Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 44th Issue – The Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the forty-fourth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I will discuss an unsurprising admission from the “discoverer” of ADHD.

We will also absorb an update from SanJAsKa; we will bless representations of people stuck in 9-to-5 ways of Living during our astral travels; and I will answer a reader’s question about purging the influence of lower entities when connecting with one’s higher self.


Now, for this week’s Channeled Updates

This week, we will hear solely from SanJAsKa.

In this message, SanJAsKa discusses the fourth dimensional lessons humanity is being given; our growing connection to the realms of spirit that will never dissipate or fade; the false assumption that anything unable to be physically studied must not be real; not worrying of time-related matters; and the disclosure announcements, which we are told will have to be picked up on by the mainstream media if they are to gain credence with the unawakened collective.

“Knowledge and Love are growing exponentially in the minds and hearts of the awakening humanity, and every one of you possess the fruitful knowledge and understanding within that will help you to see and feel when your own perceptions of the realms of spirituality are beginning to grow.

You are learning to Master the various facets of your Lives you have taken on the Earth experience to understand in deeper and greater ways, and you are learning plentiful lessons while at the same time, greeting an Earth experience that will test you and your faith and resolve to remain within your ever-important higher dimensional centers.

Every one of you has been given lessons of balance, and the lessons we speak of are certainly not localized to the select few. Every single Earth soul, whether they are awakening or not, are currently being given fourth dimensional lessons of balance and compassion; though many souls on your world are still too caught up with the illusory aspects of their experience to understand that there is a greater planning of their Lives at work.

We in the higher realms have been more than focused on the experiences you on the Earth are having, because everything you do and experience is much more important than you may initially think and absolutely everything that happens in your Lives has and will happen for a very specific and ordained, Divine reason.

Your connection with the realms of spirit is growing in every moment, though we know for some of you it does not feel to be so.

We ask for each one of you to scrap your worries, concerns or fears that your connection with the higher realms will somehow fade or will not be as accessible to you at some point during your Earthly experiences as it has been until now, because your growing perceptions of the higher dimensions and we souls existing in them is just that, and will only continue to intensify as you find yourselves greeting our realms in much purer ways.

You are on the Earth to assist a collective that has been more than lost in the lower ways of separation and disharmony, and your job is to quite literally act as bridgers of the higher dimensions for those around you on your dear planet to be able to traverse.

You are providing a literal energetic bridge for those around you to be able to cross when they are ready and previously, they had no idea such bridge could even exist between your realms and the higher realms; because too many dear unaware souls still do not understand that the realms we are speaking to you from even exist.

While mainstream science has worked to understand the physical reality around you, a miscommunication has been brought forth within such a community in the assumption that there can be no realms beyond the physical because our realms have not been studied or physically “discovered” by your scientists.

These realms have not been physically discovered because they exist outside of humanity’s physical concepts but dear souls, this certainly does not make them any less real. Rather, these realms are much realer than even your physical realm; in that your physical realm was bred from ours and likewise, our realms were bred from even purer realms of our Creator’s grand and omnipotent dimensional structure.

While we can feel that so many of you are more than ready to make your way back to the higher dimensions, we must remind you that you have purposefully come to the Earth on an ordained mission and that your mission has included staying on the Earth and within the perceptual constraints the limited Earthly experience has to offer, in the name of serving humanity by allowing your Light and the accompanying truth you can feel bubbling up within you, to shine forth in the most wondrous and unprecedented of ways.

All of humanity is to benefit from the Light you the awakening public is putting out and for this and many other reasons, we ask you to continue on and intensify your Light giving if at all possible. This is why you have come to the Earth, dearest souls, and Gaia could use your natural Light more than ever if She is to assimilate and absorb enough Heavenly Light for Her surface to reach the fifth dimension.

The awakening humanity will continue to reach individual and collective strides along your growth and while some of you feel depleted and as if what you experience is never going to let up in terms of the difficulty accompanying it; we know you can feel deep down that you are being Divinely led and guided and that any worries or concerns are simply illusory in the face of the experience you are growing toward.

We ask you not to worry of time-related events and things that take your focus away from the imminent moment of Now and the work you are intended to be doing as truly, the most important aspect of the ascension of the Earth is the individual focus and work put out by every dear awakening soul to assist in such an ascension.

To that extent, we note with joy and Love that so many of you have committed yourselves to working more actively than ever to help bring about Gaia’s ascension and to help inform as many around you as possible in doing so.

The unawakened collective around you truly deserve to be awakened to the truth and reality of their existence; it is simply that many unaware souls are too immersed in their physical Lives to gain an interest or belief in the concepts so many of you have so adamantly studied. Many souls on your Earth are simply too immersed in the current physical experience they are having and will not initially be opened up to the truth of our existence and again, the truth of the existence of realms beyond your conscious understanding.

This is why many of these truths will simply need to come out in your mainstream media if the unawakened humanity is going to understand and absorb much of what we have for you.

Much of humanity is still fixated upon and trusting of your mainstream media, and it is because of this that when the initial disclosures are given they will have to be televised and picked-up by your mainstream media.

Even the perceptions of the unawakened humanity are growing moment by moment, and this is largely because of the efforts of you dear Lightworkers and incarnate starseeds in spreading your Light and performing the aforementioned Lightwork that is truly having a greater effect upon Gaia than we could currently express and have you understand.

Specifically, you dear souls have performed astral travels to aide in the Lightwork being performed for Gaia in the realms beyond Her physical, and the immense Light you have been radiating and sharing is doing so very much good and is aiding in the ascension of dearest Earth so exponentially, and we ask for you dear souls to allow yourselves to feel the good that you are doing and to know that it is truly real.

Your efforts have certainly not been in vain, and everything you’ve done that is of a metaphysical or seemingly-unreal nature is truly more real than could be expressed and likewise, is doing more good for the planet and for humanity than could yet be expressed.

There is so very much happening at present; in your physical reality and in the realms beyond your conscious understanding and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we encourage every one of you reading this to work to find your own personal connection with us, for we are here and we are actively ready and willing to communicate with any dear Earthly soul who resonates with our energies and communications.

We will only continue to be here for you dear souls and contrary to the fear in some that our energies or communications will simply “fade away”; your perceptions of us and our energies are only to grow stronger and stronger and as a result, we will only continue to be with you in purer and more intense ways.”

Thank you to SanJAsKa; this concludes this week’s Channeled Updates.


Now, for this week’s Reader’s Question

Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know how she can best protect herself from the influence of negative entities, while maintaining an assured connection with her higher self.

“Hello Dear Wes:

I’m happy to report that I have progressed in my meditation to enable access to my High Self!

This has brought much hope, purpose, joy, and peace to my life!

However, I have been experiencing setbacks with other entities stepping in claiming to be my High Self.

In addition, I have accidentally opened portals which allowed in a future dark entity intent on harming me.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a Godmother who is a Lightworker.

She has been able to assist in clearing the negative energies away.

I have also developed my own prayer of protection which I say before and after meditation, but it doesn’t always work!

My question is: How best can we clear negative energies from ourselves before meditations?

Second question: How do we ensure that we are talking to only our divine High Self?

Many thanks! In love and light”

Another great question from a reader who I’m happy to hear is developing a clear and pure line of connection to her higher self.

I should say first that in this very moment, the Light being given out by a plethora of Lightworkers intent on fully transmuting every aspect of the lower dimensions that have been prevalent on this Earth, is increasingly seeing to it that negative entities are unable to maintain an influence or step into our awareness in the ways they used to.

What I’m basically saying is that the problem our reader is having with this entity stepping in and posing as her higher self, will soon be a problem of the past. Nevertheless, it is good to remain vigilant against deceitful entities who would attempt to feed us lies about ourselves while posing as various entities they would expect us to trust.

This may not coalesce with our reader’s experience but speaking from my own, I can say that the energy of a negative entity is quite easy to spot in comparison to the pure energies we’re given from our guides and our higher self. We’ll get to some of the things about those entities’ energy that can be noticed and pointed out in a moment.

For now, I’ll say that it’s important and good that our reader is practicing an affirmation or prayer of sorts to keep any negative or misleading entities away.

It’s important to remember that while we’ve been cut off from the higher dimensions for quite a while and are for the most part, just beginning to re-access them; our connection with our higher selves specifically is among the strongest and purest of connections, and can begin to be accessed quite easily along the road of practicing nurturing such a connection as our dear reader is.

I too make an affirmation before channeling anything, that only beings of the purest Christed consciousness and intent be with me.

I continually affirm that the Lighted beings speaking through me offer solace and energetic protection from any negative or misleading beings, and the energetic difference between our higher selves and a negative energy is again, quite easy to discern when recognizing the mannerisms employed by lower beings.

For instance; a lower being will first come through in a seemingly-Loving way, and will offer up a specific label for you to know them by.

The “information” that they give may likely be shallow or may concern only aspects of our existence that don’t matter as much as other aspects. The shell of Love that the person the entit(ies) would attempt to deceive may initially resonate with, will gradually give way to more and more seeming negativity and criticism, and the entity would give outright false information that is purposely distorted.

I don’t want to take us too far down the rabbit hole of the various things that negative entities will do to accidently expose themselves for who they are but again; the very energy of these beings can be recognized and discerned and in my opinion, one of the most important things to know about the energy of lower beings looking to deceive is that it is very mind-centered.

This is why I mentioned above that these beings will, among outright misinforming, discuss subjects that are more hollow in the face of the higher dimensions we’re growing toward, and much of what they give will be mentally-focused or even based heavily in the old paradigm, but may be wrapped and presented in a way that is just barely “acceptable” enough in the mind of the person they’re attempting to deceive, to pass as legitimate.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the ways we can identify a negative entity based upon the mannerisms they will employ, let’s return to the aspect of this discussion concerning shielding oneself from these beings entirely.

Creating and employing some type of prayer or affirmation just as our reader did, is heavily recommended if one wishes to purge themselves of a negative entity.

Affirm that your real guides be with you and that the pure, heavenly and transmuting Light of Source be with you as well. Affirm to yourself and to the heavens that you are a portal for the strongest and purest of Light to come forth and when you can feel this pure power within you and know that it is real, worries of any quarrels with negative entities will fly right out the door.

This is because you will have recognized that you are a strong portal for the Light and as such, (while I certainly don’t recommend doing this) you could quite literally invite lower entities to attempt to present themselves to you because if they do, they will be almost fully entering a portal of transmutation that will change the negative and deceitful energy that has been driving them back into the pure vibrations of Source.

They certainly wouldn’t let us know this, but the negative entities on this planet in every form they’ve come about are starved of energy, and they’re scared.

They’re actually afraid of we Lightworkers when we are affirming and feeling our strongest of purity because not only can they not usurp our energy when we’re in such a state; they cannot deceive us or even come near us because of the fear of having the negativity that has driven them for so long completely transmuted.

It’s for this reason that at the very least, affirming and truly knowing your higher dimensional Light and power is real will largely ward-off these negative entities. It’s been said by channeled and terrestrial sources alike that where there is strong and pure Light, negativity or darkness simply cannot exist and especially cannot thrive by using deceit or any other lower dimensional tactic designed to fool and usurp the awakening humanity.

Overall, I would recommend keeping one’s body-temple as clear and pure as possible by eating/drinking healthy, exercising properly, etc. and continually affirming one’s personal higher dimensional strength and one’s connection to the higher realms where truly, no darkness can exist.

I’m going to throw this last bit of opinion into the mix, and it’s something I could go on a whole separate writing about: I strongly discourage the heavy use of alcohol by anybody who is having trouble with lower or negative entities.

This is because I’m of the opinion that alcohol use can actually lead one to being further exposed to negative entities or lower thought-forms who, while one’s inhibitions are taken away by the alcohol, will lead one to make poor decisions and choices that will affect their Lives negatively.

This opinion has in part come about because of the fact that with alcohol specifically, one always hears the stories of awful things people did because they were “too drunk to know what they were doing” and yet, one seldom seems to hear a story of somebody doing something immensely-positive when their inhibitions were completely wiped out because of alcohol use.

In my opinion, it seems that alcohol takes one’s better judgment away so that a lower entity can step in and make poor decisions that feed the lower realms but truly, my aim is not to seem preachy or anything of the sort with this opinion.

However, I feel it’s an opinion that’s proper to give when discussing the subject of warding-off the influence of lower beings, because I feel that the heavy use of alcohol is one of the ways those very lower beings maintain their ever-fading grip on humanity.

There are plenty of other ways they have maintained their grip and overall, I would stress to our reader not to worry of these lower beings deceiving you any longer.

Your sheer desire to rid yourself of them as much as possible and the actions you will put into play from here on out will see you more than able to either purge their influence completely or become a conduit of Light that is so strong, their negativity is instantly transmuted upon even attempting to connect with your sacred energies to deceive you.

As for the darker-inclined portal that has been opened; affirm that your guides and your higher self completely transmute and transform it, and turn it as well into the purest conduit for Light to come through. It is much easier than you may initially think and truly, transmutation of the lower energies and everything that’s fed them is what we’re largely here to do!

This concludes this week’s Reader’s Question.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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