A Spiritual Revolution: Getting to Work on Cultivating Peace


RevolutionDuring a communication I was blessed to have with the Pleiadians recently (I’ll admit I channel quite a lot) they discussed a subject that I’d like to explore a bit here. It’s a subject I believe to be immensely-important to our evolution as a species and specifically, to our standing up to the forces of darkness and Creating a society more in the interests of every sovereign human being.

The subject they discussed was peaceful, spiritual revolution.

I’ve already begun to discuss this subject with my previous writing on it, though the term I used was “humanity’s spiritual uprising”. As both terms essentially describe the same thing, I’d like to take a look at the very idea of rising up as an awakened collective body and asserting ourselves to the current power structures in place.

The term “revolution” is quite powerful.

If one looks at how plenty of revolutions have been started in our past, one sees that, in many cases, war has been involved, be it war derived from the people standing up to their oppressors, or from the oppressors inciting false revolutions in an effort to gain more control over the people when encouraging revolution.

Any ideas of a bloody or violent revolution are vastly out of alignment with the paradigm I personally feel we’re entering into, and I can imagine most of you reading this would agree. Keeping that in mind, now’s a better time than ever to stand up to the forces that have infiltrated our governments, militaries and plenty of other institutions, to proclaim our sovereignty from their perceived “rein”.

I speak of the Powers that Were: the cabals; whatever one wishes to call the individuals who’ve worked to keep humanity stuck in states of unawareness and resulting subservience.

I speak of those who’ve kept the average person stuck in a system of perpetual debt, and who’ve covered-up and hidden the overwhelming majority of our history. I speak of those who’ve kept humanity in the industrial age by suppressing advanced technologies that will lead us into an era of collective peace, cooperation and harmony.

I speak of those who’ve orchestrated mass pandemics and natural disasters; all to distract humanity from what they’ve been doing and to keep devastation fed on a widespread level. I speak of those who are responsible for keeping clean food and water from starving and thirsty people, and who’ve vastly polluted the food and water most of us consume.

It’s time for these individuals to know that their perceived reign on this world has come to and end and that we the people, rather than a celestial force or entity, will be the ones to uproot them from their positions of power.

It’s time for us to collectively arise and proclaim our sovereignty from tyranny in the most peaceful yet assertive ways possible, and our strength in numbers is much more powerful than we would be led to believe.

I’m of the opinion that if every last one of us stands together as a strong, collective body, then we won’t need violence to assert ourselves and we’ll be able to work out the clear message we wish to spread and aptly work to spread it.

We can end starvation on a massive level on this planet.

We can stop the brutal treatment of women and children in so many countries.

We can put a stop to the suppression of abundance and clean food and water in so many countries whose citizens, in many cases, also have to deal with tyrannical rulers and despots who brutally control them.

We can put an end to the reign of tyrannical leaders who’ve been put into “figurehead” positions (yet powerful positions nonetheless) in an effort to control the public and to distract us from who’ve really been running things.

There are so many things we can do in this very moment and, indeed, we can all do them in peaceful yet incredibly-assertive ways. Imagine every last awakening human being “taking to the streets” as it were; utilizing peaceful protest or any other means to let the current power structures in place know that we’re ready for a real change.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of our peaceful revolution will be for every last one of us to begin forming into groups, to discuss the various ways we’ll spread the clear message we’ll neatly formulate.

When every last one of us can form into individual groups with a clear message to spread and then merge those groups – we’ll create a very powerful collective network of awakening people who are ready for true yet peaceful revolution. The work is here to be done and personally, I’m happy to be on this Earth to do it; but I can’t do it alone.

Every last one of you reading this must work with as much of yourselves as possible, in any ways you can, on humanity’s spiritual revolution.

Upon getting into groups and working out the template for our revolution, we can perhaps unite with other protest groups working for the betterment and advancement of humanity in their own ways.

With every last one of us actively involved in the restoration of the Earth and in purging the cabals’ influence and “reign”, we will move mountains and bring about the strongest and most positive changes this world has ever seen.

Beyond the work needing to be done in our outward reality to spark a peaceful revolution and bring about real change, we must see to it that we’re in alignment with the qualities of the New Earth we’re ultimately working toward.

If we wish to build and be a part of a new paradigm, it’s important for us to actively monitor our actions and to see when they’re out of alignment with how we want our society to function.

It’s been said that any expected outward change must first come from within, and if we’re going to build upon the greatest spiritual revolution humanity has ever seen, than it’s important for our own actions to resonate with what we wish to build.

This is one reason I personally don’t resonate with the idea of a violent revolution, as mentioned above.

Warfare, even if it’s against the people who’ve oppressed us, will only feed the gruesome and low vibrations we’re ready to move away from. If we wish to ignite revolution, we must recognize our strength in numbers and we must see as well that what we feed, individually or collectively, determines the experience we’ll have.

It’s long been said that our thoughts, actions and emotions are registered onto a collective grid of energy that helps determine what happens on the world stage. Recognizing this, we can make sure our thoughts and actions are in alignment with the peace and Love so many of us want to see grow.

Ultimately, we’re working to see the higher dimensions anchored unto this Earth as we subsequently grow toward them. When we can closely monitor every action, thought and emotion we give out and actively work to be in alignment with the Divine qualities in every moment, the collective vibrations will benefit immensely.

Nurturing and feeling peace within will naturally see its influence grow because we’ll be tasked with helping the collective understand the importance of peace and every other Divine quality we wish to see everybody cultivate.

While many religions on our world have enforced dogma and attempted to control humanity in so many ways, what we’ll establish will teach liberation and sovereignty for every person. The only “rules” we may live by are those that should be taken as a given in our society and overall, one of the biggest things humanity will benefit from changing is the amount of respect and Love we show for our fellow man.

As the revolution we’ll ignite won’t be based in dogma or in making a person act a certain way, our aim won’t be to attempt to enforce peace and cooperation. If humanity doesn’t want to come together and cultivate peace amongst each other, than there’s little we’ll be able to do but as we’ve heard, the influence of peace and Love is growing.

That means every person on this Earth is learning to let the very idea of peace in, and to start practicing it in their lives. Peace is, of course, a simple aspect of the overall Divinity we wish to express in every moment and with our non-forceful yet educative efforts, every aspect of the Divine existence we wish to re-find will be understood by everyone.

It is for this reason we’ll have to worry little about having to “enforce” the basic ways to live and treat those around us. The consciousness of our collective is growing as the Light being beamed our way continues to increase in purity and as such, every person will find an individual cultivation of peace and so much more.

Despite that the rising energy levels will help humanity awaken to the importance of employing peace, harmony and cooperation, it’s important for us to remain as active as ever in spreading the message of peace and in attempting to ignite peaceful revolution in the most assertive ways we possibly can.

I’ll continue to do my part by writing out the inspiration I’ll only continue to feel, but it’s essential for every last one of you to get together and expand upon every last aspect of what I and others have written concerning our spiritual revolution.

There are innumerable facets of the initiating of this revolution for us to actively focus on and discuss and again; the fruitful work is here to be done and is ready to see our eagerness to do it, grow.

Wes Annac – Rubbing two sticks together to spark the flame of revolution



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11 thoughts on “A Spiritual Revolution: Getting to Work on Cultivating Peace

  1. I think the peaceful March Against Monsanto on the 25th of May showed everyone that we can stand up for what is right and do so peacefully – exactly what you are saying. Even though the mainstream media didn’t cover it one bit, everyone still knew. That’s all that mattered 🙂 We’re on a roll. It’s called self-empowerment, and that’s good!


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  3. Ron Paul is talking about the same thing and since cabal would not let him into the office I believe he opened up a University to teach those value to a yang generation:). I believe his yang supporters call themselves a “grass roots” 🙂 it is on his website 🙂
    Thank you for your article 🙂


  4. By the way Occupy movement already had done all that; they have brought up the attention to all those matters worldwide.
    Human beings are starting to wake up now from their oppressed states of conciseness. This is the real cause of the problem sort to speak (plus the fact that this Planet was put to sleep by the different occult activities) is a human being and his choice and what it can lead to, it is about personal honesty and morality, about personal responsibility and respect starting with one self and then this respect is been projected into another person, among many other things. See if every individual would awaken (or every other one) the problems that we have now would stop existing. Right now majority of the population living in state of fear with victim conciseness being intact.
    WHY did that happened on a first place?
    Think about it 🙂


  5. Hi Wes,

    Some people say that the Earth is about to go through some major changes (physical one of course – earthquakes, expansions, lands falling into the Sea & new ones coming out of it etc etc).

    Have your Pleiadian contacts mentioned to you, anything of that nature ?



    • Hello Anon,

      Yes, the Pleiadians and a host of other ascended souls have mentioned the “Earth Changes” scenario before, and have reassured us that no devastation or widespread loss of Life is to occur as a result of the changes Gaia needs to make. Rather, the collective of humanity will be able to mitigate and cleanse altogether, many of such changes with the help of the technology we’ll be given, which has been suppressed on this planet for decades.

      In short – there’s nothing to worry about in regards to “Earth Changes”. Gaia does need to “move around” a bit, but we’ll be able to mitigate any negative consequences of such moving-around.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  6. Hey Wes,

    Thanks for all your work and congrats on wedding and house. Last week I was thinking along the same lines as this article. I sign a lot of petitions from various organizations about political and environmental issues , but none about disclosure or spiritual matters. Maybe we, the Lightworkers, Wanderers, Starseeds and other awakened souls could organize under a single “heading” around the unifying concepts of the Law of One. There are a lot of good spiritual oganizations and websites out there but we need unification in the physical to accelerate the positive change we all wish to see. Lets do this! gotta go this is my 3rd attempt at my 1st comment-pc or site jammed?

    Thanks, Steve


    • Steve,

      This is a very great idea – a unified network of Lightworkers and awakening souls. I’ve (and I’m sure you’ve) noticed the seeming division between some Lightworker “camps” and in this day and age, it’s time for us all to come together. I’m all for your idea!!

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  7. So so grateful. Thank you so much!! This resonated with the fibers of my being. Be the peace you want to see in the world. I am ready to do my part. Together. I affirm it. Blessings to you, dear friend.


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