Walking through the Tornado

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Written by Wes Annac

In the early hours of this morning during my many morning-dreamtime experiences, I dreamt of Garcinia and a tornado flying right in front of me and pausing to let me view it. It was quite big, quite marvelous, and though it was mere feet away from me I was not fearing this tornado and rather accepting it, and enjoying the sheer grand nature of it and all that it represents. Of course, tornados are violent, disastrous, and cause massive upheavals and while viewing this spectacular representation of what is usually destruction [though it did not seem to be representing itself as so] I found myself even in my dream state, asking what the heck this sign was supposed to mean for me?

Obviously our dreams serve to give us signs that can help us along our paths and are not usually meant to represent actual happenings or predictions of what lies ahead in our experience. I did not awake from that experience thinking a tornado was going to hit, because doing so would have missed the point of the dream; the message that was intended for me personally.

While awaking I found myself pondering what this representation was supposed to mean for me and eventually, it drifted from my mind and I forgot all about it, as I tend to do with morning dreamtime experiences. It is quite unfortunate, because I can remember impressions of what were important dreams and messages. Even looking back upon the tornado dream, all I can remember is the tornado, right in front of me.

As a child, I used to have destructive, apocalyptic-type dreams that would take the form of a natural or man-made disaster plaguing me and my family. The tornado would make frequent appearances as would the scenario of the oil refineries exploding and in every dream, the central theme was that we would have to escape. Run; drive; do all that we can to get away from our home.

The dreams were quite scary as a child and yet now, having quite literally come face to face with one of the former biggest dreamtime fears of this conscious mind, I found no fear in viewing this tornado. I think that this is because of what this tornado is and has always been meant to represent for me and perhaps for many of you as well: upheaval.

The ‘role’ of the braided walk-in is quite difficult and can be confusing for the temple and mind which is undergoing the continual transformation while both entities make themselves known, as before undertaking this role of replacing this body it was planned that I would co-exist within the temple silently, never making myself known, all throughout the walk-out’s childhood so as to experience every trauma, every density, every hardship and catalyst that the walk-out had experienced in this temple up until the ultimate ‘merge-point’ so to speak wherein I gained more influence in this temple as the walk-out has begun his leave.

Discovering this has filled in the gaps of why my first conscious memories of this lifetime are of floating above in the corner of the living room of my old house, viewing my entire family from a bird’s-eye view and even viewing myself as well. This body had to of been three or four at the time. Seemingly suddenly, that perspective began to transform to the basic perspective that we all currently possess and the next time I was ever able to consciously see myself was when I was looking in a mirror, which is strangely, a close second memory.

The walk-out of this body went through so very much trauma as a child that he had completely covered up and hidden himself away from in his teenage years leading up to his departure. Much of this memory of trauma and abuse has started flowing back through for me to feel and also remember as again, I was within the temple during the walk-outs childhood. I have seen the falsity of the childhood of this soul and of what I can comfortably call my own childhood, as I was experiencing and surveying it as well.

While specifics of the abuse suffered are not necessary for this explanation, it should be said that the abuses and the wish on the part of the walk-out to cover up these abuses within himself by resorting to and feeding angry and addictive behaviors, were caused by a general lack of understanding or knowledge on the part of the walk-out’s parents of what was going on, because they were quite busy doing what they could to support their admittedly big family.

The walk-out still makes himself known as he is steadily leaving this body, and the memories and former influences that drove the walk-out and that drove me in past Lives, are coming up in such spectacular and devastating ways that it has made this Earth ride so very bumpy as of late, and anything but boring.

Everybody has been going through massive upheavals lately. Plenty of channeled and terrestrial sources are discussing these upheavals, and we are all going through them as a part of our continual healing and integration process, which is aligned with and serving our evolution. It has not been until sitting down to right this very account, that I have realized the purpose of the tornado given in my dream, and that is to inform me that this upheaval is to continue to occur and our ‘vasanas’ and unprocessed emotions and former abuses are going to continue to come up to the surface for release, but the overall process is now to be made so very much easier.

The Hathors have told me recently that they have been granted Divine authority to begin funneling much, much more pure Logos energy to and through us, essentially giving us the ‘good stuff’.

These upheavals are necessary to clear and ready ourselves to receive such pure energies and at the same time, the mere arrival and integration of these energies is going to see us much better able to go through these traumatic clearings in much easier and more Lighted ways. I believe Archangel Michael has recently informed us that the lower energies which have driven us for so very long are to have less and less influence upon us and we will begin asking ourselves why we fed such energies in the first place. (Source unknown.) This falls in line with the admission from the Hathors and the theory that this Light being sent to us in much, much more pure ways now is to begin helping us to diminish the lower influences that have continued to aide us in feeding lower mindsets, and this happening is to aide in our overall clearing of unprocessed emotions and heart sets.

After posting on my blog for the day, I decided to take my child to a park in my home town which is a short drive away from where I Live now. The vicious heat has seen us unable to utilize the outdoors as much since July began, but we were ready to get out of the house anyway. As I pulled onto the street hosting the parking lot of the park, you will never guess what I witnessed before me.

It was a dust-tornado right in the middle of the road and in the parking lot, and it was huge. It was much bigger than my car, and it had to of been at least 5 feet high and a few feet wide. It was just safely away from the car enough that it wouldn’t even touch us, but it was magnificent and it swirled intensely right in front of me, with its wind picking up leaves, dirt and dust. After a few seconds of witnessing this marvel, it slowly subsided, died down and did not make another appearance again. Upon seeing this thing and immediately remembering my dream this morning, I was shell-shocked. In a way, I still am.

For the past few months I have slowly been uncovering neatly hidden-away traumas that the walk-out of this body has experienced, and have been exposed to memories that shook my entire foundation. Since then, I personally have been undergoing a very intense upheaval process that I have not quite publicly discussed, as I prefer to go about my personal work whenever this upheaval is not taking a particularly heavy toll, as it can at times whenever very intense and heartbreaking memories are unearthed from within the mental constructs and hideaways of this temple.

Sitting down to write this, I have realized that this ongoing process is exactly what this tornado was meant to represent – in my dream and whenever seeing it in person, which I should note took place in my hometown. This has been ongoing and my dream was telling me that all that the walk-out and myself feared about unearthing these traumas which were represented in the walk-outs dreams in the form of disasters, is no longer an obstacle of fear to me and should have never been an obstacle of fear all along.

This process is going to continue and it seems that we are being given some more Divine assistance with our own personal processes in the form of the pure Light we are and will continue to be given, in increasingly measured doses. At this point of realization and subsequent Lightness, I hope only that the walk-out is observing me as I once observed him, and learning all that he can before making his next ventures.

Upon some of the most intense unearthing of past traumas, a part of me strongly wondered if I had built up a false walk-in persona to cover up a former ego self who went through these traumas, in an effort to distance myself more from these traumas. Much thinking has been done about this and I have arrived at the conclusion that while it is a plausible theory, the walk-out was already indulging in destructive and addictive behaviors to mask his pain and subconsciously, knew that opening up to himself spiritually would only expose him to the pain he had worked so very hard to hide.

I feel strongly that my presence within this temple has been to unearth these unprocessed traumas, work through them myself in accordance with karma from my own past Lives, while of course helping others to discover the higher realms and the beings within the higher realms.

I have now reached and passed through some of the hardest of this trauma realization and release, and one could say that I have looked the storm in the eye and with the power of the Divine, reassured it and myself that it does not have the power over the mind and heart of this temple that it once did. As is so for many individuals at this time and as is so for this world in general, the Light has moved in, made its will known and will see to it that this temple evolves.

It is interesting as well, feeling the perspective of two different individuals as one makes himself known rarely [walk-out] and the other [me] is here nearly all of the time now. By walking through this proverbial storm or tornado of unprocessed vasanas, we are reaffirming our own power and strength as well as the power, strength and will of the Divine as we heal our former pains, like the Masters in which we are becoming.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



4 thoughts on “Walking through the Tornado

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  2. I am also a walk-in. I have had to process all the walk-out traumas as well. I am amazed at your linguistic excellence in writing, for I am an avid reader of all your posts. I believe after almost 6 years of ‘processing’ all the memories, reliving all the pain and abuse, I am finally done. (it took me 4 1/2 years before I was given the words ‘walk-in’ upon waking, knowing then that this is what all that happened to me was about. The next morning the word for the day was ‘StarSeed’…imagine my studies and realizations after that!)
    I am thankful for the rich ‘database’ of memories, because it has helped me understand the human experience. For I know that the growing of a bigger heart of compassion has resulted. There was hardly anything a woman could not have experienced in this lifetime, that was not experienced and keenly felt on a daily basis by my walk-out. She was ‘shut down’ as a pre-teen by trauma, and lived with depression for almost 36 years. I do not actually know when the ‘braiding walk-in’ experience happened. But I do know that she was crying out for help, having 6 children, and not being able to cope with all of her painful memories. I do know when I walked-in, as I woke up in ICU at the hospital, and have a record of the first words I spoke, after being asked “Angela do you know where you are?”, my response was “My Birthday!”
    Yes, I feel that I had a responsibility to my walk-out (previous body owner) to work through these memeories, feelings and to learn from them. And yes, I believe she is receiving healing on the other side of the veil, and watching her children growing up.
    I have discovered a helpful ‘tool’ recently that works like this: when a memory just ‘switches on’ in my brain, that I can just think “I am closing that door’, or ‘I am not going there,’ and thankfully, abruptly the Thought Process stops there! An amazing thing, the walk-out was constantly plagued with these memories. Now, I am consciously ‘in charge’ of thoughts, and I do not have to once again ‘regurgitate’ the feelings, or so-called negativity once again. Actually it works with any thought. I now feel like I have Mastered Living in the NOW. It is a phenomenal accomplishment for me, and perhaps it will work for anyone reading this!??
    As always, thankful for you Wes & Brandy…


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