Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 2nd Issue – The Channeled Bits

The following is a very small snippet from this week’s issue of the Aquarius Channelings paid Weekly Newsletter. Our Newsletter features channeled material, articles, and discussions from and with Yours Truly, Wes Annac. 

We’ve made the Newsletter $11.11 a month in an effort to keep a steady income while assisting with the ascension of this world and as you may see, PocahontasBrandy and I work very hard on it.

Much more is given in the Newsletter than the channeled bits, but I thought it appropriate to at least give a peek at what those who have subscribed are receiving. 

Hello friends, and welcome to the second issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter. This week, SanJAsKa discusses the energy we will feel from the presence of the Galactics, and the Hathors explain how they have been working to help illuminate and expose the dark energies. Much talk about energy this week!

We will also get into a further explanation about astral traveling, and I will answer a reader’s question.

To begin, SanJAsKa explains that everybody is readjusting to the continually-pure frequencies of Light that are being given to us.

You are beginning to ride along waves of increasing purity and frequency, and your bodies and hearts are recalibrating every moment to the new movements of energy occurring within you. Every soul on your beautiful world is experiencing these movements of energy at present as all that has been based within the old experience on your world is on its way out.” -SanJAsKa

We are told that the world stage is reflecting the paying-off of our many efforts, while SanJAsKa alludes to that ever-elusive ‘boiling point’.

“Of course dear souls, this process has been difficult and draining for many of you but we wish you to take comfort and solace in the fact that your efforts are paying off and this is becoming apparent on the world stage. You are seeing so very many exposures and present and what you are seeing is to not only to continue but is to burst forth into a full-on plethora of exposures of the inner workings of the darks actions on your world [which have been taking place] for so very long.

You are all taking place at present in the most marvelous and grand unfolding event to grace the surface of your world in a very long time as while events on Gaia’s surface have always been interesting and at times, tense, the events on your world are heating up so very much and the boiling point that has been waited for is clearly beginning to be reached.”

The tenseness of our Earth experiences is mentioned specifically while reminding us that our efforts are paying off. Perhaps those most difficult and most tense events we can go through, can serve to be catalysts that will help us to bring this future about.

To get to the ‘meat’ of the communication, dear SanJAsKa discusses the effects that the Galactics’ presence will have upon us.

“We will offer you much healing upon our presence being made known on your world and upon our finding the resulting comfort in showing ourselves to you, and you will find a remarkable healing energy simply from being around us. We say that this is because our auras will expand out to you and help you to feel the Loving, harmonious and United energies that we gladly feel and absorb within the higher realms.

You will feel, see and integrate this energy into yourselves as you absorb it and reap its wonderful benefits. You will notice your bodies feeling lighter, and those of you who will choose to keep your bodies down the line [while ascending] will enjoy quite remarkably, your crystalline fifth dimensional bodies.”

So, not only will the Galactics be going out of their way to offer us much healing, it is said that simply by being around them we will feel Lightened. I tell you, dear friends, I can’t wait!

(…) So, what do the dear Hathors [of Earths Solar Astral Planes] have to say about this energy and about the transmutations being performed that are seeing us better-resonated with the ascended energies?

We are first reminded of the presence of lower beings within our astral realms, who Love to try and trick and confuse us along our awakening paths.

You are being given impressions of energy and thought from many different beings and while the majority of us are ascended, there will be some beings who try to come through and influence you in negative ways. There are beings within the lower realms of your world who wish to take advantage of the awakening occurring, in that they wish to stump you along your Life path and along lessons that you are learning. You may find subtle nudges and influences to perform actions that you have long grown out of and whenever this occurs, we trust that you will be able to recognize the influence of such souls.” –The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes

The Hathors are working from their respected positions to help us neutralize the dark energies that take their form as such lower entities, and we are told that the realms in which the lower beings reside are also to be transmuted as every part of Gaia experiences ascension.

We have been working to neutralize the dark energies that such souls bring forth while working as well to bring Light through that will see them no longer resonating with the realms in which they still make a home out of.

They have funneled extremely dense energies into the surface of the Earth which originate [the energies] within their realms and we tell you dear souls that even the realms hosting the lower astral beings on your world are to be transformed, as every last bit of Gaia is undergoing the ascension into the higher realms and this will include illuminating and transmuting every last bit of the dark energies on your world in every single form that they have taken.”

So, the lower astral beings have been influencing our surface realm by funneling the dense energies of their realms, into ours [likely with the ritualistic help of the Illuminati]. Obviously, they would not be able to do this if the collective freewill-manifested energies would not allow it.

SanJAsKa discussed how we will soon be resonating with the Galactics energetically, and perhaps at the moment we are resonating with the dense energies that the lower beings are funneling to us, or else they would not be able to funnel it to us.

The lower energies and entities are having much more trouble reaching us as we resonate more and more with the energies of the higher realms, while there are still some who resonate with density and a limited [in the face of the higher realms] mindset.

Many of you will notice former vestiges of yourselves coming up for rapid and quick review and transmutation and like others, we will tell you that the lower beings who are finding themselves transmuted more and more on your world are finding more of a difficulty in reaching many of you through the impressions of your ego selves, as the egos of humanity are rapidly diminishing as you all begin to find the Light that has been making itself known for some time now.

Of course, there are still very many on your world who are trapped within the confines and structures set up and orchestrated by the dark souls on your world who are being employed by the aforementioned lower entities, and the egos of many on your world are still quite pumped-up and are still seeing an influence of lower beings and of the dark cabals as well.”

The ‘confines and structures’ that have binded us to these realms may have been orchestrated by the dark cabals, but we have all at times fed willingly the density that has put and kept them in positions of power and influence. Luckily, as so very many of us begin to transcend our egos which the lower beings have come through us using, such beings are influencing us less and less.

There is much, much more to this Newsletter and it is hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. If you resonate with and enjoy this Newsletter and find yourself in a decent financial situation, your support in keeping Aquarius Channelings going with a Newsletter subscription would be greatly appreciated!! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 🙂 🙂 

In the immediate future when money is no longer a factor or obstacle, this Newsletter will be happily given every week for free. For now, though, we must do all we can to ensure financial stability while working to help bring our glorious future about. 🙂  You will find the button below to subscribe to our Newsletter. 


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