Newsletter Update (With Added Subscribe Option)

Just a bit of an update and further explanation on the possible paid newsletter. I wanted to express that this newsletter is in no way going to take away any facet of the work I am doing now. It is completely its own project and the channeling/writing/updating this site which I do every day is not going to change and will still be free. Nobody will be forced to pay and subscribe to this newsletter to be able to access Aquarius or my channelings, as that would only be self-serving.

Steve Beckow wrote an interesting article today which made me ponder heavily whether the starting of this newsletter and asking for money for the dissemination of it, was acting in a self-serving manner or was somehow dimming the work I am doing. It was said that putting all on the line and ‘living on the edge’ (I’m strongly paraphrasing) so to speak for the Divine and asking for nothing in return, signaled a true, undistorted commitment to serving the Mother/Father Creator.

I have been ‘living on this edge’ for over a year now, happily serving the Divine in any way I can while living with other people and worrying about getting kicked out because of not having an income. By starting a paid newsletter in which I perform and disseminate aspects of my work while still publicly and freely channeling, I am able to perform this work for the Light while at least developing a bit of an income.

So, along with the support this idea has been given, I am going ahead with this project. The newsletter will feature channeled material via yours truly as well as a discussion of the material, along with articles from yours truly and perhaps other things as well. I have just began putting the first possible newsletter together and I have to say that it is coming together quite nicely.

I have tried to make the monthly subscription as cheap as possible, and am asking for $11.11 a month, for four issues a month (weekly). This would roughly translate to around $3.00 an issue (rough estimate).

The Newsletter will be received via email and will be in email format. 

Upon expressing subscription, one will shortly receive an email from yours truly or from PocahontasBrandy letting you know that you have been added to the list of subscribers. Whenever a new issue is sent off, you will receive a copy in your email.

Thank you to everybody who has been and will continue to express support for and interest in this Newsletter. Below is the button to subscribe.

A basic Paypal account may be required (it is free to sign up) to subscribe.


7 thoughts on “Newsletter Update (With Added Subscribe Option)

  1. ~HiYa Wes!…i was able to gather a fuller “picture” of Ur Upcoming Newsletter,via the Comments by others and Ya,on Aquarius…perhaps a preview “sneak-peak” Edition would Offer some finer details on what Ya are going to deliver…

    …i have read from some Ur viewers’comments and there seems to be abit of Mis-communication from Ur Original Post regarding the Paid subscription…

    …Ya must be more clear to Ur readers that Ur intention is to set-up a wholly separate site for the Subscribers…(that “little” Mercury has gone Retrograde,thus leaves room for confusion in communication)…

    …I am sure Everything is working out, just make sure that Ya are 2 steps ahead with Ur Communications…

    …Class dismissed…hehe… 😉 ~


    • Thank you so much, dear friend! 🙂 Your advice is integrated and highly appreciated. 🙂 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  2. Hi Wes,

    First, I want to thank you for your work and dedication in sharing the gifts of your insights

    I read Steve Beckow’s post ( ) and I can see why it evoked such questions. However, I believe he is speaking about what motivates a lightworker to serve, and the sacrifices that sometimes entails. I do not think he is necessarily advocating that people live in poverty in order to be in integrity with their spiritual work. As we know, there are some lightworkers whose popularity and success is so great that their seminars and speaking engagements are now too costly for the average seeker to access, if they are interested in learning more from them beyond purchasing and reading a book. If these lightworkers become inaccessible, perhaps they do need to re-examine their primary motivation, to make sure it is to serve humanity.

    I think there is nothing wrong with allowing your gifts to support you in your work. Money, like any energy, is neutral until we color it with our intention. It can be a great tool for transformation, as long as we recognize it for what it is: a tool. Thus the spiritual work they do should not merely be a means to an end, the end being money. I think this is what he means.

    However, if you read the bios in “about the staff”, you will see that all of the participants/contributors have another source of income/support and profession, and most have worn many hats and had diverse experiences from poverty to financial success. Several had a former career in finance. Beckow and several others are authors; one is a Jungian therapist; there is an artist and graphic designer, several ministers and healers, a medicinal aromatherapist and author; one person is a Pagan Priestess hypnotherapist trucker’s wife on the road; there are two spiritual radio station co-hosts, a retired medical officer, etc. What they all have in common is direct experience with the realm of spirit, and a dedication to understanding and sharing.

    Like you, I have lived on the edge for most of my life. I am currently a Licensed Massage Therapist, which may sound glamorous and noble, but it is a very unstable way to earn a living. All of my work is “on-call”. I never know when and if I will have work. I run on blind faith, and in trying times when my obligations are high and my income is low, I do pray more and ask for help, a miracle, or for just enough to get by. I have never been let down. That being said, I know that as I become more responsible about handling money, I can have more of it effortlessly. I have been trying to pay down my debt, and I realize that I may have to add a third job in order to have, ironically, more freedom. About half of my debt is in student loans, because when I moved here from another state, my education and experience (which was excellent) was not considered valid, due to a lack of regulation in my former state. Many people would have given up at that point and found some other career. I got an office job and got loans and went to school and got advanced training, so I could return to the work I love. Nothing is more satisfying to me than to facilitate the release of tension and pain in my clients, and to see their energy completely transformed after my treatment. I am not the healer, I am merely the conduit for the healing to take place. I know this is my path, and I will do what I can to continue on it.

    Similarly, I encourage you to do what you need to do in order to support yourself and continue the wonderful work you are doing, for it is much appreciated.

    Warm Regards,


    (ps) I apologize for my long comment, but you seemed to have a lot of angst about this issue.


    • Wow, Phoenix. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you so very much dear friend, for illuminating this path for me with such valuable insight.

      Thank you 🙂 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  3. Phoenix, absolutley amazing. While I was reading that very same post I was thinking exactly that, but it’s great to hear anothers opinion on the matter. I DID have some questions about it…and I believe you just answered EVERY one of them 🙂 Thank you my friend,


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