Learning and Feeling Driven in the Aftermath


For background on this article, see “Final Update: Request for Assistance via Donations

I have a strong desire to communicate how I’m feeling in this moment, and some of what I say may be a result of inspiration I’m drawing-on from others. Having experienced what initially feels to be a crushing blow in the form of us being unable to get the house I have been discussing on the blog, I’m finding a plethora of different emotions swirling around within me.

There is the expected disappointment, heartbreak and anguish. I recognize that they are temporary and that I’m a spiritual being who can far surpass the states of consciousness where they would even be prevalent and yet, they seem quite fixed in me at present. They are attached to an overall heavy weight, and it’s a similar weight that has been mentioned by others as of late.

Again, those feelings are expected and I recognize that I will be processing them as I would any negative feelings garnered from what I perceive to be a negative outcome happening in my Life or at least, an outcome I didn’t expect or agree with. Rebellion against the Universe for having Created circumstances to play out as they have has been another expected feeling but really, trying to blame the Universe for this is futile.

The Universe does not Create our experience; we act in accordance with the Universe to bring about that which we desire in our Lives. However, the feeling of having been betrayed or being a victim in so many ways has arisen, and I recognize that it has risen as a part of the necessary cleansing of my own personal vasanas.

I’ve found so many things about the grueling wait for answers that has been these past few days, that I now recognize were making me as miserable as they were because they are all related to feelings I had as a child that I’ve never fully resolved until now. Don’t get me wrong; this will be and has been one of the hardest overall lessons for me to learn, and it seems to have come about in a very brazen way.

However, I see the necessity of every feeling that has arisen in the past few days. I now understand that it is all a part of the intense, difficult, heartbreaking, wondrous, unexpected and miraculous existence that is Living on Earth. The feeling has arisen that I should forget completely about the attachments that I had forged to the house, and I see that doing so would be burying emotions and feelings down which could come right back up during the next bouts of surfacing.

I’m certainly learning that this type of surfacing will only continue in bolder and more brazen ways, until we are familiar with and have transmuted every last bit of past and current-Life residue we’ve built up as we experienced the lower dimensional Earth. Of course, bitterness has also arisen toward those who did buy the house, and the feeling of me somehow being more worthy than them has arisen as well.

I recognize that such a feeling is greatly out of alignment with the truth as in reality, I am spirit; nothing more, nothing less. Being spirit makes me no more or less worthy of anything than another and yet, I see that I’ve traveled this whole endeavor with the mindset that my family and I were somehow more worthy or that it would absolutely work out for us, because we have spirit on our side.

I’m learning that having spirit on my side does not give me the home field advantage I had assumed it did, and can actually account for much of the necessary and catalytic difficulty I’ve experienced when acting out of alignment with my personal path or with the actions and intents of the higher dimensions I wish to grow back toward.

This does not mean having spirit on your side is a bad thing, of course, and it is actually the best thing you can have with you; it is simply that the Love you receive from spirit may be tough Love that is ultimately designed to benefit you in your growth.

I also recognize that as we were getting closer to finding out if our offer was to be accepted, I seemed to grow increasingly tired of the space we find ourselves in. We Live in a basement which, while cramped for a small family, has served us well up to this point and beyond the issues of space, I have never really had a problem with this place and have accepted it as the sacred space in which I’m allotted by spirit to eat, sleep, Live and perform my work.

However, I see now that my ego was finding things about this space to minimize, and the mindset of the space I’m currently in being “less than” flooded my perspective and allowed me to believe that where I am currently is not perfect. I see that this is not so, as I am growing into a perspective of seeing that everything is perfect, in every moment.

As I understand that I was minimizing the sacred space around me as well as allowing myself to feel self-righteous and sure of myself simply because of the spiritual power and energy I’ve come to find, I see now where the learning and growing is intended, and I see what I am asked to do.

I am asked to recognize the Divinity of this moment of Now rather than looking toward any future event and allowing myself to feel anxious or nervous for any reason, and I am asked to be in appreciation for the continual miracle spirit has offered my family and I, as we are able to eat every day; have a shelter over our heads; have food; shoes; the Love of those around us; and we are even able to get out and enjoy the serene nature the area around us has to offer.

Truly, we are blessed and we always have been. I allowed myself to forget about the blessings that have already been bestowed upon us and now, I’m seeing that the meek are indeed blessed and that fulfillment of the Self comes not from the outward circumstances in one’s Life being properly aligned to one’s liking, but from the growing and learning that brings us back to the natural realizations and understandings about how we can best Live and enjoy our Lives.

Recognizing and being thankful for what we have is not a cliché, and will rather bring us back to the understanding that the Life we are Living right now is perfect. Any other assumption or feeling is simply illusion, and I say this not to be conceited but because I have had to learn it the hard way.

From here on out, I recognize the different avenues I could take after having had our offer rejected for the house. Even despite getting my feelings out in this writing, I could choose to wallow in unawareness and allow myself to feel like a victim, allow bitterness in, etc. I could hide away from reality in an unhealthy manner and convince myself that I’m just too depressed or drained to do this or that.

I could allow every sad or confused thought that floats into my awareness to bring me back down, or I can stand strong and know that, as a dear reader said in a comment that helped a lot, the Divine Mother makes no mistakes. I can recognize that I have been blessed with a sacred existence and with a family who Loves me, and I can stand strong in my Light and in the knowing that I and my family will be fine.

I can work to raise awareness about the aspects of society I’m coming to learn are truly not in resonation with the best interests of the people, and I can “up the ante” so to speak without burying real emotions or feelings related to this house under the guise of doing so.

What I mean is that I can increase my understanding of why this has happened the way it has and the specifics of the Divine plan for me, and I can increase the work I feel myself here to do rather than wallowing in self-pity, becoming a victim or suppressing hurt feelings or emotions in the name of performing spiritual work.

There are so many more thoughts and emotions spinning around in my head and heart, but many of them will simply have to make themselves known to me privately as I could not possibly express them all. I see that the next few days could be a rollercoaster, as this experience tends to be, and I ready myself for whatever comes next.

The immense outpouring of support, both energetic and financial, that was given by you dear readers continues to leave us in a state of shock and awe, and we have said from the beginning that even if the whole endeavor were not to work out, we are still blessed with readers and friends who care about us just as a dear friend would care about another dear friend.

The fact alone that we have so much Love, caring and support has opened our eyes to the fact that humanity is indeed evolving, and I very much intend to show my thanks to you all with the fruitful works I am to produce from here on out. Just as others have reported, this catalytic weight I’m feeling which, for me, has been brought about as a result of our failed attempted to buy our “dream house”, is stirring-up feelings of revolution in me.

I am gaining a small peek into the most driven, motivated feeling I’ve perhaps ever felt to introduce change on this world. Especially because of matters related to the house and dealing with the bank that owns it which really showed us the corruptness behind it all, I am feeling and just beginning to decipher something that is stronger than a want or a drive; it is a need to raise awareness and focus the collective’s attention on every aspect of our world that just isn’t right.

It’s an incredible feeling indeed, and it’s arrived on the back of the catalytic sadness that has resulted from our “dream house” slipping through our fingers. Just as you dear readers have told us and our family has told us, something better will come along and in the meantime, we are to continue on our house-hunt while I work to produce as much and as pure work as I can for you dear readers to continue to benefit from.

Oh yes, one last note – I had no idea I was helping so many people in such big ways! The sheer fact that so many of you have had so many similar things to say about how the work I’m doing has helped you along your paths and in your own personal “dark night of the soul moments” has shown me that we certainly didn’t get this house because the Universe thinks I’m in the wrong line of work.

My intent has always been to give as much assistance as possible and publish it in the hopes that it will help whomever may be drawn to it, and I recognize that some don’t and won’t resonate with my material and encourage all who don’t resonate to find something that does and of course, to open up to their inner-realms, but wow! The outpouring of thanks for this work that was attached to the outpouring of Love and financial assistance you dear readers have given us has certainly been felt!

Basically, this is where I am at in this moment. Again – catalytic feelings will continue to arise and I may find myself hitting low points in the next few days, but that’s ok. I’m continuing to feel the lightening springtime vibrations accompanying what seem to be continual bouts of upgrades and intense lesson-learning, and having been able to write out the bulk of what I’m feeling and realizing about myself and about this whole endeavor, I think I am ready to rest and ponder what the future has in store.

Wes Annac – Happy to communicate when pain leads to revelations



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6 thoughts on “Learning and Feeling Driven in the Aftermath

  1. Wes,
    Home buying/selling is very stressful. With your lenders, do they have any programs for young adult first time home buyers and good credit scores, to see if you can lower the amount owed up front. Lately it is 20%, ask about reduced rates up front and all government programs. Obama’s reduced rates,Fannie May, etc. When we were your age, (early twenties), we had just returned from Australia for 2 years and were flat broke. Under president Clinton, he had a 3% down for first time home owners with good credit. It saved us,(and some help from the inlaws. Check credit unions too.
    It is stressful, Whoever is selling it is stalling on you to come up with the money. If they finally deny, go back to the drawing board to find more funds and rebid the home.
    I know this game well from different work I have been in.
    May I pray for you?
    Deborah Cain


  2. I totally understand what you are about, dear friend. All my issues are about home and belonging also. I have moved 35 times in the past 15 years. I lost my house to the first wave of predatory mortgage lenders in 2000. You are young and at the beginning of your journey. I am old and at the end of THIS journey. Home ownership in the system that is leaving the planet is a form of slavery. You become an indentured servant to your bank.
    Perhaps finding a “lot” to buy is a better investment at this stage for you. All of summer and part of fall can be spent camping and becoming one with the land. Follow the rhythms of your family’s day. Plan for your house. Will the kitchen face the rising sun? Will the sunset warm the bedroom in the west before sleep? Will your baby amuse itself watching ants in the grass and learn to hug a tree long enough to hear the beat of it’s ancient heart?
    Now when life keeps me from something I see it as a protection, a blessing, an omen. Where you are supposed to be will become (sometimes painfully) apparent. It’s just another ego crack to release the spheres of light orbs that are effervescently moving to the surface of all of this creation right now. Be thankful that your little family is safe and together, which is alot more than the millions of disenfranchised are experiencing right now.


  3. Dear Wes, I want to tell you that I appreciate so much that you share your feelings. Every time you do it I can see your transparency, your purity and that increases my faith on you, on your work, on your insights, on the teachings you are passing to us, on your channelings, on your messages and all the things you are doing as a lightworker.
    I prayed for being me the person who could have made that miracle, but it did not work.\All I can say from my heart, is that YOU ARE right now, where you are most needed sweet Wes.
    Hugs and blessings to you from my heart.


  4. the beauty of your creation spreads and becomes a gift to all creation. Thank you for sharing. It keeps the light spreading.


  5. Dearest Wes,

    You message here really touched my Heart, in your sharing so sincerely your process of the array of human emotions that you can notice and evaluate in your path of understanding, balance and transcendence.

    I have been so truly blessed by what you are bringing through – and you are touching many, many

    I have the honor of being able to speak with our Arcturian/Angelic guides and to ask questions, and They have been updating us on Gaia’s ascension process, as well as what they refer to as the Merger and the Homecoming, our changing DNA and our entrance into the 5th dimension.

    They also speak a lot about us being in what they call the “Context of Perfection”, similar to what you wrote about here, as it ushers in the reality of the Perfection we are able to perceive and embrace.

    Something that They gifted us with in January comes to my mind now, and I pass it on to you and your dear family as a gift from the company of Heaven. In Love and Service, ~Clare

    (I do Love your name, AlohaCare and I think it’s better than the name I was using before – no accidents! mahalo)

    Here is a clip from my transcript:

    =============================== Any other final message before we close this session ?

    The unsettled anxiousness that comes by,

    as one of the many things shown on your screen

    is a welcome to heal, to relax, to embrace, to integrate

    this resonance.

    So, when it shows up, thats the welcome.

    We get to respond as a welcome to a welcome,

    because Were on both sides now.

    Wow. As you know, my brain cant comprehend that. But I love to hear it. I love to believe and trust it. What a special, special thing for You to share with us. So thank you, so deeply for that. Thank you.

    When our parents tell us, when were young,

    that we can climb the hill,

    we have no idea whats on the hill,

    whats up at the top of the hill.

    But the words of comfort and reassurance are in essence,

    giving us the entirety of the hill.

    So this welcome is the gift, of the entirety.


    I just wish I had a bigger word than thank you. So, thank you so much. Thank you so much.

    Its really exciting, its so wonderful.

    Thank you for your love, and our love to you.

    Much Love.


  6. Wes, thank you for your messages i find resonate with them and look forward to hear more. Do not despair. I have had 3 intense lesson-learning in a short time, oct. 2012, then jan, and march 2013, so i expect it is happening with all people who are trying to uplift to the newer finer love vibrations.

    I have found i had to feel and live feelings very intense and release many different old concepts and rid of old hurts and pains. then to remember i am not a victim and whatever comes to me i have planned it to learn something important for my spiritual growth, which may not be what my mind thinks is good for me, but my higher spiritual Light Self knows it is just the right thing for me now. Have faith that the Higher Light Self is always looking out for your full growth in Love and Light and then also know that the material world and things we need will also come .

    I have found it to not be easy to live through all this, but after the blaze of emotions clears, i found it good to turn my attention to seeing and being grateful to whatever i could find in my life, turning my attention to what i am grateful for calmed the waters and attracts more of the positive of what we want, also leaving the door open to the Higher Love Self to bring to you whatever It believes to be the best place for you to live and having trust in the Light Being of yourself to decide what it will be.

    Dr. Dan Mathews from Holy Divine Healing has a Christ consciousness Prayer that helps to learn to let go of the ego mind and let the higher Light self be in charge of our lives.

    “Lord of my Being, I accept all things in my life that are pain and misery as my own,
    and i forgive myself for all negative experiences,
    I surrender all of my fears and my worries and my destiny to you,
    and i yield my will to your will in my life,
    I take steps in trusting your plan for me without knowing what is around the corner,
    I ask for guidance, show me the way.”

    watch his videos on youtube to see the prayer and how he came about finding it after his Near death experience.

    you also may like to see this site suprememastertv.com/xmas2012/

    this Supreme Master Ching Hai is a special Living Christ walking on earth for this time to help with the ascension of humanity. She had to be born as a human to do Her special work and mission that only She can do. Everyone at this time has their own mission and abilities and work they are doing with this special ascension going on now.

    if you have some time watch the video of Christmas dec 2012 “Live up to Humans Real Standard” about the latest news She shared of the saving of our planet earth and other news –1. that She discovered the Divine Connection lines of pure energy that connect the earth and all the universe together with God which this energy She is absorbing to raise her spiritual level to past 8 trillion in order to exchange these spiritual energy points to raise humanities consciousness. everything is happening fast now.
    Love and blessing, Pier Marie


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