Bridge of Peace, to the Happiness We Desire

I cannot consciously give you dear friends of mine an article displaying the polar side to the way I normally express myself publicly, without ‘bouncing back’ so to speak and giving an article displaying the more happy and Lighted side of this experience I have been undergoing. I am finding a continual want to write lately anyway and am looking for a reason to feel happy, so here we go!

In recent articles, I’ve expressed how I’ve noticed that inhibition has certainly taken over many people on this world, and stopped them from really doing things and gaining experiences that would see them much more fulfilled and generally much happier.

Lately I have noticed the role that irresponsible inhibition has played in my own experiences, and have taken to responsibly pushing inhibition out the door of my experience, with the help of the beautiful and pure Feminine energies now being given to us that are to be balanced out with the coming celestial events.

Obviously, this does not mean to do something so outrageous that it would, by its very nature, make others uncomfortable or in any way garner a negative or difficult experience for others.

That would be an interruption of the freewill of the souls who would witness such a thing. Rather, this means caring less and less about what others may think or feel of you, and going with what makes you happy and what gives you the fulfillment and spiritual sustenance that we all deserve to find. Of course, it takes going within to truly find this sustenance but this does not mean that we should not still look for the proper outer aligning experience.

In my case, this outer aligning experience has been that of going out to nature, to many different places around this beautiful, breathtaking state of Illinois that display in much intensity and fullness, the innate and inherent beauty and splendor of this world, of dear Gaia. The trees and the air, the grass and the water alike, all of these beautiful elements surround oneself with a beautiful aura of Peace and Harmony, and it is an experience that truly must be felt to be understood.

This is much like the higher dimensional experience in general, in that one cannot really understand the higher dimensions without being there and consciously remembering so. Words simply cannot and do not do justice when it comes to the attempted describing of a multidimensional experience, because words are only here on this world and in this experience, to give a measure of the collective understanding of what an interaction with another is supposed to be.

Eventually and very soon, we are to outgrow the need for words as we find ourselves opened up telepathically very much more, and we will instead take to giving each other beautiful, intricate and complex emotional and intellectual impressions, that we will instantly feel and understand upon receiving such an impression from another.

This is how communication and interaction is brought forth in the higher realms, and the beings existing with and as the higher realms give us such impressions when giving us messages through scribes. As I’m sure this is something that any channeler, beginner or experienced, can attest to, the communications brought forth from our Guides are received in waves, in impressions and for me at least, the process of bringing a communication forth is very much one of riding an energetic wave.

As I make the proclamations that only beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness be with me and as I begin to feel the opening and expansion in myself that accompanies the experience of readying myself to channel, I feel many different waves of energy with the potential to be rode.

Our ascended sources have been telling us that they funnel their specific energy signatures down with the energies that they help to give our world, and along with such signatures are the waves of communication and energy that any soul who becomes open to the energies of our Guides can ‘ride’ and bring forth the resulting communications.

I would say that if you are one who is becoming open to the possibility of channeling, I would not recommend trying overly hard to ‘ride’ a specific wave of energy as doing so will make you want to focus, which will bring forth ego, which will see an impure communication brought forth. The ‘key’ when channeling is to first make sure that only the influence of beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness be with you, and then to simply be and let the influence of the ego and the mind fade away.

Only by letting ego ‘be free’ so to speak will one be able to bring forth the energies and communications of our Guides, as well as ride the waves of energy that such communications are attached to. I would say as well to work on opening the heart chakra first, and then the mind chakra, as the heart must be opened to the energies of our ascended brethren for our minds to be able to feel the communications as well.

Even the experience of channeling cannot be diligently described with words, and it truly takes feeling the interaction for oneself to know and understand the reality that is communication with evolved beings.

In much the same avenue, one cannot fully know and feel the purities of nature and how wonderful even being out in nature feels, without having the experience. Lately I have been giving myself this experience rather than hiding away from this beautiful world, and it has been so very nourishing to my spirit complex.

One can feel the rising purity of energies being given to this world and the result of such energies, simply by being out and enjoying this beautiful Earth.

My own sense of freedom has accelerated and the reality that is our ascension, our glorious collective evolution, has never felt stronger than when being out in the beautiful nature, being able to be alone with one’s thoughts and feelings and to be at Peace. Peace is so very important for our spirit complexes and this is a truth that does not get enough exposure!

Why is our media not telling us, ‘hey, you know if you want to find happiness, a key essential to that is finding inner Peace’? Well, we all know the answer to that, but suffice to say our media won’t even be like that for much longer!

Let’s take a look at this whole Earth experience from a zoomed-out standpoint. All of our problems, all of our insecurities, all of our fears and apprehensions; they are all just temporary, finite and limited to this Earth experience which is itself transforming into the beautiful experience of Eden that we have all been growing toward.

Imagine the thousands of Lives that the majority of us have undergone on this world, and how even those thousands of Lives are but just the blink of an eye from a higher dimensional standpoint. Keeping that in mind, now imagine our current Lives and the experiences we have left that we are still undergoing, before many changes begin and we are able to take that collective sigh of relief; imagine how small such an experience truly is!

Of course, many could say that no matter how our experiences are viewed from a higher standpoint, they are still just as difficult as we perceive them to be and something I should perhaps tell myself, is that our experiences are only as hard as we perceive them to be.

This is why I will start choosing to at least try to begin looking at all things, all experiences, from a higher dimensional standpoint. Is that not the goal of this entire evolution? Has our goal all along not been to experience the lower realms in every form that they had to offer and then when such experiences were done, begin excelling to the mindset, heart set and perspective of the higher realms?

I have seen many on the internet making the call for us to realize the importance that the lower polarities have played on this world and this is true; the energies and feelings of fear and depression have certainly served as catalysts for me in the past and have certainly made me the being before you today who is able to handle difficult experiences much better than even a couple years ago.

While this is so, at a certain point (and whenever you reach this point is entirely your choice) we must thank the likes of fear, of angst, of ego in general and of all other emotions and feelings that feed the Earthly experience which we are growing away from, and transmute their continual influence to that of one that reminds you to be in calm, in happiness, in Love and Peace at all times for only by doing so, no matter the outer experiences in any given situation, will we be able to Create the bridge to that ultimate happiness that we are all looking for and working toward.

It is a bridge of Peace, and only by traversing it with Love and Grace will we see the happiness which we desire, no matter what. This happiness will be an ultimate prelude to the higher dimensional experience and from then on, each experience on each dimensional octave will be a prelude to that of an even purer experience and happiness.

Can you believe that from here on, happiness will only increase and increase within us?

We simply have these last few obstacles and hurdles to work through, and we will see ourselves beautiful, Divine shining Gods.

We have always been these Gods, and we are just now beginning to realize and remember this again.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


2 thoughts on “Bridge of Peace, to the Happiness We Desire

  1. Wes, as usual, an inspiring and perceptive commentary. Thank you so much for sharing … your earlier, less sanguine essay was great too…. I could certainly relate!


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