and every Galactic soul and race actively involved in the ascension of the Earth is watching your planet very closely, and we are indeed with you in your skies and even on your ground at times.

We must be careful when we land on your ground and find ourselves existing directly on your surface, because we are fifth-dimensional beings and as such, the vibrations of the Earth can weigh us down if we don’t take precautions when landing on your surface.

We don’t find ourselves on your surface quite often and rather, we spend most of our time in your skies, helping to mitigate and neutralize pollution and making ourselves known to those of you who are to play immensely-important roles of representing us in your immediate future.

The coming of summer and winter on both hemispheres of your world will bring increased sightings, as well as an increasing understanding in the collective of humanity that we souls and a plethora of others from the higher realms are here and are actively interested in an evolution you haven’t been told about.

You haven’t been told about your ordained evolution, because the cabals have wanted you dear souls to remain unaware of the wondrous evolutionary event that’s been set to occur at various different time periods in your recent history.

Your year 2000 was an original marker for your collective ascension, but the influence of the cabals and the grip they’ve maintained upon your collective influence pushed-back your ascension. We want as many souls as possible to be able to evolve, and the number of souls who would’ve been ready for an evolution at the beginning of your millennium was much smaller than it is now.

Indeed, this number is to grow and grow as more souls become aware of the existence of the higher dimensions and your entrance into them as a collective, and we will forever be here to help each one of you along your personal processes.

Your processes have included meeting the difficulty discussed above, and we wish to stress that everything occurring is catalytic and necessary for your ultimate growth away from the lower dimensions.

Some of you will find new relationships beginning to be forged with like-minded souls, and some of you will find that previous relationships you’d thought were extinguished, return to you in newer ways.

You’re tasked with awakening and uplifting the minds and hearts of humanity and as such, even former relationships that no longer resonated with many of you will return to you in ways that make allowance for the fact that you’ve integrated a greater understanding of Life and the existence around you, into your personal Life and beliefs.

While much of the religion fed on your world has been used as a means to control the populace, we do indeed rejoice when any individual soul finds any link to spirit that works for them. Some souls find their links through religion, while others find theirs through natural spirituality and an understanding of the oneness of every person they find around them.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that regardless of the manner in which one has discovered the higher realms, if they seek to cultivate the Divine qualities as a result of their beliefs than they are on the right track indeed.

We Love you all so very much, and this Love we speak of is being picked-up on and expanded-upon exponentially by each one of you; even in this very moment.”

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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