Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions


I’ve been noticing a common theme in my own Life and in the expressions of many on the internet, and this theme is that of all that has been based in an illusory, physical experience, being disintegrated before our very eyes. For me personally, this has been quite a difficult process as I personally work through the final lessons I have given myself in this Life and am coming face-to-face with those last few aspects of myself ready to be transmuted and Loved.


Plenty of sources have been speaking of the lower entities who reside within the astral realms of our world and make themselves known through getting those of us on Earth to express the lower energies that would be bringing them through. These energies would include those of disrespect, angst, hate and fear among other traits that only bind one to the lower dimensional experience.


Those very influences are what we are growing out of and as this happens, the influence of these lower beings who have been misleading and deceiving so many for so very long, are themselves faded away more and more as such beings lose the feeding and stealing of the energies of the souls whom such beings have always attempted to bring down to their realms through getting them to feed the energies spoken of above.


For some, a part of growing out of their own lower mindsets has been finding that which they perceive to be falsities, and pointing such perceived falsities out for others to hopefully benefit from. The problem with doing this is that nobody quite knows just exactly what is and isn’t ‘truth’.


Let’s take a look at our very definition of ‘truth’ in this current society. Many people assume that something must either be ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and many are continually looking either to validate something or to disprove the reality of something that they have been exposed to. Duality is thrown into play exponentially whenever one only looks to prove or disprove something, and the energies we let into ourselves by continually attempting to do so are only hurtful to our spirit complexes.


Perhaps I should explain a bit more.


There is quite a difference between using discernment and trying to prove or disprove the validity of something, as with using discernment there is a balance that is still in play. Discernment is not trying to find flaws or poke holes in whatever one is being discerning of; discernment is looking for that which is genuine and resonates with one’s spirit complex, and discarding that which isn’t. That is all!


You see that there is no need for scrutiny or slander when using discernment, as discernment is simply using and integrating what is helpful for you along your path and knowing that the rest is unneeded to you, but might be helpful to another along their path in unique ways.


Balance is crucial when being discerning, as only by employing balance along with our discernment can we not only find that which resonates with us and discard the rest, but we can allow others to absorb and integrate that which we would be discerning of, without judgment or disrespect.


One of the biggest polarities fed on the internet has been that of whether the Galactic Federation and channeled messages from extraterrestrials are genuine, and this is one of the most important topics to use respectful discernment on as there are many who will look to deceive in relation to this subject.


There are some who will claim to channel a being of Light and one may find that the message is littered with doom and gloom predictions and other types of distortions, and the dark on our world have taken to purposefully putting out false channeled messages on the internet in the hopes that people will believe the negativity given in such messages, but we are too smart to fall for such things anymore!


I look at the separation and polarity fed on the internet every day even on this one simple subject, and I simply laugh. It is not a laugh of judgment, but one of wondering why so many take to such disrespect and hate when ‘arguing’ their side – and I mean this for both sides of this particular debate.


I have seen so much disrespect on a number of different websites, and comments that literally insult the Galactics and ascended sources being brought through, as well as the channels of such sources.


It now seems common to then find an entire argument about the subject of whether the Galactic Federation and channelers are ‘real’ with both sides being considerably disrespectful and hateful to each other.


Really, what do we have to gain by continuing to feed such separation? What does anybody stand to gain by continually saying negative, hurtful and disrespectful things on any piece of material, channeled or otherwise, that they do not believe to be genuine? And what does anybody stand to gain by disrespectfully arguing with another who doesn’t believe in the same concepts you do?


It is time to start being respectful toward one another, no matter what. No matter the beliefs of another around us, it is time to start coming together as a collective and realizing all that we do have in common.


Something that I’m sure all of us awakening souls on this world can agree on, is the fact that we are evolving and ascending away from the lower dimensional structure, back to the higher realms where we are all truly United as one.


Personally, I feel that as we collectively begin to ascend we are going to learn very many things that are going to startle and shock us and the existence of humans from other worlds seems like a very minute truth when looking at the likeliness of this reality, simply by how big and expansive our Universe is.


I have had very real and intense experiences with our Galactic brethren that have validated for me, the existence and Lighted nature of these souls who have been assisting us and our Earth for so very long. This does not mean that I wish to be hateful or disrespectful in any way to another who may not have had such experiences or who may, for any reason, not believe in the same concepts I do in relation to ascension.


I would not show such a soul disrespect and I would not expect disrespect and rudeness from such a soul either because really, taking to meanly and sarcastically berating any concept being brought forth by anybody, whether it aligns with one’s beliefs or not, only lessons the potential for support of whatever cause or mindset one is bringing forth and only makes one look less credible in their endeavors.


I look forward to a hopeful discussion on this subject, with respect and Love for all taking place in such a discussion, of course. Many people, myself included, have taken to attempting to bring forth Peace and Respect for all on the many spiritual forums and communities where separation, duality and a general rudeness still seems to be taking place, and I happily invite you to take place in this bringing forth of respect for all, regardless of the seemingly conflicting views of all of us.


My own personal beliefs aside, I know that I will be ascending to wonderfully pure states of consciousness no matter whether I attain this state with the help of my and our Guides within the Galactic Federation [and many other higher dimensional places and Organizations as well!], or with no help at all.


There is nothing wrong with accepting assistance, especially along one’s Life path and learning of lessons, but some will choose not to accept the assistance of our Guides and guess what, that is ok!


We are all One and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever take that away from us. No amount of disrespect toward another will ever take away the fact that they are you and you are them; you are the same energy and consciousness, simply experiencing ‘different’ realities, mindsets and heart sets.


I give now, unconditional Love and Respect to all who read this message.


Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC (but you don’t have to believe it!)


8 thoughts on “Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions

  1. ~Fighting is Fun!…No, I’m Just Joking!…hehe…Yet,as I Have been In Realization (Regarding My Blood-Related Family Relations), that there is a space “in between” a difference of Point of Views…in this “in-between” space is the Mystical Mirror that Reflects…a Handshake is Made…teacher=student…student=teacher… 🙂 🙂 ~


    • Thank you so much dear friend, you have (likely knowingly) given me advice on many subjects at once…. beautiful multidimensionality.. 🙂 🙂

      See ya’ in the astral! 🙂


  2. Well said, and damn, you are good at getting right to the issue, on point!
    My personal experiences recently on a discussion I started on a certain site, brought out the exact disrespect you are speaking of, and thanks for clarifying so articulately.
    I hope to always remember your insightful message whenever I engage on the Internet.
    Hugs to you my child.


    • Thank you dear friend, and I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family. 🙂 I wanted to give you advice on your post on Ashtar Command, but you were already getting such great advice!!! 🙂


  3. Wes…thank you for addressing what I have seen happening. Well stated though, that we do not change others viewpoints about getting much needed help from our futuristic, advanced technologically Star Family. I hope I wasn’t being critical when I was just incredulous that some very spiritual aspiring websites have made personal/private comments about InterGalactic channels ‘not empowering humanity’ with truth. I say I am totally incredulous, because the ‘excepted channelers’ (the group, Adamus, Kryon…are excepted) but GFL or Commander Ashtar not! Perhaps there are those that believe there are only the ‘known Names’ of Ascended Masters, being suspicious of others not so well known. I guess it is just part of their journey, and that is alright.
    I believe that humanity and Gaia will ‘get out of the 3D mess we have created, which includes the dark cabal’ with Star Family. But still, how could anyone ignore the long history of crop circles all over the world!


  4. That was very well said, and very much needed. Your points spoke to me and I resonated with them from the heart. I went through a period that started quite a few years ago and ended just a short while ago where I was totally aware of my shifting energies, totally aware of the experiences and contacts that I was experiencing, but I was experiencing fear.
    And that fear made me cling somewhat to some 3d concepts and belief systems, in order to prevent myself from letting go and fully accepting my new emerging self. That emerging self was my Galactic self and I was ready to embrace my Galactic origin, role, identity and purpose. I was afraid to let go and embrace the real me, I was afraid of letting go completely from the energies that were “feeding” me up to now.
    I was never comfortable with the 3d life, quite troubled from it, never quite fit in. But when confronted with the opportunity of embracing my emerging galactic self and the different reality that I was beginning to experience, I ran back to some old belief constructs as a safety zone. It may not have been a good system for me, but it was what I knew – in a denser sense. And when faced with a choice of shedding the denser state of reality which I knew and embraced a light filled one which I “knew” to be true but in a way that wasnt validated by the 3d world, I became afraid.
    I became critical (not in a slanderous or insulting way) and doubtful of the whole scene, even of my own experience – out of fear. The fear of letting go and discarding all the 3d constraints which I knew in my heart had to go. (For instance I was clinging to the 3d religious tenets of Christianity and trying to embrace Christ consciousness through that…afraid to let go of the 3d belief system prison. That didnt work, making me “critical” of Christ Consciousness and New age because I was trying to approach them through 3d constraints – because of the dense safety net it provided).
    I began writing my blog in this state of ‘panic’. Because I knew that once I let go, it would be a wild and amazing journey, a completely different state of being for me, – my assumption that my whole experience here would change dramatically once I let go of the old, was based from the glimpses and moments I was getting and able to retain in memory and in this state of consciousness.
    I have seen myself at a galactic council table and I have had very unusual and life changing contact experiences (especially with Athena) which I knew to be true and real, but there was a comfortable energy in 3d that allowed me to doubt the validity of these experiences. I never really resonated with the 3d energy that well before, but faced with the moment of change and moving forward, all of a sudden there was something “comfortable” about 3d.
    I knew that shedding the cocoon was just around the corner and I was afraid – I was ready to shed, but I had 3d residue that expressed itself as fear.
    I think that fear is probably behind alot of the negativity in how some people – of the light, but stuck in 3d, approach anything having to do with the Galactic ones. And this occurs even though the true Galactic Ones come in such love and light unlike 3d has ever seen.
    I have personally seen this struggle of sheer duality regarding these issues. I do not however see the point, like you, of slander and insult regarding the Galactic ones. That is uncalled for.
    I have finally shed the fear of the “unknown” (unknown to the 3d state, that is) and am ready to go forward, as the being that I truly am!
    I thank you for this post, and for all of the information you share, that you came forward with your Pleiadean self and the task that you took on to channel and bringinformation to light for the rest of us….



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